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I'm a military spouse of 12 years, sharing resources and tips with other military loved ones. My followers are 100% military families. I feature organizations and products that assist with moving, deployments (long distance relationship and solo parenting), raising kids, having babies, saving money, and traveling.

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Beating the Deployment Curse ~ Seasoned Spouse

It’s the same thing: everything will start to go wrong and fall apart the day your military family member leaves the house. ’s hand got caught in the car door, and I rushed to the emergency room, thinking it was crushed. I had to stay an extra day as a non-patient responsible for walking around with a newborn baby and getting my own food. One child woke up with an enormous lump over his eye for no reason, that swelled throughout the day until his entire eye was swollen shut!

When Military Life Feels Like Groundhog Day ~ Seasoned Spouse

You know the movie: Bill Murray is a TV reporter who gets trapped in smalltown Pennsylvania, forced to re-live the same day again and again until he finally gets it right and wins the love of his co-star. In the movie Groundhog Day , when Bill Murray’s character learns that he is stuck in an endless time loop, he first does experiments to see if his actions will have any consequences. Towards the end of the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character makes an important choice. If Bill Murray’s character can learn to love the groundhog in the movie Groundhog Day, then you can learn to love your current season of military life.

Military spouses don't need New Year's resolutions ~ Seasoned Spouse

Military spouses get more than one chance for New Year's resolutions! The point is, you can treat a deployment like New Year’s Day. Towards the end of deployment, talk to your spouse about some of the things you want to change in the coming year: If your New Year’s resolution is already failing, then you can look forward to these special opportunities for military spouses to make fresh changes and resolutions.

7 Ways to Connect During the Holidays ~ Seasoned Spouse

While the holidays are a difficult time to be away from your service member or your family, there are now so many options to help you feel connected during moments that matter. Our family is thankful for Verizon’s reliable network that always helps us connect during the holidays. Consider sending holiday decorations and small gifts for your service member to share with their deployed unit, or send an extra care package for unmarried troops who get less mail. Verizon has your back, whether you need to connect with the community, have a strong network for virtual learning or working from home, or if you just need a clear picture for the moments that matter, like holiday dinners and Grandma’s birthday.

This pandemic advice is brought to you by military spouses who have been through chaotic deployments. When so much is out of your control and causing stress, focus on those things you can control. You can control your daily routine, what you wear, what you eat, making your bed. When you bring order to your life in those small ways, it gives you the strength to face all the uncertainty swirling around you. So today, take a breath, get dressed, make your bed, and eat a good breakfast. We are going to get through this, one day at a time.

On Fridays, we wear red for all those deployed. Who else is wearing their red today? Who is it for?

April is the Month of the Military Child, and there are still thousands of military kids waiting for a parent to return from deployment. I'm a #momof5 and my kids have been through 5 different deployments at various ages. My newest blog post shares deployment strategies for kids of different ages from infant to middle school. It covers how to prepare them for deployment, what behavior changes to expect, coping strategies, and how to prepare them for the adjustment period after Homecoming. This is useful for any parent of a military child, so check it out with the link in bio!

❤️DEPLOYMENT TOOLS GIVEAWAY❤️ Everyone knows that deployments are no joke, BUT with the right tools you can make things a lot easier on yourself! Tools like my Ultimate Deployment Guide and the Deployment Masterclass! I'm partnering with @thewaitingwarrior podcast to give these deployment tools to those who need them. We want to help ease all your deployment woes so we want to give 3 downloads of the Ultimate Deployment Guid and 1 grand prize winner the Deployment Masterclass AND Guide! Winning is easy! Just .. ❤️LIKE this photo ❤️FOLLOW @TheSeasonedSpouse @TheWaitingWarrior ❤️COMMENT tagging all your friends & family who would love this giveaway below! Each separate comment tagging someone counts as an entry. ❤️Winner will be announced Thursday (16th) at 9PM  CST Instagram is not liable or responsible for this giveaway. Must be 18 or older to enter.

Bored during quarantine? You can always start your PCS cleaning early. How far in advance do you usually begin?

Right now, it seems like the whole world is waiting-- waiting for cures and hoping for a solution. Secluded in our homes and avoiding public groups, we wait. . As a military spouse, I'm no stranger to waiting. I've done countdowns waiting for my husband to return from 7 deployments overseas. I've waited for PCS orders, not knowing what part of the world we would be sent to next. I had to wait 7 years to marry my husband, due to my college and his Iraq deployments. I've learned a LOT about patience while waiting. . Today, Christians celebrate Holy Saturday, the day after Jesus had died, but before He rose on Easter. It's a celebration of faith during uncertain times. On that first Holy Saturday, the apostles were afraid. They hid in a room, waiting for the soldiers to come for them. They wanted to believe all of Jesus's amazing promises, but that seemed impossible now that He was dead. They had no idea what would happen next. . This year, it feels like everyone is holding their breath, waiting. We wait for a flattened curve and a drop in Coronavirus deaths. Military families wait for news about an official end to deployment or the permission to move on their PCS orders. Like the early Christians, we want to have faith and hope, but we just don't know what will happen next. . It's okay to feel scared or uncertain. It's okay to struggle during this challenge. But you aren't alone, and there IS hope in sight. I promise, Easter is coming! So just stay strong and hang in there a little longer!

I've had 5 pregnancies as a military spouse... and I was still surprised to learn that Tricare now covers compression wear during pregnancy and recovery! In fact, benefits have improved a lot since I had my first baby almost 12 years ago. On the blog today I share 3 new pregnancy benefits that every mama should know about. Is there anything Tricare now covers (for pregnancy or other health situations) that you think more people should know about? #sponsored #Tricare #pregnancy #milspouse

"We are all in this together" has always been the motto of my Seasoned Spouse blog. I meant it about military life challenges like deployments and struggling with PCS moves. But it seems appropriate during this pandemic too. The whole world is going through this together, and we all must do our part to get through and support each other the best we can. Even if you are at home by yourself, you are NOT alone in your struggles. Please reach out and connect, because I guarantee there are others asking the same questions you are today. Together, we can help each other find the answers!

Ok, shoutout to the real MVPs-- the milspouse community who helps each other in these crazy times. Last Friday, I shared my despair over visiting 5 different stores and not finding toilet paper for my family of 7. One of my followers here immediately jumped into action, asked for my address, and sent these rolls in the mail! THANK YOU @realtalkwiththe_ms_s for going above and beyond and helping my family get through this! Who else has a story of a hero doing good deeds this week?

These are difficult times, with unexpected stress that is disrupting everyone's lives. On the news, Coronavirus numbers keep rising. Military families are struggling with indefinite deployment extensions and uncertain PCS moves. There's a lot to be anxious about. But... most of it is beyond our control. All that I can control is within these four walls of my home. So I take care of my family, I try to enjoy our extra time together, I clean and set goals, and I take one day at a time. Keep focusing on the good things in your own home, and the good stories of neighbors helping each other. Because there is still so much good our there. Focus on the good, andet go of all that you can't control. That's how we will get through this!

All this time, military life was preparing us for a pandemic. Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. On the blog I reflect on all the ways that Christian military spouses are uniquely prepared to handle the stress of this pandemic. We will get through this together!

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