Sarah Mikulski

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I'm Mick! I am a recipe and food blogger. I have a presence on both Instagram and my website, Instagram is where I market my recipes and my website is where I post them. I have created an amazing community of people who look to myself and each other for help and recommendations when it comes to food. My food is always made from scratch. I specialize in health food, recipes dealing with dietary restrictions, hosting, and so much more! There's something for everyone in Mick's Kitchen.

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macarons + candy for the girls always 💁🏻‍♀️🩷 thank you @herbrandphoto for being the best gal and sending me such nice pictures you shot of @thebronzebarmi galentine’s party i did! 📸: @herbrandphoto 🍔🌭🔪: @themickskitchen

had so much fun helping @beyondfitnessfamily eat their hearts out for their one-year anniversary party! a three table spread including sliders, charcuterie cups, shrimp wontons, mini arancini, dessert charcuterie cups, and fried chicken bao buns 🍴 didn’t snag any photos of my own so thank you @simply.ash.nicole for letting me use one of yours! 🩷

i absolutely cannot stress this enough - this is in my top favorite 3 recipes that i’ve offered you all so far this ✨ vegan thai somen ✨ (or honestly, whatever noodle you want to use with it, i’ve even used dumplings) is every single flavor you could want in a dish. and it’s SO easy. this week after Christmas before the new year just makes me crave cozy foods for some reason. and this hits every nail on the head. your favorite Thai flavors, PB, coconut milk, ginger, a lil spice, just woof. also - i have a food restricted version of this in my book. i’m begging you to try it and let me know what you think on now 🍜🤓

The secret to these protein lemon blueberry muffins? @nakednutrition Naked Almond powder 😋 Naked almond has one ingredient and one ingredient only…almonds! Each serving contains over 55% of all-natural protein so it’s PERFECT for adding your daily grams into shakes, bowls, baking, and more 😊 I always stay away from any sort of protein or wellness powders because the ingredient list is longer than a dictionary. Love having a way to get my protein in without any added filler! Naked almond is also the perfect supplement for flour if you’re gluten-free, it really is the Jack of all trades When you’re ready to follow along with the recipe and have your house smelling like heaven…head down here 😋⬇️ INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup coconut oil 2 eggs 1 t vanilla extract 1 cup coconut sugar or any sugar alternative you’d like! 4 T Naked Almond 2 cups flour 2 t baking powder 2 cups fresh blueberries Zest of 1 lemon 1 cup almond milk METHOD 1. Preheat oven to 425 2. Beat together coconut oil and sugar 3. Add eggs, vanilla extract, and zest from one lemon to that and beat well 4. In a separate bowl, add the flour, Naked Almond, and baking powder and combine 5. Add the wet ingredients + the almond milk to the dry ingredients. Combine 6. Crush 1 cup of blueberries and mix into the batter 7. Add the remaining 1 cup of blueberries and fold in 8. Line a muffin tin with muffin/cupcake liners and add your batter 9. Bake for 5 minutes at 425 10. Lower heat to 350 and bake for an additional 15-20 minutes 11. Enjoy! #ad

low-carb, gluten-free popcorn chicken 😄 a classic chicken nugget to accompany any restricted lifestyle. they’re so easy and can be cooked in a variety of different ways! for gluten-free, my personal preference is always almond flour over gluten free flour. and even being LC and GF, it still crisps up perfectly and literally tastes exactly like popcorn chicken! perfect to sneak to your kids, add to a crispy chicken salad, eat yourself in BBQ sauce, and so much more 😋 a meal that’ll never go out of style. website tm! 🧡

😚 pumpkin butternut squash pasta 😋 the pasta sauce made with butternut squash, pumpkin, and wine wine that you never knew you needed. the pump and squash with the thyme and rosemary and sage and cinnamon and nutmeg and honey and just trust me. this is a DREAM. perfect for a vegan/vegetarian Thanksgiving course as well 😌 making your own roasted veggie purées is the KEY, though. so try not to use the shortcut. this served topped with my honey whipped ricotta recipe. just woof okay, happy holidays, on my site rn! 🧡

🎃 happy halloween and go rangers! 🎃

i am the worst foodie in the WORLD when i take little trips, food always tend to be the last thing i think about. i’m more of an explorer 🗺️🚕🏟️ that tends to miss breakfast and lunch in lieu of a tour activity. unfortunately, that’s what happened when i went to the city of brotherly love. i actually had multiple tell me that I “had the worst cheesesteak in Philadelphia.” i let one of my activities be exploring the reading terminal market and settled on a mediocre cheesesteak, 2 mid pasta salads, a BOMB cannoli, and a Phillies cupcake that i honestly didn’t even try. the bagel from Kismet was chef’s kiss and the meal i had at a place someone recommended, Khyber, was pretty good. but, honestly, the midnight room service after the Phillies game was probably my best meal 🫣 BUT all of that being said i’m here to start a conversation with you about what YOU think the best meal, food, cheesesteak in Philly is. Help you help me be more prepared for future trips and at least make the meals i eat tolerable instead of “the worst meal in the entire city” love you, rip Phils, the liberty bell was not cool, and here is mine and my mom’s face because i never take pictures of me and most of yall probably don’t even know what i look like 🫠❤️

Still visiting these healthy dark chocolate cupcakes in my dreams When I tell ya that all of your favorite desserts and foods can be made healthy and restriction friendly - the girl is not lying. I talk about it in my book, but these days, there’s a substitution for EVERYTHING. Think of the most indulgent, rich dessert you’ve ever had, and I can give you the tools to eat it every day. On my blog, I have hundreds of recipes doing that exact thing. Some of my favorite swaps are - Flour + breadcrumbs ➡️ almond + coconut flour Sugar + brown sugar ➡️ Stevia Milk ➡️ unsweetened almond milk Soy sauce ➡️ tamari Powdered sugar ➡️ Swerve confectioner’s sugar Pasta noodles ➡️ brown rice + whole wheat noodles This also isn’t to say that any of those foods are ingredients are bad. They’re not. Some bodies just can’t process and digest them how we’d like them to 🙁 I’ve always said it - what I do isn’t hard, I’ve just had the stones to learn about it. Health food and knowledge are synonymous. Once you learns about ingredients, products, food labels, different ways of cooking, what 18 letter words on the back of that package are good or bad - it’s easy. Would love to open up more of what I’m doing into teaching than telling. My goal has and always will be wanting everybody in the world to smile as they eat, and to create home cooks, not just people that follow a recipe. Recipes are ⭐️ suggestions ⭐️ and building your confidence and knowledge can help you create a food experience that’s tailored just for you and the people you love. As always, DMs are open for any questions. is always open when you’re looking to experiment. Let’s teach ya how to cook. Thank you for letting me do what I do ⚡️

don’t talk to me until you’ve made these i swear on everything when i tell you i’m addicted to these. they’re the BEST dumplings/wontons/whatever you want to call them that you will ever have and if they’re not, money back. you’ve never had a dumpling + chutney combo like this before. the sauce makes it it’s SO good i even make extra and eat it with like, everything else. also - don’t be intimidated at all they’re SO easy to make. those cute lil wrappers at the store are pretty user friendly and honestly? my fav way to make them is in the air fryer. i can’t even explain the flavors to you. you just have to trust me and thank me later. i haven’t steered yall wrong yet, have i?

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