Sarah Mikulski

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I'm Mick! I am a recipe and food blogger. I have a presence on both Instagram and my website, Instagram is where I market my recipes and my website is where I post them. I have created an amazing community of people who look to myself and each other for help and recommendations when it comes to food. My food is always made from scratch. I specialize in health food, recipes dealing with dietary restrictions, hosting, and so much more! There's something for everyone in Mick's Kitchen.

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pasta aglio e olio aka pasta with garlic and olive oil. literally the easiest dish ever but life changing when you do it right. there’s so many different interpretations but make sure you ask an actual Italian (me) when making it if you want the right one. they key is using quality, fresh ingredients. splurge a lil when buying they evoo, you’ll thank me later it’s fresh, light, bright, simple, cheap, quick, homey, *insert another adjective here* website tomorrow 🌿🧄🍝

you know the deal…another 15 minute no-carb, sugar-free, gluten-free meal in the form on chicken picatta 🤓 not much to say expect why wouldn’t you want a healthy, restaurant style meal in 15 minutes out of your own kitchen? perfect for those short lunch breaks and still so tasty. there’s few ingredients and the simplicity in this kills. stop eating boring chicken website tm

on Sundays, we do as the Romans do pasta zozzana is one of the most underrated, lesser known pastas. think if carbonara, cacio e pepe, and amatriciana had a sweet, sweet, sweet baby. it’s literally the pasta for when you can’t decide what kind of pasta you want tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino romano, egg yolks, pancetta, Italian sausage, and a sturdy noodle to capture alllll of that good stuff…woof website tomorrow 🍝

gluten-free, lower carb, super quick cauliflower crust mexican street corn pizza. woof this has been one of my favorite things that’s come out of MK in a great while. i’d literally eat that special, special white sauce with a spoon. it’s the absolute star of the show. and the corn and jalapeños and cilantro (yes, team cilantro) and chili powder and everything else on top just comes together, incredibly quickly i might add, to make your new favorite pizza website tomorrow

alright it’s 2023 and we’re all going through a cultural reset we have goals but we’re still tired. i get it. that’s why i’m introducing 🦈 healthy 🦈 30 minute meals. they’ll be low-carb (aside from brown rice, which you can sub cauliflower rice), sugar-free, gluten-free, and take you no time at all to cook. you’ll just have to find someone to do the dishes starting of fun with a not too spicy Korean chicken bowl. super simple, super quick, super, super, super tasty, and easy to take on the go. website tomorrow 🤓

coolest way to end the year. thank you for selling out my first book. at a lil bit of a loss for words on it. 2023 will be full of sushi, cheap beer, expensive tequila, and so much stupid fun. no growth though, i’m perfect the way i am. thanks for coming with me 🖤

CLEAN. OUT NOW. clean is over 250 pages and has over 100 recipes developed for low carb, no sugar, gluten free, dairy free, etc. lifestyles this book has been my lil baby for the past 2 years and i’m ready for it to be your baby now. please please let me know if you have any questions. i love you. link in bio AVAILABLE ON THEMICKSKITCHEN.COM

dirty chai tea latte cupcakes with @positivelytea ☕️🧁 i used @positivelytea masala chai to make chia tea cupcakes and topped them with a straight up dreamy coffee frosting i’ve always been a mega-fan of tea flavored desserts, so in the last slide i put a quick lil vid of how i make alllllll of the desserts tea flavored. as long as there’s any sort of liquid in the recipe of whatever you’re making, you can flavor it to make it taste like whatever your favorite tea is (hi chai + earl grey) you can use the link in my linktree or code MICKS20 for money off of anythang at @positivelytea this recipe will be on my website tomorrow! 🖤 #sponsored #ad #positivitea #positiviteafall #oraganicpositivitea

rosemary and thyme and sage fingerling potatoes are your new favorite Thanksgiving side. promise when i make these, i try not to tell anyone because i genuinely don’t want to share them. they are SO good. i’d eat just these for Thanksgiving dinner if i had to only choose one dish. every ingredient and step in this is incredibly intentional because it’s yields something so melt in your mouth and amazing website rn. even if not for thanksgiving pls try them

a pumpkin hazelnut tart is 30000x cooler and better than a pumpkin pie no Q’s asked i love this because i don’t really love pumpkin so making a tart means there’s very little pumpkin filling, but just enough to get your fix. and the hazelnuts in the crust and the marshmallows on top (woof) offset it perfectly website tm ⚡️

single serve or en masse savory hassleback sweet potatoes for thanksgiving they’re roasted in a rosemary parsley garlic butter that literally worth dying for. you can make just one or you can make however many fit in your cast iron (around 6 typically) website tomorrow!

pumpkin pie but make it mick stylez thanksgiving usually has lame food let’s try to make it not so lame

pumpkin vodka sauce 🍸🎃 so no matter what, there’s always a pasta on the table at my thanksgiving dinner. sometimes it’s OG red sauce, last year i did a butternut sausage cream sauce, and this year i felt like vodka sauce was everywhere so it deserved a spot at the table this is a good side dish or a main dish for those meatless folks and it’s super super quick to throw together. it’s the perfect amount of sweet + savory and i personally love it on the side for a fall meal website tm 🤓

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