Michelle McLaughlin

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I am a NY based stylist and content creator. I have worked in fashion for over 10 years and want to start creating digital content for and with brands I truly love and enjoy.

Location BROOKLYN, New York United States
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 29, 2020
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This holiday season, I’m excited to partner and support businesses that try to leave the world a better place than they found it. One of the brands I’m excited to work with is @kotn For the fourth year in a row, @kotn is doing something different for Black Friday. They're donating 100% of their profits made between Black Friday to Cyber Monday, up to $90,000 USD ($120,000 CAD) to build three primary schools in the Nile Delta and Faiyum, Egypt, where their cotton is grown. With their community’s help, Kotn has now funded and opened seven elementary schools in the Nile Delta and Faiyum, Egypt—this year, planning to bring that number to ten. If you want to hear more information about what they’re doing and how they’re getting it done, check our their website. #giveback #blackfriday

If quarantine has taught me anything, it has taught me that I need to be gentle and kinder with myself in how I think about myself and what I say about myself. The standards that I hold myself to can sometimes be my own undoing, and I’m learning to rest better as well. What has this time in quarantine taught you about yourself so far? Necklace courtesy of @mejuri #nomakeup #definitelyafilterthough ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #mejuri #mejuripartner #finecrew

Working from my bed until further notice... @yesand pajamas are stylish, affordable and sustainable. Check out #joinYESAND #sustainablefashion #sponsored

Got dressed to stay home. #bohemianminimalist #slowfashion #cleanbeauty

Thinking about getting some new tattoos... #tattoo #inkedgirls

Is it too early for throwbacks to the first day of the year? Asking for a friend. 🇯🇲 #sustainablefashion #secondhandfashion #amplifymelanatedvoices #blacklove

Clean beauty done right. I've been using @merit clean lash for two months now and it's the only mascara I use for an everyday, natural look. #meritminimalist #cleanbeauty #cleanbeautyblogger

Stacked. 💫✨⚡️ #mejuri #mejurifinecrew #mejuripartner

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool... #tezzaapp #blackbloggers

1.1.21 🌴 #islandlife #islandgirl #blackownedbusiness #newyear

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