Jacqueline Meldrum (tinnedtomatoes.com)

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Jacqueline Meldrum is a veggie food writer and recipe developer. She started her food blog tinnedtomatoes.com in 2007 to share vegetarian recipes, but as the years progressed she moved towards vegan recipes in line with what her family were eating. Jacqueline has written for many online and print magazines including Cook Vegan, Vegan Life Magazine, Readers Digest. Marks & Spencer and BabyCente UK. Jacqueline creates recipes for many major brands including Waitrose, Napolina, Crock-Pot and Flora. Jacqueline is also ambassador support for Froothie UK and her first book Living on the Veg was published in April 2018.

Location Dundee Scotland
Country United Kingdom
Member Since NOVEMBER 04, 2018
Social Audience 379K
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Baked Harissa Popcorn Tofu

Extra-firm tofu does save time but either firm or extra firm are good options for savoury dishes. I flavour the mayo with rose harissa, but any harissa would work. If you don't have harissa, here are a few other ideas of how to flavour mayo for popcorn tofu. If they are not keen on spice you could flavour the mayo with harissa for a bit of flavour and warmth without heat, or try one of the other alternatives I shared above.

Vegan Jaffa Orange Loaf Cake

The easiest way to line a loaf tine is to use a loaf tin liner. To hold the loaf liner in place I rub a little dairy-free spread around the inside of the loaf tin near the top, before popping the liner in. After a few disasters with baking paper, I now use double-sided pre-cut baking parchment which is coated on both sides, so you can never use the wrong side and end up with cake stuck to the paper. Grease the loaf tin, then cut a piece of baking paper the length of the tin that's long enough to go up the side and no higher than2 cm higher than the tin.

What Microwaves Were Made For!

A mug cake is basically a cake that is baked in the microwave instead of the oven. Mug cakes and puddings can be served in the mug they are baked in, but you also might want to plate it up in a bowl with custard or cream. Serve them with a dollop of flavoured vegan ice cream, depending on the cake flavour. This microwave recipe is the prefect treat-size cake made in a few minutes.

Microwave Golden Syrup Sponge Pudding (vegan mug cake)

Sticky golden syrup sponge pudding, baked in the microwave in 2 minutes. Soft and fluffy vanilla sponge with a rich, toffee sauce thanks to the golden syrup. The sponge is so fluffy and that sticky, syrupy sauce sinks right through the pudding to the bottom, so you get some toffee syrup with every spoonful. Check out my guide to mug cakes - Vegan Mug Cakes -

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