The Posh Veg (Alicia O'Neal)

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Established in 2019, The Posh Veg is a resource for plant based foodies & health curious eaters alike. Its core mission is to empower people who have a love FOR food to improve their relationship WITH food. I am a healthy eating + lifestyle coach, helping people find solutions to high blood pressure, high/low blood sugar, and weight control. I also offer plant-based or faith based solutions.

About Alicia

Alicia is a small town girl, with a heart for the big city. Long time lover of food & travel, she is a Cornell & Arizona State educated chronic disease researcher. She is a PhD student at a Medical School under the Population Health department. The only thing she enjoys just as much as family, food, & friends is learning, which is why she loves to share information about healthy eating & living.

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Location Phoenix, Arizona Southwest
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What’s your favorite stir fry ingredient!? If you’re like me, you know just how amazing a stir fry can be. They’re super easy to prep, super helpful to squeeze in veggie servings, and super yummy too 😄☺️ . . Follow @theposhveg for other plant based meal suggestions. . . Questions about health eating!? DM Alicia @theposhveg (I’ll actually answer ☺️ no bots here)

Jackfruit barbecue "pulled pork" sandwiches anyone?! My friends at Schar, sent me their newest gluten free buns to show off one of my favorite local flavors. Since my new city is Kansas City, I just haddd to craft a barbecue recipe! . . Not only do the gf buns toast well.. (I used butter and pan seared them.), but they also taste yummy too. I'm quite the gf bread critic because I never like to feel as if I'm sacrificing quality or taste, and I'm happy to say, Schar hasn't disappointed with these buns. . . Meal ingredients includes: jackfruit, paprika, vegetable broth, tomato paste, liquid smoke, sugar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Schar GF buns, and butter. #veganrecipes #schar #schär #scharglutenfree #scharpartner #kcmo #kansascity #kansascitymo #bbq #vegbbq #veglife #nogluten #bunstagram #buns #bunsofinstagram #pulledporksandwich #pulledpork #jackfruit #jackfruitrecipes

How long are you going to think about what you want to happen instead of actually making it happen? 👀 The MOMENT you START doing what needs to be done, you’re one step closer to getting RESULTS! If you don’t know how to get the results you crave, just ask me for help. 💜 That’s what I’m here for :) #healthisyourwealth #starttoday #youcandoanything #makeachoice #theposhveg

Share this Monday Message! YOU ARE WORTHY! Of health and happiness. You DESERVE good things. If you don’t believe it, can you trust that anybody else will!? . . Too often we discourage ourselves with demeaning thoughts. How does that impact our mental health & prevent us from working towards our health goals? . . Follow @theposhveg for more health related inspiration & encouragement.

Happy Labor Day! How are you prioritizing REST? Knowing when to give yourself time to rest is essential. I’ve missed y’all these past two weeks! . . I’ve been going through lots of (fun) transitions lately, like moving to a new city/state, settling into a new apartment, starting my program at a Med school, working on partnerships with companies, and creating PRODUCTS for The Posh Veg. . . Recognizing that you can’t do everything, helps you focus on the most important things. . . Follow @theposhveg for healthful reminders & information.

WATCH THE PRESENTATION! Today I presented for the People of Color Living with Diabetes Summit! Learn to be intuitive with your diabetes. . . In my lesson, I teach you how to stop feeling clueless and out of control when it comes to your diagnosis. . . Visit @poclwdiabetes_ to view the presentation and connect with @theposhveg to learn about proper type 2 diabetes management.

COMMENT below- what’s a goal you’ve been working to reach lately? Sometimes it can be difficult when we feel like we’re doing the right things, but not seeing the results in our lives, on the scale, or on our reading numbers. . . It takes time to get where you would like to go. Hopefully this reminder I really needed today, gives you a bit of encouragement too. . . Follow @theposhveg for more eating related encouragement 💜

What’s your favorite popsicle flavor?! These completely sugar free raspberry pops are the perfect summer treat. . . Be mindful of prepackaged “sugar free” popsicles, that label may be misleading . . Follow @theposhveg for more type 2 diabetes friendly snack ideas 💗

Tag someone who needs to hear this! Take it from a total foodie... you can learn so experience SO much from trying new foods. . . Although we allll have our favorite foods, just trying new things can do far more than enhance your mindset, it can also help shift your gut microbiome & helps you digest foods more easily. . . What new foods are you going to try? . . Follow @theposhveg for more inspiration relating to eating.

Good Morninggg!!! What do you like in your omelet!? My ultimate go to ate spinach & mushrooms. On the side, whole avocado (is a great healthy fat) & strawberries (gotta have that fruit!) 🥰 . . I know some plant based eaters don’t consume eggs, if that’s you... feel free to use an egg substitute! . . Follow @theposhveg for plant based meal suggestions! . .

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