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Kayla & @benpetering + Jessamyn + Ophelia + Harper☀️Colorado based🌲 Cabin life & Our Wanderings 🌻#thislittleaframe_ I 💌this.little.wandering@gmail

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Nine months out —-> nine months in 😭❤️ Can I be honest? This is my third baby and I still don’t think I have it figured out. I am still up exhausted all night, still dealing with emotions, still struggling with breastfeeding, and was still incredibly nervous to give birth. I think I expected to have it more figured out with each baby but honestly the only thing that got better was my ability to sing lullabies half awake in the middle of the night and my skills at changing a diaper one-handed 🙈😂❤️ but really... motherhood is hard and the current state of the world isn’t making that any easier which is why when @pampersus shared that they will be offering online childbirth education classes (for free) covering not just pregnancy and childbirth but postpartum as well, I was excited and grateful 🙏 if you want to check them out for yourself there is more information in my stories and if you know of a mama who is pregnant or recently gave birth please pass this on... we may be distancing socially but we can still come together... we don’t have to go through this alone ❤️ #PampersPartner #LovetheChange

Not teething.... 🙊😂🐰🌸❤️ (okay maybe just a little bit) #fromwhereistand

Because everybody should have somebody they can cuddle up in a sink with and tell all their best thoughts to 😂🙊❤️.... but seriously can you even?!!! 😭😭❤️ #sisters

“Mama someday I will have my own house and you will bring Harper to be my baby too?” 😭❤️ #icanteven #sisters

And the girls room is.. done!! (Minus needing some blinds but that’s an easy fix) ❤️ Also absolutely zero room for a third bed so at some point this is just going to get real cozy 😂❤️ #thislittleaframe_

☀️CLOSED 🌷 I’ve been wanting to do this for literally months!!! But like seriously this bucket bike has been awesome and today I have teamed up with @madsencycles and @raffinee to give one away to one of you!

Just a bunch of baby wearing mamas 😭😭 ❤️ Okay but can I talk about breastfeeding for a second?!! With Harper and Ophelia it came easy BUT with Jessamyn I struggled.. SO much so that at 5 days postpartum I switched from breastfeeding to pumping and giving a bottle and it completely changed and (in many ways) limited our ability to go places.. and even now for Ben when he is alone with the girls having to give Harper a warm bottle changes his ability to go anywhere. When @thebabysbrew reached out to collaborate on their portable bottle warmer I was SO excited because it changes everything!!! Like seriously if you feed your baby with a bottle (breast milk or formula) @thebabysbrew changes the game and makes it so much easier to get out and about! (Which is always a struggle with a baby) If you want to check it out for yourself you can use code WANDERING10 for 10% off ❤️ #thebabysbrew #wearallthebabies (sponsored)

When people find out we have three girls they almost always respond with “oh when are you going to try for a boy?”... and while I know they don’t mean any harm and I’m sure having a little boy is awesome my response is always the same..”we are good, three girls is exactly, and always more than I could have hoped for and everything I could possibly ever want .” 🙏✨ #girlmom

This was suppose to be a photo of all 3 girls and something about how I am rocking a whole week alone with them… but we have reached the point where I am actually not sure who is in charge anymore (me or them) 😂 I am literally living off of @perfectbar because cooking for one is not happening this week 🙈 AND a certain someone in this photo has decided to assert her fierce independence as a two year old… so this is what you get 🙈🙈😂 ❤️ BUT on an exciting note…. @perfectbar has a limited edition salted caramel flavor out right now and guys it is seriously so good and packed with 12g of whole food protein, which has made it the perfect go to for me while juggling 3 tinies 😂 🙌🏻 #itsjustperfect

Can I be honest I’m struggling to caption this one I spent the entire morning moping up a toilet that one of these three stuffed an entire roll of toilet paper into, and then due to an incident that happened while I was dealing with the toilet ended up stressfully googling “do we need to go to urgent care for____?” and now I’m wondering if the marker currently covering the table (and the girls) is actually as washable as it was advertised to be 🙈... and then Harper started crying and Jessamyn yelled “oh no quick return to your space ship mom!!!” And tried to scoop her up and hand her to me 🙈😭 and I realized yeah motherhood is intense, chaotic, and exhausting but I’m also their space ship mom, their safe place, and that’s kind of everything. ❤️☀️ 🌙 ✨ #honestmotherhood

In the last 24 hours she learned how to sit and cut her first tooth... I CANNOT even guys 🙈😭😭😭😭 #juststaythislittle also teething remedies? Both of the other girls were 13 months or older when they started teething so this is like 😱

Can I be honest for a moment? Like painfully honest? Our vacation came to an end this week and I cried.. not like "I am sad it is over" cried but like " I am so lonely and being with family and friends and together for three weeks was really good for my heart" cried... and I am telling you this because motherhood is lonely. I spend 90% of my days alone with 3 small kids and when I do manage to get out of the house I feel a bit like a troll emerging from my cave unsure of how to talk to adults or where one even goes to find mom friends. I feel lonely, and it sucks but I also know I am not alone. Every playground, every walk, every time we leave the house I see other semi troll looking moms desperately trying to keep their kids alive too, up all night with babies but still playing all day with toddlers..., we are not alone. ❤️ if you ever doubt yourself, if you've ever felt alone in this motherhood journey know your not and also watch the video in my stories that @pampersus has put together to remind us we are so loved. ❤️ if it resonates with you please share and also tag a few mamas below who might need this reminder too. 🙏 #pamperpurespartner #sharethelove (sponsored)

Just a frame full of sand covered beach babies 😭🙌🏻☀️✨ #mywholeheart

This is 7 years together, 3 babies, and 1 incredibly windy self timer photo that I will treasure forever and ever ❤️ #anniversary

This is happening!!!!! In less than 48 hours and the excitement is.. well just swipe for Phia’s face when I asked her if she wants to meet Mickey Mouse 🙊😂😭❤️🙌🏻 #floridaorbust Ps. On a serious note what is your favorite Disney World snack? Phia said she just wants some Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream and Jessamyn and I kind of just want to try all the snacks in all the parks.. because that’s totally doable right?! 🙈😂🙌🏻

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