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One-woman orchestra combining music + tech + art, Nordic/Icelandic-tinged set to a broken beat.

New music video: https://t.co/zHJ3paq6Kh

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Happy Earth Day! Love you. Thank you.

TONIGHT, Monday 4/20/20. Going to be livestreaming a special hour-long set at 8:30p PST // 11:30p EST from my FB artist page --> HÄANA. Link in bio. • Ask me anything during the set. Would love this to feel as engaging and inviting as possible! Using the gorgeous space at AWA OASIA in DTLA, and the audio/video team at Garage Gallery L.A. to make this extra special, backdrop is a mural by the über creative @hanshaveron. Tune in! <

I just got a beautiful box of goodies in the mail from @sambazon, in anticipation for celebrating their 20th anniversary in a livestream concert format! Wow, feeling rather special right now. I can make my own Açaí bowls at home, with their special Sambazon sorbet, and a custom wooden bowl and spoon. <3 • Hope you can join us on Monday, 4/20, 12:30p-4:30p for this special celebration. Wear purple, watch the livestream, and join in the special backstage zoom room :) Link in bio! • For 20 years, Sambazon has brought people from all walks of life together to support their mission—providing a win-win solution that helps protect the Amazon Rainforest and supports the health and wellness of all. We want to celebrate those who've supported Sambazon by creating an online festival full of inspiration, entertainment and fun. • photo: @hanawolf__ // jacket: @thisistheorder

Super excited to be joining @lunanativafestival with such amazing yoga/music/meditation talent. @clozeeofficial @elenabrower @autografmusic and more. I’ll be doing a special Candlelit Transportal Concert, as well as a collab with @lizzieaguirre on a gorgeous yoga flow. Swipe right to see the full lineup, and link in bio to RSVP. 🖤 • Hosted by @lizzieaguirre and @swaylonights, it’s 3-day virtual festival April 24-26, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity: UNICEF, Austin EMS Relief Fund, FDNY COVID-19 Emergency Fund, the Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles & The Native American Advised Fund (NAAF).

Poll: if I offered an online music course for the month of May, what would you be most interested in learning from me?

I gave my studio a facelift. Feels so good to rearrange, reorganize, especially manage all those cables. Also, that’s a painting I did. Let’s play list the gear you see! Go!

Bringing back a new meaning to couch life. Had I only known in 2013 when I did this shoot with the brilliant @sequoiaemmanuelle (thx to @soft.talon for the use of her Williamsburg couch) what kind of couch lounging I’d be doing 7yrs in the future! • This was a promo shoot for my debut EP called Brym, when I launched my solo HÄANA project in 2014. Working with Sequoia was a dream—her eye immediately gravitated towards this couch, whereas I had dismissed it as not the thing. Want more behind-the-scenes stories?

Tonight on this FULL MOON! Doing a livestreaming event as part of the @sofakingfest 8:30p PST // 10:30p CST // 11:30p EST. Link to watch in bio. (Thx for having me, @alysiaseren!) • Since I only have a 30min slot, you can then jump over to my FB artist page HÄANA to listen to more, and some Q&A with me after. <3 • photo: @hanawolf__

Going to be doing my very first HÄANA cinematic livestream this Saturday, on the auspicious date of 4.4.20 in collaboration with Eden CoOp. Woohoooooo! This Saturday, 7p. I'll be preceded and followed by some stellar acts as well. xo Thx for organizing, @brittanyquidang, I luffffff you! <3 • photo: @hanawolf__

When the sh$t hits the fan, are you able to be resilient, self-reliant? Me, not fully. But pretty close. How bout you? (Burning Man, 2015) • I started doing bodyweight training using @kayla_itsines guides this summer right before burning man because a guy I was in love with was making me crazy and being avoidant. Instead of obsessing over his avoidance which was triggering anxiety, I channeled those emotions into working out daily, and the side benefit was that I looked super fly at burning man. Ha.

Not going to lie. These have been interesting unprecedented times. What better reset for the environment, and for reconnection with self. When I feel fearful about the future and what’s to come, I try to remember this word: resilience. And seek truth for not everything is at it seems. • Also, working on my livestream setup for some cinematic goodness. Who’s down? 💜💜💜 (photo from my birthday in Jan)

Ocean, sunshine, bodyweight workout outside, and a bikeride along the coast. Medicine for a clear mind. What is your chosen form of exercise?

Music can do so much for us: inspiration, healing, hope, ambition, relaxation, love. Hold onto those feelings in these challenging strange times. And find your favorite soundtrack to keep the energy moving, while taking liposomal Vitamin C (thx to my nurse sister @goldenrosemovement) and immune-boosting supplements. • flashback photo: @jasongroupp // mua: @opulentantiquity // handler: @danhavlik

Flashback. When I was Marilyn Monroe with red hair. Ya think? • photo: the amazing @lizlinderphotography

Performed for my dear friend’s wedding in Chicago at @gpconservatory. @marlowevb and I were the dessert entertainment. 2 original songs by me and a massive attack cover, choreo and cinematic beat-driven music. It was a hit! So nice to be both a guest and a performer at @raeofstarlightyoga’s gorgeous wedding. • Marlowe’s outfit and my feather collar custom-made by @marlowevb.

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