Megan Stephen

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Lifestyle, fashion, motherhood, food, reviews & inspiration. We ❤ Jesus. Identical twins (4) & big sister (8) & little puppy brother (Ghost the pomsky) #mixedkids #azblogger #tucson 🏜

Location Tucson, AZ
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Kaila just got this @natgeo book called Wild Vet Adventures: Saving Animals Around The World. This is written by @dr.gabbywild 💛 Does your kid love animals too? 🐍🐅🐘 In the book kids can travel the continents to meet some of Earth’s most incredible creatures through the eyes of Dr. Gabby Wild. Learn how people are working to save and protect endangered species. You can also find out how you can become a wildlife vet too! Would you kid enjoy this book about saving animals around the world? @dartfroggco #natgeo #natgeowild #natgeobooks #nationalgeographickids #animalloversofinstagram #animalsoftheworld #bookaboutanimals #readingbooks #kidsbookstagram #kidsbookshelf #kidsbookswelove #kidsread #kidsreading #pomskypuppy #pomskysofinstagram #oureverydaymoments #mydogismybestfriend #myhome2inspire #learningthroughreading #readingisfun #readingisfundamental #tucsonarizona #tucsonphotographer #beautifulmixedkids

Who knew that Ghost would be just as photogenic as the girls. He loves the camera if you couldn’t tell. 😂🥰🐾 What are your plans for Labor Day weekend? ✨✨✨ #pomsky #pomskypuppy #pomskysofinstagram #pomskylife #pomskynation #mydogisfamily #mydogismybestfriend #identicaltwins #identicaltwingirls #twingirls #kiddycurls #myhome2inspire #itsadogslife🐾 #dogsarefamilytoo #kidspjs #dogcouch #tucsonarizona #tucsonaz #tucsonphotographer #girlmomlife #tucsonmoms #thehappynow #oureverydaymoments #mixedkid #blackdadsmatter

Back to school just got even better with @ringpopofficial! #Ad Kaila and I did a really fun portrait of her on a Ring Pop. See those adorable puffs on the Ring Pop that match hers? That was all her idea! She had a blast creating this and it was so easy to do! I also came up with a great way to help her get excited about learning. Head to our newest blog post to see step-by-step instructions on how to do this craft in your own home. You can also use Ring Pop as an incentive to reach a school goal your kids have. Kaila’s favorite flavor is Strawberry. Ring Pop offers multiple flavors and colors, so there is something for everyone! Which Ring Pop flavor is your kid’s favorite? ❤️❤️❤️ #RingPopParty #RingPop #RingPopPartyStarters

💥 P O W E R U P 💥 It’s time to let the cat out of the bag! The new line of HERO ID powered toys is here exclusively from @hasbro. This technology brings your favorite PJ Masks characters to life with character-specific lights & sounds which are activated across the product line. Your mission ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1. Power up & save the day with a Hero Power Wristband! Do you see these on the girls wrists? 👀🙌🏽 These are great for dress up & have 14 unique sounds that can be activated by pressing the amulet button or moving your arm. ($10.99) 2. Next, assemble your team! Unbox the hidden surprise figures to see which heroes & baddies are joining your adventure. Hidden Surprise Blind Bags: Here to battle boredom! Each box contains a surprise PJ Masks figure & accessory. There are 10 to collect. ($4.19) Deluxe Battle HQ Preschool Toy: Catboy & Romeo figures included and is equipped with Hasbro Hero ID Technology.($62.99) 3. Finally, save the day with more exciting toys! Romeo’s Bot Builder: A vehicle & robot factory super cool toy! ($41.99) Robo-Gekko Mech Suit: Perfect for preschoolers! Gekko has a battle ready robo suit equipped with Hasbro ID technology. ($26.49) Owlette Vs. Romeo Battle Racer Set: They are ready to roll! Comes with 2 mini PJ Masks cars & 2 articulating action figures. ($13.99) Which toy would your kid grab first? #pjmasks #pjmasksheroid Thanks @hasbro for sending us this awesome gift. 🙏🏾❤️ The newest season of PJ Masks premiers on August 13th at 1 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Junior & on the Disney Now app! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

🐾🐾🐾 It’s that time of the month where we get to open our @pupmomcrate box! Ghost is all smiles because he got treats and a squeaky toy too! How cute is the dog sweet dog hanger for the wall 😍 it is the perfect home for the dog leash that came in the box too! Love that there is a dog towel in here too! That is perfect for when Ghost has an appointment with the groomer at the house. In every box there is something for your pup & something for you (pups mom) too! This is something every dog mom needs. You can use code THESTEPHEN3 to save on your first box from @pupmomcrate 💕 #pupmomcrate 🐾🐾🐾

#Ad The temperature in Arizona this summer got up to 112 degrees and getting the kids to drink fluids is no easy task in the middle of them having fun. When we were shopping at @frysfoodstores we found these delicious waters that offered plant-based hydration. I was so excited to offer these to my girls! They even have multiple flavors to choose from like Watermelon Lemonade, Mixed Berry, Orange Pineapple and Peach Mango. We tried every flavor, and all the girls have a different favorite. I had to snap this photo quickly because they finished their drinks so fast! They were a total hit! Now that school is back in session, I am adding these @drinkcreativeroots drinks to their lunch boxes. I love how easy it is for Arie and Layla to open the bottle. I can have peace of mind offering these to them, because I know that each bottle contains 1 gram of sugar. I highly recommend heading to your local @krogerco and grabbing these for your kid's lunch boxes. You can find them in the juice aisle. Hydrate happy with a taste that your kids will love! Thank me later! #CreativeRootsAtKroger #drinkcreativeroots

My Little Pony ✨ A NEW GENERATION premieres on Netflix September 24th! The girls love @mylittlepony so much & could not be more excited to watch this movie! There are new characters to love, new locations to discover & new magic to reveal. Let’s talk about the awesome line of movie-inspired toys that @hasbro sent us. Inside our box: ✨Crystal Adventure Ponies ($8.49)✨- Two surprise characters from the assortment. Each pony comes with a crystal-shaped container filled with accessories, stickers, charms & more. Get to know the Mane 5 characters with a crystal adventure! Each figure also comes with a rainbow friendship bracelet for kids to wear. ✨Rainbow Reveal Sunny Starscout ($15.99)✨- Discover a colorful surprise under Sunny’s signature braid! Figure has long, soft hair for brushing & styling. Reveal the colors hidden under Sunny Starscout’s hair by using the included braiding tool. As her hair is braided, the rainbow streaks beneath will start to show. Comes with 17 stylish accessories. ✨Royal Racing Ziplines ($41.99)✨- Get ready for a royal race with this 22-inch-tall playset inspired by the Zephyr Heights palace! Attach the included Princess Petals pony & Cloudpuff pet figures to the ziplines. Then, send them racing from the tallest tower in the castle down to the performance stage. Playset includes 9 fashion & storytelling accessories & fun, active play spaces within the castle. ✨Singing Star Princess Petals ($20.99)✨-Princess Petals is a stylish & talented pop star. This poseable figure features music & movement. Press her cutie mark to hear her sing part of her song “Glowin’ Up. Squeeze her back legs together to make her beautiful, fuzzy wings flap up and down. Comes with 5 accessories, including a Princess tiara & pretend microphone. Does your kid love #mylittlepony too? Which toy would they grab first? 💜💕💛🧡💟 #mylittleponyanewgen

I don’t know about you all, but it’s been a long week & it’s only Wednesday 😩 I’m already checking for Friday 👀 PJs: @littledreamersdesigns & you need them immediately 🙌🏽 Tell me something that made you smile today in the comments ♥️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Boogie Boogie, Y’all 😎 We’ve got another great read for you courtesy of @harperkids & author-illustrator @cgesperanza 📖 The first thing the girls noticed were the bright & bold colors of the pages. “The pictures look alive.” They are right. They make you feel like you are there in the story. “Boogie boogie, y’all. The city boogied all day. Busy, busy, busy, Till one kid stopped to say, Woah, woah, woah! Look at the art on the wall!” This is a beautiful ode to graffiti and the Boogie Down Bronx. ♥️ The author is a teaching artist in the Bronx and wanted to find a creative way to spark a conversation about graffiti with his students. When he showed them pictures of graffiti they thought he found secret parts of the city and wanted to see them. They had no idea they were actually right across the street. ❤️ Graffiti is an art form pioneered by Black and Puerto Rican people. Hip hop & graffiti were blended & exploded through the Bronx, changing the world & brought us some of the biggest artists of the 20th century, including Jean-Michael Basquiat & Keith Haring. Graffiti did this without the permission of major art institutions—places that have long excluded the creative works of people of color. This book was written in hopes of encouraging enthusiasm towards the art form for a new generation. This is a must add to your kids library! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

These three are why I do it all & I am so proud to be their mama bear. 🧡💜💛 I appreciate all of you who are here and show up for my family with your support. We are blessed by you. ❤️❤️

♥️💙💜🧡 Did you know that today is #kineticsandday? We are partnering with @spinmaster, @rubbermaid & @kineticsand to create some #sandisfying art! It’s the perfect way to let the kids use their creativity & imagination. You can purchase this Kinetic Sand Rubbermaid LIMITED EDITION at a discount using code KSDAY20 for 20% off at this link: 💕 💕 Have you played with @kineticsand before? ♥️💙💜🧡

Just dancing in the cutest dresses from @pippaandjulie 💕 #twinningtuesday never looked so good 🥰 Check out those beautiful details & the girls are loving that they have pockets too! What is your favorite song right now? 🎶

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 We got SWAG from @thetoyinsider & it was another epic Sweet Suite @ home. We love being a part of this event every year because we get to check out all the hot toys & see the faces behind the brands we have been emailing all year! Thank you for the SWAG and the great conversation. The girls were SO excited to open this box and see what was inside! Can’t wait for the next event! ❤️ #thetoyinsider #sweetsuiteathome #sweetsuiteathome2021 #sweetsuite

We couldn’t let #internationalcatday go by without telling you about an adorable book series @normantheinterestedcat we found by Arizona author Cheryl Cage. We love that the characters in the book are real-life animal friends either owned or known by Cheryl. 😻🐱😸 There are 4 books in the series including: (The first): Norman The Interested Cat- This book teaches how important it is to learn about yourself and others and explore new things with friends. Curiosity does not kill the cat! (The second): Happy Clothes- This book teaches the power of expressing yourself and how self expression can be different for every one. (The third): Norman the Interested in Keeping Friends Healthy Cat- This book was set in the midst of the pandemic and teaches the importance of being respectful of other people’s health by wearing masks and washing your hands. (The fourth): Audie Finds Her Smile-This is the book Kaila is reading to her sisters. It teaches kids to not be afraid to share their feelings with people they trust. Which book in the series would you read first? 😻🐱😸

AD: Are your kids ready for back to school? ✏️ Look at my gorgeous little Kindergartners! 🥰 Back to school is such an exciting time. One way to get the kids excited about it is to let them choose their gear. We chose the CUMULUS set from @cocovillage because the girls love the rain. 🌧 From August 7th to August 30th, for every backpack purchased, Coco Village will donate one to an awesome organization that helps children in need. You can use code 🌧STEPHEN25 🌧 to save What is your kids favorite subject in school? 🚌 #GetCocozy

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