Shavonne Samuels

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We are a Seattle based family of 6 that are striving to live as simply and as happily as possible.
↟ 2 love birds and our 4 boys ↟ MOTHERHOOD | OUTDOOR ADVENTURE | GARDEN | STYLE | LIFE 📍Seattle

Location Seattle, WA
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It’s been 1 year since we moved to the countryside and it’s been amazing! If you feel a call to nature and a slower pace of living follow it! We drove through our current town for years praying and hoping to be able to move here one day and it still feels like a dream ✨❤️✨. As 2024 approaches, know that dreams come true! #pnw #pnwliving🌲 #pnwonderland #countrylife #countryliving

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!! May this season bring you love, joy and peace. 🎁🎄❤️💫 Taking our own holiday photos is always tricky…so glad hubby has great photography skills and patience with us 😂🤣. We used a timer and it’s pure comedy to see us try to capture ourselves. One day I have to post bloopers. Lol For our outfits — I loved this sparky dress from @renttherunway and used it as reference when I went shopping for the boys’ suits from @kgfashion . I literally took it to the store with me and made sure that our colors matched! Have you tried to do your own family photo shoot before?

Confession. I thought that I’d have holiday decor together by now but, lo and behold, I’m still toying between a live 🌲 or artificial tree. The lights on the artificial one we have stopped working and the kind farmer that allowed me to frolic around his Christmas tree farm had me thinking about the need to support local farmers. What are your thoughts? Are you team real or artificial 🎄 Christmas tree? #holidaydecor #seattleblogger

Grateful, thankful, blessed! Happy thanksgiving 🍁 from our family to yours! May you have a day full of great food, laughter and the love of family!! #happythanksgivingyall

Honestly, I use to strongly dislike fall 🍂… I’m embracing it this year though! Nature going to sleep would make me sad — but it’s a gentle reminder for us to also slow down and rejuvenate 🌼. We can’t always be producing! Have a restful weekend! Blessing your timeline with a little fall farm girl chic 🍁 Top - @hm Skirt - @hm Sweater - @hm Boots - @nordstrom PC camera 📸: My Sons

Something had to give! As a wife, mom, friend, full time worker, content creator, gardener, speaker, cook and lover of hosting… my husband made the call! He said, “babe, I’m calling the cleaners and they are coming twice per month”! I didn’t even put up a fight 😂. This smile is because a huge part of what disturbs my soul is outsourced. This holiday season, remember to outsource the thing that irks you! It’s almost 2024 and we’re no longer holding ourselves to impossible standards! It will open a whole new world and allow you to fully show up as the best version of yourself! What are you outsourcing this holiday season? #momlife #momadvice #blackmotherhood

This is your sign to hire your friends to help you with what they’re good at! Thanks so much @tay.mariiee_ 🤎🤎🤎! Frames are from @homegoods

Being called to be their sense of HOME is a joy! These days that looks like; Learning to play new board games Reading a new book Making a dish I’ve not made before Going to a place we haven’t been before. The way I mother best is devoid of routine and predictability. For the longest time I tried to squeeze myself into that box but I have a wandering mama heart! We always have to be doing something that we’ve never done before and that lane works for us! There’s no one way to be a mom 🧡🧡🧡🧡 #enfp #enfpmom #blackmotherhood

My whole heart ❤️ for my whole life! I’m pretty sure that they’re all going to pass up hubs and I in height! We don’t even mind! So proud of the young men they are!!! 💙💙💙💙


Between the stress of school opening uncertainty, a whole pandemic, financial strain, being quarantined together for almost a year, working with kids at home etc. -- there is enough to rock your marriage boat. We try to make some time to take our eyes off of the present difficulties of 2020 and think about where we'd like to live in the future, what we hope to accomplish for our kids, future businesses we'd like to start and places we'd like to visit. and I quit my full time job during the pandemic (because it was entirely too much with 4 kids at home) and started working part time in addition to blogging. To continue to feed the dreamer in me we always think about things that we can save up for and to feed the planner in him we try to give every dollar a purpose--budgeting spending for me...because you're girl has to spend!


When visiting we recommend staying close to the west entrance! The Midway Geyser basin is where you'd find the beautiful rainbow colored Grand Prismatic Basin. It's close to Grand Teton National Park -- you literally drive from one park straight into another. It's close to Grand Teton National Park -- you literally drive from one park straight into another.


So far we've visited 5 National Parks and Grand Teton is my personal favorite!!! The best way to see everything at Grand Teton is to drive the 42 mile scenic drive. Close to Moran Junction is also the Cunningham Cabin Historic Site. This little cabin has a small creek and the kids loved playing in the creek and observing the historic carpentry of the cabin.

How to raise anti-racist kids

If you spoke out of prejudice, grabbed your purse when a black man walked by or passive aggressively did not invite your child's black friend to their birthday party admit to them that that action was wrong. We attend a predominantly black church and one of my best friends consistently came with her white family before relocating. Attend a church with a minority pastor, invite a black family over for a barbecue, or attend a ballgame of your child's friend of another ethnicity. I have friends that are white that point out racism and speak up for me and my family.

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