Tiffany Monique

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I’m a singer & songwriter and pretty popular background vocalist whose been blessed to do amazing things! I love creating ALL beautiful things - music, home, beauty, fashion and family!!

Location Newark, NJ
Country United States
Member Since FEBRUARY 20, 2022
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Chapter 45 🎂🎉❤️ The older I become, the more I appreciate the beautiful journeys each new year takes me on, and all that is to be learned from them. Like many before it, the past year was full of surprises - good and bad; heartbreaking and heartwarming. But this last year brought with it, wisdom: new perspective to stagnant situations in need of a push or change; shedding of insecurities that weren’t mine to hold in the first place; stretching and growing out of the comfortable confines of the familiar in search for my promise; tuning out a lot of the noise that formed my decisions & opinions - at times even of myself or my reality; letting folk be who they choose to be and not allowing it to change who I am; talking less; observing & executing more. I’ve found capabilities within myself I didn’t believe were possible and so much more simply awaiting my arrival. This last year, I found me. And with it, comes so much of more of the realities I longed for all along. Happy Birthday to Me. Thank You God for renewed perspective and promises. Thank you for being a God of second (third, fourth… hundredth) chances. This year is dedicated to growth, flexibility & strength. May I attract what I expect, reflect what I desire, be what I respect and mirror what I admire. Birthday request - save June 3rd on your calendar for me. I’ll only need 4 minutes and 8 seconds of your time.😘🙏🏾 #51177 #happybirthdaytome #thankyou #77classic #maybaby #taurusseason #tiffanymonique #locdqueen

Every day, I become more and more like her; what a beautiful superpower to inherit. My life literally keeps growing & going because of her love. ❤️🥰✨ Happy Mother’s Day to my Favorite Lady - our family matriarch and since I now find myself having to share her with my friends and their children, everyone’s “Yaya”. Love You Mommy!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms / “Like-a-moms” who dedicate their lives to raise, love, nurture life. #MRichards #MothersDay #HappyMothersDay

ATTN fellow NYC Area Artists, Producers & Creator Friends! I have some info you NEED to SEE. ⭐️ This Thursday, May 5, I’m so excited to be attending @UnitedMasters #SelectCon 004 creator conference event in Brooklyn, NY. The conference will include a day of talks, interactive workshops, performances, and one-on-one mentoring opportunities all focused on building a better future for creators. You’ll have the opportunity to meet, learn from and connect with other industry creatives and experts to access all the tools you need to set you up for your next chapter. Visit the link in my bio or check click the link in my stories to reserve your spot. Best part - it’s free! Don’t miss this opportunity to perfect your craft. Hope to see you there!! Let’s build the future! @UnitedMasters #SelectCon #TiffanyMonique #independentartists #creators #producers #musicians #musicentrepreneur

Sundays are key for the mind, body & soul. I hope you can make the best of yours today. ~mwah~ 😘☀️♥️ #Godfirst #sundayreset #selfcaresunday

“Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on.” -Serena Williams Happy #InternationalWomensDay Ladies. May we always find ourselves surrounded by happiness, security, positivity & love. (Shout out to my Sorors 💕💚) 📸: @delsolphoto #celebratingwomen #womenshistorymonth #aka1908 #skeewee

#flashback to one of my favorite photos, highlighting my favorite place, captured by 📸 my favorite guy. ❤️ Newark is for Artists. Learn about us. ❤️ 📸: @kwiz1 . . . #newark #cityoflegends #brickcity #artistsoninstagram #singersongwriter #singers #singerslife #singersspotlight #singersofinstagram #blackhistoryinthemaking

My love for you is a journey… starting at forever; ending at never. ❤️💍 Happy Valentine’s Day to all, and ESPECIALLY my forever Valentine, @kwiz1 . Love You —> Love Us. ❤️😍🥰

#RIPThierryMugler (The Mamas in 2009 - “I Am… World Tour”.) As the designer for the “I Am… Tour”, my memories of Thierry Mugler are fond. He was an incredibly talented designer, with a unique sense of style. But for The Mamas, he was also a beautiful bright light. The music industry has been notorious for tucking talented plus sized singers - particularly women - in the background; suggesting they change their appearance to gain success, or the right of passage to feel sexy or be seen. If you were lucky to break through, you better bring your own clothes. Many times, plus sized women simply didn’t get the same attention, focus or effort smaller women did to look and feel beautiful - especially with stylists & fashion designers. But as these pictures show, that wasn’t the case here. On the I Am Tour, @Beyonce & Thierry Mugler curated a defining look for The Mamas - “Background Vocalists” - that placed us center stage, and ensured we were not only heard, but SEEN. And that we felt as we were - BEAUTIFUL as we were. I won’t say it was unprecedented; but it was definitely rare. ❤️ This tour costume is definitely “The Mama” favorite not only because of how it looked, but because of how it made us feel. Thank you Mr. Mugler for your gift. #RIP #TheMamas #beyonce #iamtour #thierrymugler #fashiondesigner #bgvs #backgroundvocalists #supportingvocalists

Just me saying hey. Happy #humpday 👋🏾😘💗💜 #wcw #wce

“Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny. “ - C. S. Lewis ❤️ #saturdayselfie #Bookedandblessed

Being a background vocalist not only requires talent ; it requires humility. I don’t care how bomb your voice may be (SANG though!), it’s a team sport, and you are NOT the star player. Being a background / supporting vocalist is a role of service. It’s so important to fully understand that before you accept, to assess if that role fits your career trajectory. I’ve adored the talents and career of Lisa Fischer since my teens and her gems in this clip are priceless. Here, she is referring to her time with @chakaikhan . Please see @misssharid page for the full clip. Thank You for this wisdom Queen @l.i.s.a.f.i.s.c.h.e.r ❤️👑🎤 I’ve seen several exceptionally talented vocalists / artists who saw a BGV role as an opportunity to empty their vocal clip. 🗣🎤 Many times they attempted to out-sing & out-perform the principal artist they were working with. I guess, chile , but you probably won’t keep the gig long. First tip I usually share with newer background vocalists - especially those using it as part of their artist development plan: read the room. You’ve been given a seat at this table, but it ain’t YOUR table. You’re there, in that moment, to be SUPPORT (sow), not to showcase. Learn & network during your gig. Don’t shrink; just be a sponge because no reel or Google search will ever teach you what you can learn on the gig. Take any performance opportunities the Principal Artist may give you on their platform & CRUSH it 100%… then back your lane… watching, learning & serving. Then (NDA / artist discretion permitting 🤣), flex after your gig. That’s reaping season. That’s when you go off, tell the world, sing it loud & ride that wave of your well executed work. If you’ve learned, networked & executed your role properly, you can use that afterglow to level up, in your own pursuits. But don’t expect to receive in your giving season. Honor your commitment now… …so you can build your own table later. ❤️😘 #lisafischer #anationaltreasure #bgv #bgvtips #bgvadvice #gemsfromalegend #chakakhan #beyonce #backgroundvocalists #smp #TheMamas #indieartist #aseatatthetable #buildyourtable

Since childhood, this month has represented elevation, renewal, friendship, assurance & love! Must be that Virgo ♍️ energy. Happy September, y’all! 😘❤️ #preanniversary #5years #friendship #renewal #virgorising #virgoseason #thistauruslovesvirgos 📸: @delsolphoto 🏨: @hrhrivieramaya 👗: @natehutsoncollection 💄: @sisi_nike 🤵🏾: @kwiz1 😂😘

Time to slide in and impact my week like this. 👟 ❤️ 🗽 Great weekend indeed. Thanks @rickeyminor for the call. 🎥: @officialhihat #welovenyc #dontcallitacomeback #mamasaidknockyouout #llcoolj #leanback #bgvs

Note to self & you too if you need it: You’ve endured too much to be indecisive about your gift. ❤️🦋#livenow

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Lady! Mommy, I strive to show you how much I love you, and to make you a little bit prouder every day!! Thank you for being my secret weapon in almost any endeavor. You’ve inspired me to not only accomplish the good, but to strive to be exceptional. I pray all the days forward are the bests of many more happy years to come. Our family is so lucky to be blessed with you & we will spend our days celebrating you. Love you!! 💋🎉🎈👑❤️

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