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Abby blogs at TheWingedFork chronicling her quirky and crazy adventures in travel and food. She can’t travel as often as she wants to, but she makes time to travel as often as possible. She’s travelled across parts of Europe and Asia, and loves writing about her experiences with people and cultures. Her favorite things are nice rainy days, the smell of cakes in the oven, playing in the snow, glasses of wine and dark chocolate.

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What to Eat in Delhi, the food capital of India

Delhi, in addition to being the political capital of the sovereign India, is also, definitely the food capital of the country. One would find an agglomeration of pubs and clubs in Hauz Khas; designer restaurants in Connaught Place; fancy Indian or Indianised food restaurants in Rajouri Garden; international restaurant chains in Cyber Hub and Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. Things to eat in Delhi & The Best Places to Eat Delhi Food Chhole bhature comprises soft fried bread or bhatura eaten with a spicy chickpea curry – chhole. Be it street food, luxury dining, home-cooked food, regional Indian cuisine or fancy baking, they cover it all.

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Memories

In those days, there was no soft-serve stuff it was pure beautiful yellow ice cream made with full cream and deliciously rich and decadent. A square block of ice cream was cut off and stuffed in a squared off crispy cone, then the piece de resistance a Cadbury’s Flake was snapped in half and stuffed deep into the ice cream – shedding all its glorious milk chocolate goodness over the top of the ice cream. These days the 99 comes as a soft serve ice-cream cone and it’s not quite the same but nevertheless hubs will head straight for the ice-cream van no matter what country it is to get his 99 fix. Faith is a Canadian/Irish boomer who travels the EU on a retirement budget, with the occasional splurge, introducing folks to fantastic food, places, people and beautiful areas that they may never have discovered themselves.

Famous Must Try Latin American Food List

It is a hearty dish that’s as nutritious as it is delicious, blending all of the best local ingredients – black beans, white rice, spices, peppers, onions and a fragrant Costa Rican sauce, Salsa Lizano. Mexico’s street food is a never delight, but one really simple thing as corn cobs have been made into a culinary experience for all the senses in the best way possible. A popular Latin American street food, Empanadas are fried bread filled with cheese and meat. By Stephanie of History Fangirl Connect with Stephanie on Facebook at History Fangirl Wasn’t that a yummy list of the best food in South America and Central America that you must eat?

Where to eat in Florence, Italy

If there’s one thing Italy is famous for, it’s food. What’s the best food to eat in Florence? Where to eat pizza in Florence For the best pizza in Florence you can’t miss Cucina Torcicoda, just a stones throw from Piazza di Santa Croce. This local market is crammed full of all the local food you have to try in Florence.