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motherhood && lifestyle blogger mama to ✌.. π’Άπ’Ήπ“‹π‘’π“ƒπ“‰π“Šπ“‡π‘’π“ˆ 𝒾𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 π‘’π“‹π‘’π“‡π“Žπ’Ήπ’Άπ“Ž

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Take me back to the beach!β˜€οΈ . Once I get out of this mini funk I’m in today I’m heading right over to #airbnb & making our next travel plan! This summer isn’t going to slip right by like it always does. I’m determined to make it a memorable one for us all!β˜€οΈ . β˜€οΈWhere do you plan to go this summer if you have any plans? β˜€οΈDo you like to relax more or adventure more when you travel? . . . #travel #travelgram #travelfamily #instatravel #familieswhotravel #traveltogether

Random shots from our trip earlier this month! I cannot believe it’s already MDW! Where oh where has May gone?🐚🀍 . Any big plans for the holiday weekend? . . #beachlife #beachvibes #summervibes #summertime #sunandsea #atthebeach #beachviews #beachbum #travel #familytravels #travelfam #travelmums

My new favorite place, 4x4 Horse beach in Corolla, NC. The beach is beautiful, it’s quiet and you get to see these beautiful horses as a giant bonus. I’d go back again just for the horses!🀍🐚 . . #travel #travelphotography #travelling #travelgram #instatravel #travelreels #wildhorses #obx #outerbanks

Sunday reset & enjoying the calm before the Monday storm. . I missed spending my days with my girl this week after having a whole 9 days of traveling with her! This weekend we got in lots of time with very little plans which has been nice. Summer break can’t come soon enough! Only a few more weeks of the chaotic school days & then time to slow down and enjoy the slower days and summer weather! I thoroughly enjoy saying bye bye to pick ups, drop offs, sports & activities for a few months! Can’t wait to make all the memories! . . #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #instatravel #travelfam #travelfamily #instatraveling #momlife #momblogger

Hope all the mamas had a Happy Mothers Day yesterday!🀍 . Our trip has ended! We got back home in the middle of the night so yesterday was a lazy lazy day! Although we all were dragging a bit I still was able to spend the day snuggling my littles and eating all the lobster rolls and Icecream a mom could ask for! I will continue to thank God for my two beautiful babies, I’m so blessed!🀍 . . . #momlife #momtruth #mommyblogger #motherhood #travelgram #traveldiaries #familyovereverything

Pickup line vibes!πŸ‘ŒπŸ» 9/10 times I’m wearing leggings, an old hoodie, some worn in sneakers & hair that could have been - but most likely was not done. . Just thought you should know, wink wink. OOF! What a Monday it’s been. Good thing next Monday we will be on vacay!✌🏻Cannot wait to hit the road & bask in the sun! . . #monday #ootd #momuniform #momlook #momlife #mondaysbelike #carinstagram

I just love Spring!🌸 Unrelated but related, I totally miss the part of Instagram where we just share photos! Honestly, I’m loving #lemon8 for that very reason! Shared a picture of my coffee & it makes me happy! It’s simple. I miss simple on here! I love seeing how creative some people are with reels. I will say I do love to get a good laugh or enjoy some home inspiration with reels but I also really just miss seeing photos being shared of little glimpses into what makes everyone happy! . . #bloom #blooms #flowers #flowerstagram #flowerphotography #flowersofinstagram #spring #springtime #springflowers #springday #positivevibes #photographylovers #photoeveryday #bloomsoftheday #flowersmakemehappy #colorful #abmlifeiscolorful #abmhappylife

April vacay week is over.✌🏻 . We had a little too much rain for my liking & the weather wasn’t completely in our favor but we made the best of it for sure! Good news, we have our big trip coming up in just a few weeks so more time for making memories! BONUS: this time we will be at the beach! . This @gap wagon from @deltachildren has been a new fav for us! It’s super easy to push or pull & has so much space with lots of storage room too! #deltachildren . . #momlife #momhacks #momfinds #amazon #amazonfinds #amazonprime

Cleaned the house top to bottom this morning just in time for Spring break to start today!🌱 . . V has a few activities set up next week but other than that we plan to just take a moment to breathe! It’s always go, go, go.. so a little reset and some low key fun is just what we need. Do you have Spring break next week?🌱🌱 . . Home, home interior, storage ideas, storage hacks, . Follow my shop @ThisLittleMom on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusive app-only content! . #homedecor #homevibe #myhomevibe #myhomestyle #livingroom #homestyling #targethome #targetfinds #hometrends #homestyle

The @target carriage seat sound slaps! 🎯 . . . . #target #targetdeals #targetstyle #targetdollarspot #targetfinds #targetfashion #targetforthewin #targetmom #targetismyhappyplace #targetlife #targetlove #capcut #momhumor #momjokes

It’s a forever kind of thing… . As I’m sitting here sobbing writing this caption Im simultaneously counting down the minutes until school pick up! Yesterday started off as some spring cleaning & then I slowly realized everything we were tossing/donating was a reminder that my little girl is growing up. It’s a tough pill to swallow accepting that she is no longer this little 3 year old with chubby cheeks that wants to play in her kitchen all day, cooking up some make believe breakfast concoctions. Those tiny little bows we used to clip back her wispy locks were no longer needed. I mean it when I say, I am not taking a single moment for granted. It’s hard to accept she’s getting older and my time holding hands & playing dolls with her is not forever. She won’t always whisper next to my bed that she needs to sleep with me & weekends won’t always be β€œour time”. My little girl is growing up before my eyes and although 7.5 seems so little to me in reality it’s not as little as I’d wish for it to be. These are the things they don’t prepare us for. Although, how can you ever truly prepare? For now, everyday is a blessing I’ll forever be grateful for, I could never repay her for the life she’s given me! #dontgrowuptoofast . . . . . #bittersweet #motherhoodunplugged #honestmom #honestmotherhood #holdthemoments #youandme #mytinymoments #daughters #motherhoodintheraw

Anyone else? Yes, no…maybe so? . . . #momhumor #momjokes #grwm #morningroutine #mornings #humor #jokes #jokesfordays #relatablememes #relatablemom #mommemes

Spring Reset 🌱

I’ll get to what I’m using to help ease them around the house at the end of this blog, so stay tuned. Along with Spring weather comes Spring cleaning means & that means clearing out all the corners of the house that possibly haven’t seen as much love in the winter months as they should have. Spring cleaning means opening those windows up and washing away all of the built up debris for allowing that fresh air in to actually be fresh. I’ve been using oils to make my house smell fresh but also for the additional health benefits.

Celebrate Galentines with Field Bouquet!

Every February 14th the chocolates, candy hearts, glitter filled cards and flowers bring smiles to faces of our loved ones in honor of Valentines Day. That’s why, on such a day as Valentines gifting someone hand designed bouquets from Field Bouquet is the perfect way to say With Field Bouquet you can choose from two options to deliver field fresh flowers to your home, the home of a loved one and offices too!The gift of walking through a field of flowers right in your own home delivered right to your door monthly with subscription or in a single order for that special occasion!

Beauty in Simplicity. The Perfect Holiday Gift with Brook&York.

I wanted to just put into a post about how much I’ve been admiring this brand, Brook and York. I’ve always been a jewelry lover but finding pieces that fit into my lifestyle and that I love have been harder than you’d think. Half of the time I’m in loungewear lately but the other half that I actually get ready I want to look cute and jewelry Now with Brook & York I found pieces that I can wear just around the house to give me that extra β€œyou’ve got this girl” feeling and the flare for

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