Devin Berry

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I'm a stay at home Mom with two adorable children and a BURNING desire to help other Moms seek their fullest potential! Whether it's daily motivation, kid tips/tricks, cleaning, shopping, home decor or cooking, my feed is purely about Motherhood and to help other Moms become better everyday. :)

Location Sanford , Florida United states
Member Since JANUARY 16, 2019
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Took a little social media detox for a week and man did it feel so good 🫶🏻🤍✨☀️ I’ve been sharing my life online for almost 7 years now and this is the first time I ever deleted the IG app off my phone 🤯 I felt a strong pull to just disconnect from the virtual reality and to be fully present in my reality. Which was fucking hard. Social media is addicting. Especially as a creator. Social media can be used for great things but you have to be aware of what you’re consuming or it’ll consume you. Unplugging gave me the beautiful opportunity to sit with some uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and limiting beliefs I have about myself. What is the point of all of this? Why do we consume more than we live? What if we decided to give ourselves the love we seek from validation? What does my future look like in 10 years if I change nothing? What if we forgave ourselves so we could let down the amour to let others in? What if i decide I’m worthy just how I am? Flaws, trauma, scars, stretch marks, extra skin and all? Just sharing some of my thoughts 💭 More to come…. 🤍✨ But for now, I’ll be implementing new boundaries around social media. See ya around ✨

Something profound happened to me when I turned 30…. I don’t know if this is common but I really began to question all my life choices.. I began therapy with a trauma therapist and so far it’s been such a beautifully, chaotic, mess. Learning to sit with your thoughts and beliefs is indescribable. There truly are no words. I’ve spent my entire life running from the pain I experienced in childhood. But what I’ve learned is by running from it, I’m not truly accepting my own truth. I am denying the essence of what makes me, me. A warrior. A small child that had to fight to keep herself safe. Running away from that pain means, I’m living in denial. I’m learning to sit with it. To give it the space it deserves. With space comes the acceptance. The acceptance I longed for when I was a little girl. I have seeked out acceptance my whole life through achievements, hard work, entrepreneurship, fitness, speaking engagements, motherhood… etc. you name it… I’ve tried to fill that void. I’m learn that I don’t need any of those things to be accepted. I am the only one that can truly accept the pain of my past. With space, and gratitude. I am enough, just as I am. 🤍🌙 🦋 ✨

POV: you book the last minute girls trip with the best company, the best band, the best Airbnb and the best location 🫶🏻✨ Place to stay in Fredericksburg: @lonestarstays Places to eat: @vaudevillebistro @sage_tx Best place for a concert: @luckenbachtexas Best band on earth: @joshabbottband

JULY DUMP 🤍✨☀️ (and a little bit of June bc I haven’t posted anything in forever) July was one of the most transformative months I’ve had in years. So much personal discovery, exploration and development. Although I like to focus on the positive, this month was truly HARD. I’m trying to remind myself that hard times create character 🤓 I’ve rediscovered passions I’ve suppressed for years. I’ve learned just to unlearn. I’m opening wounds I don’t necessarily want to look at. I literally feel like a snake, shedding layers, after layers, after layers. So much conditioning and armor I’ve worn for years I’m slowly chipping away at. Self discovery and expression is something I feel like we all as humans struggle with. My hope is that my inner work inspires the people around me and most of all, my kids 🤍🫶🏻

If you’re anything like me, you’re kicking off your summer with a nice deep clean 🧼 AD I’m celebrating the warmer weather by celebrating the planet with @grovecollaborative. They deliver all my favorite home and personal care products right to my front door on my schedule so that I can spend less time running errands and more time in the sun! New customers will get a free starter kit, plus a 60 day VIP trial with their first purchase when you click my link! Three reasons I continue to order from Grove Collaborative month after month: 🤍 Monthly shipments on my absolute must haves 🤍 Free starter kit on your first order 🤍 The aesthetic look of their sustainable products. I love that not only do their products work wonderfully, they look GREAT in my home! #grovepartner

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