Megan Hutch

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As a holistic acne coach, I'm all about helping my clients meet their skincare goals!

My instagram reels and posts are updated frequently and packed with super simple ways for clients to look and feel their best, from the inside out!

Skincare is self care, and self care is key! My audience is women ages 25-65 and has been steadily growing from the fun, engaging content on Instagram that I have so much fun creating.

Beauty is an inside job, and many of my product recommendations are not only what goes ON your skin, but also what goes on INSIDE your body and home.

I teach women about simple self care; the importance of a daily routine, a movement or exercise practice, and how to pick and prepare nutritious food to get glowing, radiant skin and a positive mental attitude- because feeling good looks great on everyone!

Location Joshua Tree, California
Country United States of America
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Love is in the air 🫶 Refer your friend, family, member, or beau, and you BOTH receive $20 off your service valued at $60 or more booked in the month of February! How to refer? It’s easy- just share this post to your stories (tag @thepointedpearlskincare so I know you did it!!) and tag your friend ☺️ Appointment times are already filling up for February so be SURE to book your appointment after sharing to get that *deal.. Are you ready to love the skin you’re in?! …………………………….. *Cannot be redeemed with any other discounts or offers

Are you really getting what you need out of your skincare services? 1. What types of products being used during services are SO important! I make it a point to tell my clients WHAT I am putting on their skin and WHY it is beneficial for their skin type and conditions present… 2. Getting real about expectations can be such a game changer- healthy skin can be so simple when you are fortunate to work with a skilled esthetician, be sure you are clear about your goals so your facialist can guide you towards the correct treatment plan… 3. My consultation form may be a bit lengthy, because I take a HOLISTIC approach to skincare. It is important for me to know not only what you are putting on your skin, but also IN your body. I am a @facerealityskincare certified Acne Specialist and training in Artisan Fascia Anatomy through @fionaharlowe … 4. Great skin is all about GREAT home care. Working with a specialist is key to knowing EXACTLY what products will be working FOR you, as well as against you! Teaming up with a licensed Esthetician who is passionate about YOUR well-being is an investment worth celebrating! If you’ve read this far…. You’re awesome! What sort of questions do YOU ask when shopping for a new facialist? I’ll be curious to read your questions in the comments! As always, links to my booking page to have a facial with me at my award winning 🏅 spa in Yucca Valley are in my bio! Come in and see what all the fuss is about! (HINT- it’s all about YOU once you find yourself on my treatment couch 🥰)

Can you guess what all of these different beautiful skin types have in common? [if you’re looking for specific skincare advice for YOUR beautiful skin type- my booking link for online and in person consultation is in my bio!] A. They all need products formulated to protect and nourish their skin’s barrier B. They all benefit from hydration and daily moisturizing C. They all need protection from free-radical damage D. All of the above Which do you guess is true?

If you feel your completion may be lacking that glow, a monthly facial with a dedicated Esthetician is the way to go! New clients visiting the Pointed Pearl receive a full consultation before their first service, to address all skincare concerns and goals- If you’re in the Joshua Tree area- come see why the Pointed Pearl was voted one off the TOP 3 Spas in the Desert for 2022 😊 Booking link in bio! ……………………………………………………

Product recommendations for 👀 1️⃣hyperpigmentation | age spots 2️⃣fine lines | free-radical protection 3️⃣mega hydrated, dewy, skin 4️⃣collagen production -Mandelic 5% transitioned to 15% 🕟 over four months -Nutri Peptide serum nightly, antioxidant peptide serum daily -Crème de la Rose night moisturizer, Solar day cream sun protection! Smash that save button and stay tuned to visit the products page for your very own best skin routine from anywhere in the US!

So very excited to be taking this wonderfully intensive course! @fionaharlowe Learning all about how the fluidity of your fascia is directly related to the hydration of your skin, the production of collagen and elastin and how important this tissue is to the that feeling of lift in the face that we all desire to keep hold of~~ This course teaches me how to asses areas of tension in the fascia of the face, and how body posture can directly relate to those fine lines and deep wrinkles we are all so aware of. This professional protocol is beautifully comprehensive, fascinating and exciting. I can’t wait to bring The Lift Artisan Facial to my treatment room this spring! Interested in becoming a model? I will begin practicing these techniques soon, and would love to have you in for a treatment! Please DM me with your interest 🥰 Thank you Fiona for sharing your elevated facial work!

A few easy ways to get in the swing of feeling great about your skin in 2023! If your looking for a little more support, one on one professional skincare advice, Product pairing support, ways to increase collagen production or how to clear your acne prone skin- reach out with an online or an in person consultation! Booking link is in bio 🎉

What a year! ✨ So many beautiful faces have passed through my doors in 2022- It’s such an honor to be a skincare provider. When I was licensed in 2015, I never dreamed of the amazing connections I would make, lives that would be touched, or creativity that would unfold going into the field of skincare. Beauty is so much more than skin deep. It is how we care for ourselves, how we feel inside, what beliefs we hold, that all play such a huge role in what we see when we look in the mirror. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the remarkable clients in my life, each session is such a joy. Each and every one of my clients is a reminder of all of the beauty that exists in the world. May this new year bring you so much abundance, inspiration and light! I can’t wait to see you in 2023!!! 🎉✨🌸🎉✨🌸🎉✨🌸🎉✨🌸🎉✨🌸

Are you ready for 2023!? 🎉 I know I am! If you’re looking for a little extra pep in your step this coming year, come see my girl @serene.ish for some brow transformation! Book your consultation via the link in her bio, step into one of the top 3 Spas in the Desert ((( right here in Yucca Valley )))and hook yourself up with this incredibly talented artist who will help you feel 💯in your most natural looking new permanent makeup! Have you thought about getting Microblading done lately? Have you had it done years ago and are looking to improve the look of your already beautiful brows? Let us know your questions and more in the comments!! ⬇️

Winter is here ❄️ Let’s all try and keep in mind to move slow, with intention & in ease. The holidays are a warm and magical time, but also some of the most challenging of the year for us all. Of course I would just love to see you come in for a treatment, help you to unwind, recharge your batteries, and help you to feel exceptional in your beautiful self. But if that is not possible, whatever the reason may be, imagine sinking into that feeling of peace from time to time throughout your day. Imagine the serenity that comes through stillness and quiet- put your coziest comfiest socks and pjs on and treat yourself to a cup of tea. You can tune into that feeling whenever you need it- if you are feeling overwhelmed, uneasy, drained- try to take a pause and tune into your senses. Try following the 5,4,3,2,1>>>> What are 5 things you see? 4 things you can hear? 3 things you feel to the touch? 2 things you could taste inside your mouth? 1 thing you smell in the air? Sending love and cozy vibes to you today 💖🌸💖🌸💖🌸💖🌸💖

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