The Posh Veg (Alicia O'Neal)

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Established in 2019, The Posh Veg is a resource for plant based foodies & health curious eaters alike. Its core mission is to empower people who have a love FOR food to improve their relationship WITH food. I am a healthy eating + lifestyle coach, helping people find solutions to high blood pressure, high/low blood sugar, and weight control. I also offer plant-based or faith based solutions.

About Alicia

Alicia is a small town girl, with a heart for the big city. Long time lover of food & travel, she is a Cornell & Arizona State educated chronic disease researcher. She is a PhD student at a Medical School under the Population Health department. The only thing she enjoys just as much as family, food, & friends is learning, which is why she loves to share information about healthy eating & living.

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Ready to take action & work on your mindset, emotions, and body? DM me to start seeing results 💕 You’ve probably seen a lot of posts about loving yourself just the way you are. And most of them are true! You should love and accept yourself just as you are in this moment. Self love is also about having real introspection and admitting where you’ve dropped the ball, where you’ve been stagnant, or where you’re nervous/uncertain. That can be hard. You don’t have to do it alone though. I am happy to support you along the way.

With smoothies and natural juices being so popular these days (I love them too!) It‘s important to be able to separate myth from fact. It is not more nutritious to eat raw spinach than it is to eat cooked or frozen spinach. Eating cooked spinach may increase levels of an important antioxidant, beta carotene. This antioxidant serves as an additional measure against lung cancer and heart disease. So the next time you 🤢 over cooked spinach, think of all the ways it may help you in the long run.

Can anybody say DELECTABLE!? 😍 Created by @plantbased.traveler this pesto grilled cheese is a recipe I will DEFINITELY be trying soon. This is the perfect weekend lunch option when you want to be creative in the kitchen without going too crazy! Recipe by @plantbased.traveler Follow @theposhveg for healthy eating & lifestyle meal suggestions

This weekend and tomorrow too, we’ll see a lotttt of posts about love… loving someone special, our families, our friends, and ourselves. It’s so important, along your journey to create time to understand yourself. It’s hard to love someone if you don’t understand them. This is what self love is actually like, not just endlessly hyping yourself up & saying you’re “that girl” and a “boss babe” (even if you really are!) Follow @theposhveg for more healthy eating & lifestyle content.

WANT THE FREE RECIPE? DM “recipe” & I’ll share it with you. This bowl is one of my absolute favorite quick meals to make. It’s a tofu and sautéed veggie bowl with cauliflower rice. Super satisfying and healthy, while still tasting GREAT. Follow @theposhveg for more healthy food suggestions. #vegan #vegetarian #stirfry #airfryerrecipes #airfryer #airfry #easymeals #weeknightdinner #momlife #easymeals #mealprepideas #easymealprep #mealsonthego #healthymeals #foodideas #tofurecipes #tofu #vegetarianlife #easyvegan #easyveg #easyveganmeals #easyveganrecipes #veggieheaven #broccoli #broccolini #peppers #yummy #lovefood #foodie

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