Alicia Trautwein

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Autistic Mᴏᴍ of 3 Children with Autism. Sharing our story to provide inspiration & support for other special needs families #AutismParenting #ADHD

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Well it’s official, I had an amazing birthday yesterday. The kids gave me the one thing I ask for with only one reminder, for them all to get along and not fight. Been asking for that one for years without it happening lol. It was a happy, peaceful, calm day at home. No cake, no surprises, and the only present we’re the ones handmade by my children. Exactly how I like and want to spend my birthday. Honestly, it was the best birthday ever. Autism & Birthday are different for so many. I don’t like surprises (not knowing or the changing of plans), loud noises, crowds, presents given to me (it’s just uncomfortable for me), nor cake (though Im hilariously good at making cakes). So a day without any of that is the ideal birthday for me. How do you or your kids prefer birthdays or holidays?

Easing the Pain from Sending Children off to College

Keep reading to learn tips for easing the pain from sending children off to college As a parent, you know full well that, one day, you’ll have to let go of your baby. Easing the Pain from Sending Children off to College Easing the Pain from Sending Children off to College We hope these tips for easing the pain from sending children off to college have brought you some comfort.

Sunflowers & Sunshine 🌼

4 Methods That Dentists Recommend to Fix an Overbite

Either way, you will need some type of oral treatment to avoid health issues and gain more confidence in your smile. You won’t need treatment at all unless your top teeth overlap your bottom ones by at least 30%. If you have a severe overbite, your top teeth may cover up your bottom teeth all the way. Overbites that are formed due to misaligned teeth can be corrected by giving your teeth a little space.

What is your favorite time of the year? I am so torn between Fall & Summeri love Fall for the perfect jacket weather, pumpkin patches, crisp air, and smells. Summer, on the other hand, I love having the kids home, fun activities with them, and sleeping in lol.

How To Teach Children Social Skills Through Play

What social skills do children learn through play? Play can help children to learn and develop some of the most essential social skills they’ll need in life. Problem-solving is another crucial skill for children’s’ development, and they need to learn how to overcome problems with others. Structured games and activities that involve kids working together are an excellent way to learn team working and cooperation skills.

Oh this silly boy! I am both excited and terrified going into this new school year. Four kids with full time virtual schooling for at least the first semester. We decided for sure that Walker & Lilly could not handle the restrictions in place for on campus learning and learn at the same time. We also didn’t want Walkers first year at a full time school to be during Covid. What is your plan for schooling during the new school year? We debated for over a month what was the right choice and still question things!

6 Tips for What to do After a Car Accident

That way, if you have an accident and cannot access your car because you have been injured or your vehicle is too severely damaged, you will still be able to report the accident to your policy provider. ) Familiarize yourself with what the law says for your area Some countries and states have made specific laws that relate to what you should do after an accident. What to do after a car accident Doing the above research will ensure that you how to secure the scene, gather evidence, and deal with the insurance company and any other issues. So, if the worst should happen and you have an accident, you will be able to handle things in the best way possible.

We can’t win for trying these last few days 😢 This is what happens when we have a house full of kiddos with weak immune systems. Walker likely got sick from either Daddy or I carrying something home from the hospital stay with Lilly. Praying this will be.m a quick virus that he can sleep off. You know a little boy is sick when he puts himself back to bed at 3pm 🥺

Someone is up and making slime 💕 Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. I can’t even express how much your kind words, advice, and support helped us through the night. We’ve had some really rough spells throughout the night of her reactions getting worse. We finally have hit the point where she has stopped getting worse and leveled out. As long as no more swelling/shortness of breath/ trouble swallowing occurs, she will be able to go home tonight. We will have to see an allergist and have epi pens on hand.

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