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Hi there! I'm Nicole and I blog about being a working mom, wife, former litigation lawyer and thyroid cancer survivor.

Location Toronto, ON
Country Canada
Member Since NOVEMBER 14, 2018
Social Audience 20K
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Low Iodine Diet Friendly Tomato Sauce

2 tablespoons of olive oil 2 cloves of garlic (I use a grater to mince the garlic) pinch of red pepper flakes 5 cups of fresh diced tomatoes (I usually use Roma tomatoes) 3 tablespoons of freshly chopped basil 2 tablespoons of dried oregano (I didn’t have fresh on hand – some people thought it was a bit too much so use it as you like) pinch of ground pepper Chop In a large pot, on medium heat, combine the olive oil, minced garlic and red pepper flakes.

7 Quick and Simple Low Iodine Diet Snacks

In previous posts I’ve provided some helpful ideas for low iodine diet breakfasts and low iodine diet dinners. Since you can’t really buy food you don’t prepare at home or go out to eat to a restaurant when you’re on the low iodine diet Just be careful to make sure there’s no added salt or other ingredients that aren’t allowed on the low iodine diet. Just be careful to make sure there’s no added salt or other ingredients that aren’t allowed on the low iodine diet.

Tips to Ace your Virtual Job Interview

To help you prepare for a virtual job interview I’ve put together a few tips, having interviewed for jobs virtually myself and having run these online interviews from an employer’s perspective. I always suggest that job seekers create a list of relevant accomplishments and think about how these can apply to the new job they are applying for. Don't head into a virtual job interview without checking out these helpful tips on how to ace your next video job interview! You don’t need to wear a complete suit for your video job interview but be sure to wear something appropriate – including on the bottom,

The Best Motivational Books

I also find that reading positive and motivational books can have a huge impact on my outlook, my patience and my ability to show up with the best attitude possible. It’s a motivating and quick read and definitely worth checking out especially given these challenging times. If you’ve ever contemplated starting a business or working in a managerial capacity, this book is a great way, along with The Compound Effect, of demonstrating how small changes can make a huge difference in your life. As I continue to read personal and professional development books I’m going to continue to add them to this post.

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