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A South African blog that focuses on bringing women the latest trends, lifestyle hacks and travel tips. Our posts are authentic and dive deep into breaking down advice and inspiration into a language that mothers, young professionals and homeowners can understand.

The Saltbox is a collaboration, and we would love to publish your story. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing or working with us. We are open to brands, bloggers, writers and other digital platforms approaching us.

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The Best Animal Sanctuaries in Gauteng

Situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, this zoo has about 320 different species of animals. Houses a variety of animals like the sacred Ibis, collared barbets and a number of buck which often roam around the rocky hills of the reserve. , Johannesburg is a snake and reptile park where visitors can expect to see cobras, pythons, king snakes and other reptiles like crocodiles. The elephant sanctuary is said to provide a journey into the world of the African elephant through the guided tours and overall experience.

A Concise Guide on Cryptocurrencies for Women!

Bitcoin isn’t even really that different from the money you have in the bank right now. Well, Bitcoin does the same thing, however, instead of a Bank keeping the records, Bitcoin’s records are kept by hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the world all connected to the Bitcoin network. Just like there is an infinite amount of cryptocurrencies you can buy, there’s also an infinite number of ways you can buy them. Luno – available in over 40 countries, supports SA Rand, SA bank transfer, and is Africa’s biggest cryptocurrency platform.

What To Know About Adopting Your First Pet

Whatever the initial reason for getting a dog or a cat, this introduction of a puppy or kitten to the household is the first step in a beautiful and deeply fulfilling relationship with a new four-legged family member. You adopt an adorable crossbreed kitten for a few hundred rand at your local adoption agency, or spend R30,000 on a purebred french bulldog, but your new pet is going to need food, and a few other things too. The most common emergencies like broken bones or bad tummy bugs can cost anything from R2,000 to R10,000, but you might also have to fork out a few hundred rand here and there for minor mishaps like bee stings or a cat bite wound from the local stray tomcat. Very few vet clinics have the financial capacity to allow clients to pay off vet bills these days, so it might well be worth your time to find another way to afford a surprise vet bill before it happens.

Is it as Expensive as You Think to Have a Baby? Probably.

Unfortunately, kids aren’t cheap, and whether you’re planning the costs ahead of time, or scrambling to figure out whether you’re going to be able to afford the kid who is already on the way, at some point every new parent has sat down and tried to figure out how much having a child is going to cost. While it will depend on your medical insurance and which hospital/city you reside in, the average cost of an uncomplicated vaginal birth at a government hospital (Department of Health) is free. If you are planning on going back to work, the Care Index suggests your child care costs will be about R70,000 per year. While it can be relatively easy, though daunting, to consider the cost of having a child if you just look at upfront costs, there are some hidden costs that will need to factor into your plans.

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