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I have an outdoor and adventure travel blog that makes adventure travel and sports more accessible by providing, tips, tricks, destination guides and route itineraries to beginners and intermediate travelers.

I also work with brands in the healthy living and lifestyle niches to help them establish thought leadership with their online presence. I identify technical SEO opportunities, on-page optimizations and blog strategy to help them increase organic traffic and rankings.

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A 2020 Fall Foliage Map: When & Where to See The Leaves Changing This Year

A little behind the Northeast, October is the best time to be in the Midwest to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage. You’ll see the best fall foliage in early October in Minnesota and Michigan; mid-October in Iowa, Ohio, and most of Indiana and Illinois; and late October in Missouri. There’s no denying that a glimpse of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado or the chance to see fall foliage in Teton Valley in Wyoming from mid-September to mid-October is a treat you’ll remember forever. Plus, going to see the fall foliage in the US has become such a popular trip, that most official state tourism websites and state park websites have detailed on-time fall foliage maps as well as park hours, fall camping options (not all camping spots and hiking trails are open all year) and route suggestions.

43 Stunning Photos of Travel Destinations in Latin America

Trek in the Jungle Near Santa Marta, ColombiaNo Colombia travel itinerary is complete without a visit to the North coast, home of the famous Tayrona National Park and untamed jungle. There’s no other city like it in the world and a visit to this travel destination just isn’t complete without a ride in a vintage car. The neighboring towns and parks – like Cuicocha National Park – are a great day trip destination for adventure lovers. See the stunning parks, wildlife and mountains that have made this South American country a famous travel destination for hikers, climbers and backpackers.41.

Otavalo Market in Ecuador: How To Visit South America’s Largest Market

And coming into town, you’d never guess that this sleepy town out of the way from the other things to do in Ecuador is home to the largest market in South America. A self-guided day trip from Quito to Otavalo, Ecuador could easily include a walk around the Otavalo market, a visit to the nearby leather market in Cotacachi, a hike around Cuicocha Lake and maybe even a stop at the pyramids later in the day. But you shouldn’t miss the chance to see South America’s largest market and some of these other things to do in Otavalo! It’s an easy day trip from Quito and will show you a whole different side of Ecuador.

A Guide to Vitamins for Vegetarians

And you should ask yourself some questions like, “am I willing to miss the local traditional dishes because of my values?”, “am I willing to do a little extra cooking while traveling?” and “what vitamins should vegetarians take?” After some light research, it became clear to me that a daily multi-vitamin wasn’t going to cut it if I wanted to do this vegetarian/full-time travel thing right. After almost one year of being vegan, four more of being vegetarian and hours upon hours of research, these are the vitamins for vegetarians that I’ve whittled it down to. The Vegan Society recommends eating fortified foods to get your B12, taking one daily B12 (10 mg min) supplement or a weekly B12 (2,000 mg min) supplement.

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