Meghan Ashman

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Meg 👩‍🌾A mix of decor, DIY and real life 🛠Blogger, Decorator & Events
👩🏼‍💻Seen in FarmhouseStyle Mag.
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The She Shed/ Home Office Transformation

When i unlocked the shed for the first time over a year ago, my husband thought I was absolutely insane that I’d ever make it a space for anything other than piles of junk. To make sure that the walls were level and wouldn’t droop, we added strips behind them every 16 inches for a nailing point. I ordered a gorgeous farmhouse style couch and corner accent chair in the exact colors that I was looking for, and an amazing coffee table and end tables that looked like it was just made for this spot! I can’t wait to spend hours working in here, spending time with my girlfriends and having a nice space to getaway and read a book in silence.

"November 2016, I was at a time in my life that I was not happy. I had migraines and anxiety, I ate whatever and survived on coffee, Dr Pepper, and energy drinks to get me through the day. . I craved sugar like crazy! . I had horrible mental cycles, I was so bloated and never used the bathroom like I was supposed to. {l'm talking like 3-5 times per week} Not. Good. . I never slept, and when I did eventually fall asleep, I woke up to every little noise. . I would stress out over every. little. thing. My mood was all over the place. I would cry and yell and get angry over stupid stuff. . I talked to a friend about the importance of gut health and she offered me hope! Here I am 2 years later and ABSOLUTELY LOVING LIFE . I share my story of hope because someone needs to hear it. I'm not skinny. I'm not fit {yet}. But I AM HEALTHY! If you could only see my insides. We are a healthier family now! We all take a stellar probiotic system that works on our overall health from the inside out, getting rid of candida yeast! I'm evidence that it's not about a fad diet or scam, but simply removing what shouldn't be be there. . . #springdecor #stayathomemom #momlife #coffeelover #soda #beforeandafter #guthealth #guthealthmatters #tiredmom #tiredasamother #newengland #socialdistancing #quarantine #workfromhome #workathomemom

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this morning I wanted to show you my friend Kaylee’s champagne_and_chalk new bathroom!!! Isn’t it stunning!? I’m in love, and I thought you would be too!!! Are you into wallpaper? Isn’t it funny how trends come full circle?!. . #bathroomstyle #bathroomdecor #bathroomdesign #bathroom #homeinspo #bathroominspo #homeinterior #momblog #wednesday #wednesdaywisdom #instastyle #instahome #neutraldecor #neutralstyle

Sharing the Queen today 👑 lizmariegalvan has been inspiring me since day one on here almost 4 years ago- and nothing’s changed! Her style and work ethic are something I aspire to daily! . Tag some of the accounts that inspire you! I’d love to share the love here!!!!! . . #lizmarieblog #bloggermom #farmhousestyle #newandold #stayathomemom #wahm #michigan #decoraddict #springdecor #spring

Who’s spending way more time in their kitchens lately?! I felt like I was in there a lot before, but now it’s even more!!! What fun things have you been cooking? . Sharing one of my favorite kitchens on Instagram today from my friend Ashlee thesassybarn - she puts amazes touches and details into every ounce of her home and it’s just stunning!!! . . #springdecor #homesweethome #rusticdecor #farmhousedecor #midwest #kitchendesign #kitchen #kitchenremodel #kitchendecor #cooking #cookingathome #socialdistancing

Spring is coming and the sunshine is out today!!!! I’m sharing one of my favorite accounts on Instagram this morning myfarmhousegrounds! Her bright spaces and neutral tones are my favorite!!!! . . #springdecor #springstyle #homesweethome #farmhousestyle #stayathomemom #momlife #fixerupper #magnolia #springfarmhouse #momof3

Bedroom Goals! These bright whites and gorgeous woods catch my eye every time! Angela angelarose_diyhome has a stunning home, this desk area makes me want to do homework! Can’t wait to meet up with her next month!! . . #styleinspo #diyblogger #farmhouselife #interiordesign #massachusetts #homedecor #homeinspo #homeinspiration #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse

Tuesday morning, the sun is shining, and “school” is about to start for the day! Let’s get it done and get outside! What schedule works for you guys? Tell me all your thoughts on what works! . . #homesweethome #homeschool #workfromhome #farmhousedecor #farnhousestyle #onetofollow #quarantine #makermom #diymom #diyer #newengland #westernmass #homedecor #homestyle

I still have no clue what day it is today, but it’s rainy here today so I’m teaching the kids how to bake some cookies! (Check on my stories today for the best homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe ever). . I wanted to brag about my friend Emily re.recreate and her husband and what an amazing job they’ve done on their kitchen!!!! They just completed these gorgeous open shelves, sink, the tile, the counter, within a week it seems hahaha! All while both working AND having a one year old!! So don’t say it can’t be done people!! All it takes is determination! (Swipe right to see the before!) . . #homesweethome #beforeandafter #kitchendesign #openshelving #onetofollow #kitchenstyle #modernfarmhouse #woodsandwhites #theamericanfarmhouse #boston #kitchendecor #kitchenremodel

Y’all! Let’s talk about the thing no one wants to talk about….CREDIT SCORES. #ad My credit score has gone from the very bottom during my younger, careless years, to now where I’m almost at the top! Credit scores aren’t set in stone, but you do need to work on them to increase them. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars and make life so much easier. With the help of, you can work with trained profesionals to help repair and build your score.’s technology provides members with a personal online dashboard, a credit score tracker and analysis, creditor and bureau interactions, text and email alerts, mobile apps and credit monitoring. Check out my blog to learn more! . . #CreditRepair #BetterCreditBetterLife #creditStories #DebtFreeComunity #FinancialSucess #FinancialFreedom #bloggermom #momblog #finance #financialfreedom #ootdbostonian #homesweethome #momlife

#ad - Do any moms have that one thing they can do to relax- walk outside for ten minutes, have a glass of tea to calm the stresses of every day, go sit in a hot bath? As we end the cold and flu season and hop into Spring and allergy season with three kids, having that relaxing few minutes in the day is extremely important to me. I make a cup of tea, head up to my room and put my headphones in to just tune out the world for a few minutes and focus! With the warmer and sunnier weather coming, my Bigelow Ginger Peach Turmeric really hits the spot! With it's sweet, peppery taste, it's a combination you can't beat. Make sure to purchase Bigelow Tea varieties online at!! Bigelow is the right choice, the only choice. #TeaProudly #BigelowSpringEssentials walmart

Easy Tips on Repairing your Credit

, I was questioned at every apartment I looked at about what type of person I was because of my low credit score, I couldn’t even get a loan to pay my water bill because it was so low. Now, 8 years after my divorce, I’m remarried, own my own business and have a credit score of 750. Over the last few years I have worked so hard to build my credit, to dispute items that were on my report that weren’t supposed to be there, and to build more opportunities to raise my score. It’s so rewarding knowing that I went from a score so low, to a score I can be proud of.

Happy....wait, what day is it?! 🤣 this morning I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite accounts here on Instagram growingupgowler - Not only does Tiffany and her family live in this gorgeous home, they design and build them! Can we say dream come true?! If I could put my dream home ideas into real life, they’d be the homes that Tiffany designs. Dream come true! . . #homesweethome #homedesign #homedesignideas #modernfarmhouse #homedecor #farmhousestyle #kitchendesign #homedesigns #homeplans #homeofficestyle

REMEMBER WHEN living rooms were clean, and the kids were in school, and moms weren’t LoSiNg their minds every single day? Ahhh, the good old days.... . I’m currently hiding in my shed this morning to get away from everyone, including the dog who decided to pee on my couch again in the middle of the night. Fun times, times. . If you were waking up to enjoy your morning coffee surrounded by chaos, messes and screaming children, just know one thing...YOURE NOT ALONE. . . #homesweethome #homedecor #livingroom #springstyle #cleanhomes #quarantine #quarantinelife #momlife #alonetime #hgtv #onetofollow #springdecor #farmhouse #helpme

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