Devin Berry

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I'm a stay at home Mom with two adorable children and a BURNING desire to help other Moms seek their fullest potential! Whether it's daily motivation, kid tips/tricks, cleaning, shopping, home decor or cooking, my feed is purely about Motherhood and to help other Moms become better everyday. :)

Location Sanford , Florida United states
Member Since JANUARY 16, 2019
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8 months alcohol free and Sunday mornings never get old 🫶🏻✨ Life is a gift, y’all! I remember a year ago waking up on Sunday mornings hungover, feeling like sh*t and not having my house in order. What I’ve learned about myself is I used alcohol as a tool to suppress my past. I didn’t want to look at it. I was ashamed of the childhood I was given. I felt embarrassed. I wanted to hid the truth. It was then when I decided to eliminate alcohol out of my life I saw life for what it truly is… A GIFT 🌸✨ With truth, there is nothing to be ashamed of. No more suppression, suffering or hiding from my truth. Cheers to taking back my power and gaining mental clarity through an alcohol free lifestyle ✨ Have you thought of trying out sober curious? That’s where I started. January 2022 I wanted to feel better - which led into a huge awakening for me. Start small and see the joy you have access to at anytime 🌸🫶🏻✨

You are in charge of change. You are in charge of your daily habits. You are in charge of your own mental health. Is it always easy? Hell no. In fact, it’s harder to CHOSE the pain and suffering daily. But at some point, you chose the suffering or the suffering will chose you. The choice is yours.

Yooooo that was the most confusing two minutes of my life. So much pain and dopamine at once 😂 Have you ever tried a cold plunge?!

Come get cozy w/ me ft all the coziest of cozy things @cozyearth ✨ Y’all already know by now I swear by anything cozy earth but this new PJ set, socks & robe are ✨LUXURY✨🤌🏻 Excited to put up fresh new towels in my bathroom as well… I’ll be doing a whole bathroom haul video later this week! Shop anything cozy earth with my code: THEBASSETTWAY30 #sleepcozyearth

Currently reading “Letting Go” by David R. Hawkins and this quote has stuck with me the most. We learn at an early age how to handle our emotions by what we’re modeled by the ones around us. Often times as we get older - we don’t realize the effect this has on our relationships. Expressing raw emotions can be difficult and scary but it is the only way to feel like you’re in alignment with your true authentic self ✨ If this is helpful, please share! 🫶🏻

Who else swears by their nightly reset?! This right here is one of my favorite habits and has made the most difference in my mental health. Messy home = messy mind Having cleanliness in the home as a mom is not impossible, it is quite challenging though. It’s taken me years to figure out systems that work that way I don’t feel overwhelmed with the messes of life. Nightly refreshes are probably my #1 recommendation if you’re feeling like you’re house is always a mess. If you set up systems, structure and routines in the household - then the household becomes predictable. Which is good if you’re wanting a flow of consistent cleanliness. Try this out if you’re feeling overwhelmed mama! It takes a little bit to get in the routine of it - but when you do you’ll feel less stressed because you know at the end of the day it’ll be back together ❤️✨

What’s a healthy DAILY habit you can’t live without?! ⬇️

New Year, NEW BRANDING ✨ So excited to bring new content with a purpose to my fellow mamas! ❤️ I will be showing up here more vlog style sharing day in the life, daily routines, GRWM & mindset/philosophy content! Cheers to new beginnings! ❤️ And to the OGs, thanks for following along all these years!

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