The Bipolar Battle

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John Poehler is an award-winning blogger, award-winning mental health advocate, and published author of "This War Within My Mind." He recently started The Bipolar Battle podcast.

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A Roadmap To Determine Who You Are As A Person

The manic and depressive poles relate to energy, activity level, cognitive function, thinking, emotions, relationships and more. Whatever you want to call it, take a good look at yourself when you are not in a depressive or manic episode (hypomanic episode – Just remember, you are a completely different person when you are in the midst of a manic episode as compared to a depressive episode. It may be beneficial for you to try this exercise both during a manic episode and also during a depressive episode.

5 Simple Strategies To Save Money

Looking for ways to eliminate and cut costs, I called up my cell phone carrier and told them the predicament my family For the price of one to two specialty drinks from a coffee shop, you can purchase a one-month supply of coffee from the store. If you are a health-conscious consumer like myself, you will be pleased to hear that the dietary content of both fresh fruits and vegetables is almost identical to their frozen counterpart. Frozen and canned food choices are generally cheaper and last longer than fresh produce.

Your Sleep Hygiene Will Make You or Break You

Ask yourself the question, “How many hours of sleep do I need each night to function at my optimal level the following day?” Once you determine how many hours of sleep you need each night, you are now ready to build your sleep and wake schedule. First, determine the total amount of hours you need each night to function the following day. If your schedule changes from day-to-day, make sure that you at least get the minimum amount of sleep you require for the night.

How Can Exercise Improve Your Quality Of Life?

I use the word “foundation” because all of the coping skills you utilize on a daily basis are the building blocks for your overall treatment plan. A wellness plan is a plan you follow daily to enhance your overall quality of life. During that time, I performed a couple of sets composed of specific physical therapy exercises each day to help improve my back. Once you are exercising on a daily basis, it is easier to maintain consistency with your workout program once a mood episode shows its ugly face.

The history of bipolar disorder . . . #bipolarwarriors #bipolardisoder #bipolardisorderawareness #bipolar #bipolarawareness

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There is no cure for bipolar disorder, but it can be successfully managed with the right treatment . . . #bipolartype1 #bipolar #bipolardisorder #warrior #bipolartype2 #keeptalkingmh🌻 #bipolarwarrior

I'll never give up! . . . Some days I feel like I want to, but I simply take some downtime. I focus on my food and water intake, my sleep, and exercise . . . #bipolartype1 #bipolar #bipolardisorder #bipolardepression #keeptalkinhmg

I've been knocked down more times than I can count. This week, I added a checkmark to the tally. . . . It took a few days, but I regained my composure, and stood back up. . . . If you do not quit, you will always win! . . . #thebipolarbattle #bipolartype1 #bipolar #bipolarawareness #bipolarwarrior

Robin Williams was an amazing actor and amazing human being. #bipolartype1 #bipolarwarrior #thebipolarbattle #bipolar #robinwilliamsquote #bipolardisorder

Happy pride month! . . . #pridemonth #pride #bipolarawareness #bipolar #bipolarwarrior

#keeptalkingmh #bipolarawareness #bipolar #bipolardepression #warrior #bipolarwarrior

Seize the day, my friends!

@lopezartstudio Emerson Poehler's work of art!😊

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