Eileen Lamb

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Boy mom with Asperger’s | published author | French transplant in Austin, TX | chatting all things #autism

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I flap my hands when I’m happy. It’s meaningful to me when individual behaviors like stimming are not discouraged — unless they’re genuinely harmful to anyone involved. It’s a beautiful moment when Charlie flaps his hands, because most of the time, that means he’s happy. Obviously, I’m biased, but I think it’s an underrated method of self-expression. So, if you see someone flapping their hands, don’t you be judging... The shirt Charlie’s wearing that proudly displays this idea with its stitched-on, patchwork, handmade style is from @swankyshank. I’ll post a story when it’s available soon, so you can snatch one up first :)

Texas Snowpocalypse 2021

We were left without heat and electricity for days when it was 7F outside. Imagine your winter without heat, electricity, and water. A grocery store with food ⁃ Limitless water for drinking and cleaning It’s crazy to think that in 2021, in a country like the United States, millions of people could go without safe water, heat, and electricity for days.

How’s remote learning going for everyone? It’s going well over here. We’ve found a groove that’s really working! Jude has a nice little area in our living room with a desk, an alphabet chart, and art supplies. I’m so impressed with how well he’s handling his virtual classes. It’s so cute to see him navigating virtual learning and everything else so well. But that also means that Jude is spending more time on the internet than before. He’s growing up and navigating new apps, which is why we decided to have the “tech talk” with him. Among other things, we discussed how to be safer on the internet. @google ‘s Be Internet Awesome family guide has the resources we used, and it’s available for free for all families. We used their coloring book to open a discussion with Jude because he’s really into coloring, but they have other resources, too, like an interactive online game called Interland. Jude’s got the “Talk It Out” part down, which, in my opinion, is critical. He knows to come to us for support if he finds something weird or questionable online. I worry so much about what he might stumble upon, so I want him to know he can tell us everything. And I feel good having conversations with him about this often to keep this top of mind for him. But the odds of him finding something bad are slim because we put content restrictions on the tablet, preventing him from accessing as much adult content as possible. You can use the Family Link app from Google which allows parents to limit screen time and further manage your child’s device to help set healthy boundaries with tech. Have you had the tech talk with your kids? If not, what has been holding you back? #Sponsored #BeInternetAwesome

Brothers and autism

social media — you know, squabbling over a toy, competing for mommy’s attention, having pillow fights, and sneaking around together making bad choices. Throughout the years, Charlie went from tolerating Jude, to being in the same room as him without flinching, to now actually trying to interact with Jude in his Charlie-kinda-way. No, it’s not, but things in life rarely happen the way you expect. Their relationship is unique, and their moments of interaction are so rare and new that in the moments I get to witness them, they feel so special and fill me with gratitude.

This sweet kiddo was happy to go back to therapy today. It felt good to get some normalcy back into our lives. Our boil-water notice has been lifted, Jude is starting school again (remotely) on Wednesday and stores are getting more stocked. Can we also talk about this tee from @swankyshank — it is SO amazing! It’s handmade and the style is so unique. A new fav! Coming soon to her shop 💙

I vaccinate my kids, this is why

In these times, it’s more important than ever to get your shots, and that’s why I’d like to clear up some misconceptions about vaccines. Wakefield’s false claim was that he found a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, but the study was tiny: just twelve people. Unfortunately, the idea that these shots cause autism stuck in people’s minds. I often hear from anti-vax people that they won’t get their flu shot because the flu vaccine is useless.

Things I was taking for granted: ⁃ A heated home in winter ⁃ A grocery store with food ⁃ Limitless water for drinking and cleaning ⁃ Stable high-speed internet ⁃ Electricity that provides all of the above and more We still don’t have potable tap water, but for us, everything else has returned to near normalcy. Out of the millions of Texans affected by this storm, we’re the fortunate ones. It’s crazy to think that in 2021, in a country like the United States, millions of people could go without safe water, heat, and electricity for days. We need to do better. We didn’t have any burst pipes, we didn’t suffer from hypothermia, and most importantly, we‘re safe now. And if anyone else here is not yet safe, reach out to me. I’m sure there’s a way I can help.

How I'm extending my kids’ food repertoire

We went through a lot of trial and error to find meals they love but now we’ve got a nice variety in rotation. I’m not the best cook, and I’m also not very creative when it comes to freestyling nutritious meals in the kitchen that Charlie and Jude will actually eat. I have yet to mess up a recipe (okay, except for the one time I forgot to set up a timer), and the boys love most of the meals. Charlie and Jude love crispy foods, so I knew they’d like it, and Jude helped me make them.

Things are getting better! Power has been restored. Weather is getting warmer. We have water now even though we’re still on a boil-water notice. Stores are getting more food. Roads are clear. Post office is running. I think we’re getting there y’all. This week really felt like the apocalypse 😅 #texasstrong

Mood. We lost power again this morning. It’s back but who knows for how long. When power goes out so does heat. Our houses are not equipped for cold weather in Texas. Without heat, the temperature INSIDE drops quickly. On top of everything, we are out of water and the little water we have left dripping from our sink can’t be drunk without being boiled first. The stores are closed and the few that are open are sold out of everything. It feels like the apocalypse. If you’re from northern states, please understand the seriousness of the situation. We are not equipped for this. We don’t have snow clothes. We don’t have snow shovels. We don’t have back up heating solutions. We don’t have basements. We don’t have snow tires. We don’t have salt trucks. We don’t have snow plows. Imagine your winter without heat, electricity and water. How would you feel? People have been asking how they can help and honestly I don’t know. I don’t think there’s anything you can do. Right now, we’re looking for drinkable water. If you’re in Austin and can help, please DM me. (Yes, we’ll drink snow as a last resort but hoping it doesn’t come down to that)

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