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✝️ Christian. ❤Married.
🏠Homemaker. 🍳 Cook.
🍪 Baker. 💻 Writer.

Location San Antonio, Texas United States
Member Since MAY 16, 2019
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I was selected by @influenster @oxicleanofficial @tigerbalm @alowellness_ @nateantoothpaste @princeofpeaceginger and @hellmannsmayonnaise to recieve this complimentary voxbox in exchange of my honest review. I have already tried the mayo, moisturizer and had family try the ginger products. The mayo was very tasty and the moisturizer instantly changed the texture of my skin. It felt silky smooth. Both products have the exact same downside though. They both contain canola oil. If they were to remove that from their formulas, I'd buy these products for myself. I'm allergic to ginger, so my family tried the ginger products. The ginger chews were a winner, but the crystals were very overpowering. I look forward to trying the rest of the products in the next few days. Let me know if you want me to make another post about the remaining products from this vox box. #complimentary #TryOxiClean #TigerBalmTruths #alovoxbox #Nateanclean #PrinceOfPeaceGinger #GetSpicy @Influenster @oxicleanofficial @tigerbalm @alowellness_ @NateanToothpaste @princeofpeaceginger @Hellmannsmayonnaise #productreview #voxbox #voxboxreview #skincare #laundry #natural #clean #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #vegan

I recieved this product from @azzaro_parfums and @influenster in exchange of my honest review. I recieved the Azzaro, The Most Wanted cologne and gave it to my husband to try. The packaging of this cologne is really cool. And the cologne itself smells rather fresh. My husband was intrigued at first even though it is not very similar to what he usually chooses for himself. After wearing it for a few hours, he decided that this scent isn't for him. It has a pleasant smell, but just isn't right for everyone. If you've tried this, tell me what you think! #AzzaroParfums #AzzaroTheMostWanted #Fragrance #FlipTheCoin #complimentary @azzaro_parfums @influenster #voxbox #voxboxreview #productreview #review #cologne

Roky was not interested in this trend. #Maltese #malteseofinstagram #dog #dogsofInstagram #doggosofinstagram #doggo #trending

The most handsome boy. #dog #dogsofInstagram #mutt #muttsofinstagram #doggo #doggosofinstagram #rescue #rescuedog #rescuesofinstagram #trending

Ford Center, Wahlburgers, Scheels #Frisco #friscostar #wahlburgers #scheels #fordcenter #Dallas #dallascowboys #burgers #burger #fries #macandcheese #Tots #tatertots #Texas #vacation #summer2022

A quick room tour #marriott #marriottlegacy #Dallas #plano #hotel #hotelroom #roomtour #vacation #summer2022

We got up early on the last day of our trip to head back home. We made our stops at @bucees of course. Hubby came across this Philly cheesesteak burrito and got it for me for lunch. It is now my favorite lunch option from them. 🤤 #bucees #buceestexas #burrito #cheesesteakburrito #roadtrip #vacation #summer2022

Our last dinner of the trip was at Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux. Drew Brees is an owner of this chain and it definitely has a Cajun twist to the menu. We had the mozzarella logs as an appetizer and they were really good. Hubby had the blackened chicken sandwich and I had the steak poboy. This was one of the best poboys I've ever had. They even got the bread right. @walkons #walkons #dinner #poboy #mozzarella #mozarellasticks #chickensandwich #plano #grandscape #grandscapetexas #vacation #summer2022

After walking the mall, we headed towards Historic Grapevine. It was a cute little area, but everything was closed because it was Sunday. We were able to check out the old train station though. #grapevine #historicgrapevine #train #trainstation #vacation #summer2022

After breakfast we headed to the Grapevine Mills to check out the Stranger Things pop up store. It was an okay experience. I think it will be moving soon because there wasn't a lot of merchandise left to choose from. It was also insanely crowded, so to be able to take advantage of their photo ops was difficult. It only cost us our time, so I guess we couldn't complain too much. #strangerthings #strangerthingsstore #grapevine #grapevinemills #demogorgon #Hawkins #hawkinsindiana #vacation #summer2022

On the fourth day of our trip we went to another location because I wanted more loaded Tots. 🤤 I also tried the Philly cheesesteak biscuit and it was delicious. Hubby had the steak and egg biscuit and breakfast style Tots. If a location ever comes to San Antonio, I think we will be in trouble. 😅 #breakfast #biscuitbar #biscuit #Tots #tatertots #loadedtatertots #plano #vacation #summer2022

The Chief Homemaking Officer

Come July, things in Texas were starting to open up more and more and we were feeling a lot more at ease with going into the hospitals, clinics and everywhere else for that matter. After hubby’s test came back normal, the doctor wanted to start looking at me again. The rest of the day, hubby (who took the whole day off) waited on me and ensured I stayed in bed because I just felt really cruddy the rest of the day. If there is a concern that you might be struggling with infertility, be sure to speak with your doctor and request a referral to a specialist that can help you start your family.

4 Surefire Ways to Ruin Your Blog

because I really didn’t want to start right off the bat attracting people who want to spam my site with hate or accuse me of being something that I am not. I don’t want to go out of my way to hurt people, but I don’t want to sugarcoat reality either. But, with current events and the idea that certain issues are becoming partisan issues even though they really shouldn’t be (e.g. human trafficking and pedophilia), I will want to share my thoughts and concerns on here in the future. My sharing of my views from now on could cause some companies to want to cut ties with me because my views don’t represent them in the way they would like.

The Chief Homemaking Officer

There have been a lot of lessons learned in our 8 years of marriage that I want to share with you all today. Those stressful times where couples aren’t talking as often as they used to (beyond talking about weather or other topical discussions) can cause them to lose closeness and trust with each other. Because talking was such a huge part of our relationship for so long, it has become second nature for us to always want to talk to each other and share thoughts and feelings. Finally, with interpersonal communication with anyone (especially with your spouse) the way a person takes a statement is as important and often times more important than your intent.

4 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

While I am very content with my life right now, I do still have a lot of advice that I would love to somehow send to my younger self. Now that I ended up going to graduate school anyway to try to get a decent job and have failed in doing that too; I would advise my younger self to rethink college all together. I have done a lot of research learning about hormone contraceptives and how they can cause a lot of harm to a woman’s body and can cause fertility issues. I’m glad I can’t really change my past decisions because while those changes might help me avoid the issues I had to deal with, that doesn’t mean that other problems won’t pop up.

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