Sarabeth McElhaney

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The February Fox is a lifestyle blog written by an East Coast boomerang — from Buffalo to Southern California and back. After a short stint traveling around with her former musician husband, Sarabeth has settled down to raise her two boys, Fox and Charlie. Her background is in print journalism having moved on to expand on her own personal thoughts on home, parenting, entertaining, and beyond.

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Learning the Importance of Having Good Credit

Lexington Law has over a decade of experience as a consumer advocacy law firm under their belt. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Keisha from Lexington Law about ways to improve my credit. After talking about my own personal credit journey, Keisha walked me through the Lexington Law website in real time. Credit Library — Articles written about credit, debt, budgeting at your disposal Since 2004, Lexington Law has seen over 182 million total challenges and disputes on behalf of their clients and over 56 million negative item removals on their credit reports.

Quick + Kid-Friendly Lent Dinner with Conagra

With Lent underway early this year, I’ve been looking for quick and easy meatless solutions to feed my kids each Friday. Van de Kamp’s Fish Sticks come in a 44-count box and are made with 100% wild-caught fish. There are 10 grams of protein per serving and they’re a great source of omega-3s, so kids won’t miss out on their important daily nutrients. I got lucky with two kids that love their fruits and veggies, so Birds Eye Steamfresh Broccoli Cuts have been making a major appearance at our dinner table.

Introducing the Cricut Mug Press + Tutorial

Other mug presses are absolutely enormous and generally unsafe, but Cricut managed to create a cute and compact little press in a white/mint combination that automatically turns off after use. Now to be totally honest, I almost feel silly giving you a tutorial because it is so easy to use the Cricut Mug Press, but let me run you through the basics! Be sure to mirror before cutting and turn your dial to “Custom,” selecting Infusible Ink in Cricut Design Space. Apply to your mug using heat resistant tape and wrap with 3 layers of parchment paper cut to mug size.

DIY Springtime Clay Ring Tray

Kind of like Lynne of My Family Thyme’s easy spring floral wreath! When my friends and I joined together again last year for the Celebrate Spring Blog Hop, I shared my Blue Modern Farmhouse Spring Breakfast Nook Decor. Routinely come back to press greenery into clay as it’s drying, as the clay will push it out as it’s drying. Be sure to check out Leigh of The Little By Little Home’s simple elegant spring tablescape along with the rest of the creative ladies participating in this year

The value of black lives should never be a partisan issue. I’ve struggled to find the words to say because this isn’t about me and my feelings or experiences. Instead, I encourage you to listen to the black community as they share their stories. Show empathy, dig deep in understanding, and amplify their words. Donate your money, do the research, make the phone calls. The time to recognize the racism embedded in this country is now. We need to be the change. #blacklivesmatter

Hooray for stress baking! 🤪 #Ad One of the most challenging things about this quarantine has been the lack of alone time. In fact, that’s kind of how parenthood has been for me in a nutshell! Now it’s more about the little things I can do to make me happy throughout the day to remind myself that I’m an individual. My family reaps the benefits with delicious @bettycrocker cupcakes at the end! I used the SuperMoist Yellow Cake to make two dozen. Have you upped your baking while you’ve been home? #bettycrocker #callmebettycrocker

#ad Have you ever done a themed movie night? 📽 We watched Moonstruck recently and all the baking got me thinking — Italian Pinwheels sounded like the perfect pairing! This is an Italian dish with a modern twist — using approachable ingredients like @Contadina Tomato Paste while keeping it healthy. Here’s how to make them: 1. Preheat oven to 400°F. 2. Cover 2 sheets of puff pastry with 1/3 cup @contadina Tomato Paste. 3. Add your favorite toppings! (I chose sautéed mushrooms, spinach, onion, and pecorino cheese. 4. Roll tightly and slice into pinwheels. 5. Bake until golden for 12-14 minutes. Enjoy! Do you know who inspired me to make this dish? #CookWithContadina #Contadina

We might not have a campfire inside, but mama still has her oven! ⛺️🍪🥛 #Ad Tonight the boys are breaking out the flashlights and bedtime stories while sleeping in their tent. I remember going to camp as a kid and sitting by the fire with milk and cookies, so I wanted to recreate this for the boys. @BettyCrocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix did the trick quick and easy! #bettycrocker #callmebettycrocker

The face I make before coffee ☕️ Swipe for some #stayathome hangs! #wereallinthistogether #passthecup #passthecupchallenge #tiktok #buffalove #buffalovebloggers

There’s nothing better than these two 👦🏻👶🏻 We are feeling a lot of mixed emotions in our household today. Between love and loss, we are both grateful and grieving. I know this day isn’t a happy day for everyone, so I’m sending love to everyone who needs it 🖤

Right before these photos were taken, Peter was watching the kids play outside through the window while relaxing in his @khpet EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill [AD] We’ve been so lucky to have kitties that love the little humans in our home. That said, it’s still important to give them space up and away from grabby baby hands so he can completely relax and unwind. This @khpet EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill can be moved window to window (no attachments necessary) and folded up behind blinds and curtains when not in use, plus it keeps cat hair off the furniture. Use WINDOWKITTY15 at checkout on for 15% off! #KHPet #KHPetProducts

Do you suffer from allergies? 🤧 ad When our family moved from CA to NY, we all noticed a huge uptick in allergy symptoms like sore throats and stuffy noses in the morning until our bodies shook it off by midday. It’s crazy how different we felt! We’ve been combating Fox’s dry cough with @matys Organic Children’s Goodnight Cough Syrup so that he has more restful nights. The chamomile tea and nutmeg combo are both safe and effective in helping his dry throat! #matysmatters #matyscoughsyrup

I always wondered how having kids 4 years apart would affect their ability to play together. It turns out that these boys are the best of friends 🖤 Fox is a true caretaker and Charlie doesn’t mind playing rough 💪🏼

#ad Bee Kind 🐝🖤 I’m still cranking out the crafting over here, but I took the party upstairs with my new tiny little @officialcricut Joy! Have you heard of it yet? It’s a compact cutting machine that makes everything quick and easy as pie! In fact, it’s so easy that the three projects I’m sharing on the blog today can be completed in under 15 minutes a piece. See if you can spy 2/3 in this picture 🔎 #cricutcreated #cricutjoy

What are your Mother's Day traditions? ad Ours might look a bit different this year, but one thing I know we'll do is get active! Maybe a backyard BBQ and a game of freeze tag? We're all ready in our new @Reebok shoes from @Kohls 👟They're comfortable, stylish, and super versatile! A great gift if you're in need of an idea. #KohlsFinds #MD

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