Alicia Trautwein

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Alicia Trautwein is an autistic mom of three autistic children. She uses this unique experience to coach other parents of special needs children.

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From 2010-2020, our lives have changed immensely. Today, I want to share that with you. I know I see life in a different way than others (that whole autism thing) but I truly don't see this as negatives. I have learned sometimes God lets us go through small rough moments to prepare for the big storms.⁣ ⁣ We have had our fair share of storms to ride out. In this last decade, we gained 4 autism diagnoses. I started a website, working on autism advocacy, & began to share my experiences to help so many others in the same storm. I have seen both negative & positive on this journey. I have found that at the topic in such need of discussion (autism), comes with more heated emotions than most political debates.⁣ ⁣ In this decade, I have seen my son lose all his words. I have seen regression that tears your heart apart. I have seen all three of my daughters struggle socially. I have seen my oldest battle situations & emotions that no child should have to go through. I have seen my youngest daughter struggle at school in ways that I never could have foreseen. I have seen my middle daughter battle a deep depression that has rivaled my own. All of which was heartbreaking.⁣ ⁣ But what I have also seen is my son gain new words & progress with the help of so many amazing professionals, especially his special education teacher. I have watched my youngest daughter gain friends, learn skills, & find happiness in who she is. I have seen my middle daughter discover who she is & embrace that. She has found friends, fought depression, & found happiness. I have watched my oldest grow into a beautiful young woman. One who will fight for what’s right loves everyone, & has a true heart of gold.⁣ ⁣ This last decade has been full of storms, but I am thankful for each storm. Those storms shaped me as a mom & a person. It helped me learn so I can teach. It brought me closer to God, my family, friends, & even those I have only know a short time.⁣ ⁣ Entering 2020, I decided my focus word is Grace. By grace, I mean giving grace. Understanding that each of us will fall & we need to give ourselves & others grace. I am excited to see what this next decade holds for us all! Happy New Year!

6 Extraordinary Ways Family Game Night Can Help Your Children

Chances are, you’ve tried to make it into your routine but it fell off the schedule as new things came along Today, we’re going to go over the benefits of scheduling (and doing) a family game night weekly. A special thanks to Goliath Games for sending us some free games to play and inspire this post! By playing games together as a family, kids learn how to be a graceful loser and celebrate other’s wins. If you are looking for some great games, make sure to check out D20Collective for your game night needs Helping siblings connect through gameplay is a benefit every family could use!

Your self worth is NOT defined by others opinions of you. For everyone that needs to here this today: You are worth it. Do not allow others negativity to determine your opinion of yourself. You are wanted. You are loved. Do not focus on who is causing you grief. Focus on those who love you and care about you. It is okay to cut ties with those who are hurting you, whether that be short term or longer. Your first priority is taking care of yourself, physically & emotionally. Ask for help, you don’t need to do this alone ❤

How to Properly Clean a Kitchen Sink

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, most people think of washes the dishes, cleaning the floors, and wiping down those dirty countertops. One part of the kitchen that often gets overlooked though is cleaning the kitchen sink! It’s a priority each night for me because the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest parts of your kitchen. Since scrubbing a kitchen sink is a dirty job, you should wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

This is one of my favorite quotes! What is your favorite quote?

Renting with Kids: What to Look for in an Apartment

In today’s post, we’re going to check out what you need to look for in an apartment when you have children. If you have a toddler, for example, you’ll need to make sure that cabinet locks are applied, and all electrical outlets are covered to avoid potential accidents. When it comes to amenities, there might be a slight variation compared to what families without kids are looking for, but don’t compromise on the aspects that you deem necessary. When renting with kids, you need to make sure everything is set up for both needs and wants prior to signing a lease.

Absolutely so thrilled right now! Target has the Braille edition of UNO! It was in stock at a target within reasonable distance from us. Buying gifts for my Dad has always been a little difficult since he is completely blind. So finding this game means the world to me because it is something fun and different for him, and is something he can use to play with the kids! Thank you target for being amazing! I know there are parents that will be racing to your stores to get these for their children! #visuallyimpaired #braille #mytargetfinds

How to Find the Right Doctor For Your Situation

Many people also aren’t sure how to go about finding a doctor they like who’s also qualified to provide them with the specific care they need. If you’ve already established care with a physician, it’ll be easier for you to tell them what’s going on and get the help you need without awkwardness or embarrassment. Most of the time, you can use your insurance provider’s website to find out what you need to know about the doctors who are available to you. If, between now and your doctor’s appointment, you need some additional insight into a particular health issue, be sure to visit the Health section of our website.

Happy Birthday Lilly Bean!! We had such a fun day at the City Museum, took a long nap, then dinner cake and presents. All around a great day!

What’s the best thing about being a Mom?