Alicia Trautwein

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Alicia Trautwein, creator of The Mom Kind, is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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#ad I love any chance I get to have the girls have some bonding time. This last weekend, we got to check out the Nerf Rival Edge Series Saturn XX-1000 Targeting Sets! They got to experience the Intensity of @nerf by challenging each other to competitive games of skill and accuracy. The Saturn was so cool with all it’s features. It has amazing precision and speed, with an air-scorching velocity of up to 90 feet per second! It is also the longest Nerf Rival blaster ever at 32 inches long! But of course, we didn’t let the girls have all the fun! Andy & I had our own little competition (yes, I may have cheated a little lol) but I got the cool glasses! Even Twitter got in on the fun! She chased after the tennis balls shot from the Nerf Dog blaster and loved catching the Nerf frisbees! We highly recommend the #NerfRivalEdgeSeries for some great family fun. Check out all the fun we had and parents be sure to hit the link in my bio @themomkind to get your Nerf Saturn or check out the endcaps #OnlyatWalmart for under $40! Don’t forget to check out all the other great #Nerf products while your there too!

Working at Home: How to Teach Your Kids to Entertain Themselves

How to Teach Your Kids to Entertain Themselves Are struggling to juggle home and work life or experience much mom or dad guilt each day? If they talk to you during an important task or demand your attention while you’re on a work-related call, it could be a smart idea to start the day with some one-to-one time. As you will have limited time to tick every work task off your list, you must provide them with fun tasks to pass the time when they feel bored. It will allow your son or daughter to embrace their creative side, as they could draw pictures, make a magazine, paint decorations, or create a cool comic book.

I have to admit that we may have the most awesome pups in the world! ❤ Basil here has been such a trooper when it comes to the kids loving on him. Since day one, Basil has always allowed Lilly to carry him around and love on him 24/7. Now, Walker does the same thing. Basil even makes sure to give both kiddos cuddles at night until they fall asleep. It is the cutest thing ever. Do your kiddos have four-legged siblings that they love on?

Is Chronic Pain Real? Or Is It A Myth?

The reason why some people consider chronic pain to be a myth is that those who suffer from it can get annoying; often, people are too talkative about it, and due to the strange nature of a pain that’s so constant, it can feel as if they’re making things up. To identify whether what you’re feeling is regular pain or chronic pain, you need to know what is considered chronic pain. When you have a severe case of any of those mentioned, and you’re experiencing continuous pain afterward, you might be experiencing chronic pain, and you should consult with your doctor. Listed below are the most common myths about chronic pain that you should know about: While growing older means that you’ll decline, it doesn’t mean that chronic pain has to be a part of it.

This boy! I absolutely love that he is such a loving little boy. He is so sweet and gives me & dad all the hugs in the world ♥❤♥

5 Science-Backed Ways To Help Manage Arthritis

A 2018 study on the effects of weight loss on overweight patients with knee osteoarthritis found that overweight patients who lost 10% to 20% of their body weight had a significant drop in pain levels and inflammation. Researchers concluded the report by recommending losing a minimum of 20% of one’s body weight to positively impact and reduce the harmful effects of arthritis in overweight persons. A recent study on the effect of food on managing rheumatoid arthritis found that processed foods, butter, salt, sugar, animal products, oils, and salt increase inflammation while a vegan diet and polyunsaturated fatty acids help reduce inflammation. Fruits such as blueberries, mangoes, apples, and grapefruits; Cereals like oatmeal and whole wheat bread; legumes such as soybean; whole grains like wheat, rice, corn, rye; spices like ginger and turmeric; herbs; olive oil and fish oil; and yogurt and green tea.

Losing loved ones never gets easier, even when it is expected. The finality of death is something that can be so hard to grasp. When I reflect back on the impact G had on my life, it is truly amazing the pure blessing she was for me long before I knew it. It was because of her that I was introduced to the youth group I went to. The relationship I built with God and with other teens who became life long friends is why I wanted my kids in youth group & our family to be a part of a church family. While she was far from perfect (aren’t we all?), she loved the Lord and helped those around her in anyway she could. She truly saved my cousins lives by raising them a living home and for that, I am so thankful. G will be greatly missed here on earth, but I know she is right where she has always wanted to be, up in Heaven praising our Savior. So today, I will be reflecting a little more and listening to old gospel hymns. While I grieve, I am thankful that I am able to go to her visitation when so many loved ones can’t due to Covid. Today, I am just taking today one step at a time.

How to Plan Meals for the Entire Week

Once you’ve decided upon a menu for the week, write down a list of ingredients you will have to purchase. Once you start to find recipes that your family always loves, you can plan to have those ingredients on hand at all times to make grocery shopping even easier! Once you have acquired all of the ingredients you need to prepare for the week, you can either decide to make your meals throughout the week or prep them in larger batches. If you plan to have a meal repeated several times throughout the week, it might make sense to set aside some time on Sunday and prepare all of the food to save.

Playing games can be extremely difficult for Lilly. There are rules that have to be followed and she doesn’t want anyone to deviate from them. She also does not like to continue playing if she calculates that she is going lose. In her mind, the goal of the game is to win. So when you are not winning, it goes against the expectation for how the game should be played. Because of this, learning to play games with peers has been a constant IEP goal for years. Sometimes, autism really sucks and gets in the way of what should be happy moments for a child. So you can imagine my delight when I found Lilly happily playing a game with a friend during youth group, one who I don’t think she has ever said a word to! Not only that, tonight was her very first youth group meeting without a severe meltdown. She played games and trivia and even worked through being upset that the other team won. Man, I am one proud mama!

Virtual schooling had an impact that I never could have imagined. I’ve had to fight alongside Lilly’s SPED teacher to get her the supports she legally is required to get. I’ve had to request an IEP for Colette. The hardest was having to pull Walker out of school because it was causing so much harm and no educational value. We are finally getting to a point that he is willing to learn and be homeschooled, but that is over a month after because the words “school” “learning” and similar words have become trigger words for meltdowns because of how negative he saw online schooling. There have been plus’s out of it too though. I’ve seen the girls finally bonding. Their sleep is better since they now can sleep until 7am instead of getting up at 530 for the bus. I don’t know where I’m going with this post other than to say it’s okay if your child is struggling right now. This whole virtual learning is something that none of us have ever dealt with before. If they are struggling, make sure to fight for the services they need #autism #autismmom #autismdad #autismparenting #specialneeds #specialneedsparenting #asd #iep

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