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Our journey started in November of 2018. It was a time of reflection and a call to action. At the time, the photography originated as a sign of resistance from the "Man". We wanted to create positive images of blackness and have the individuals in them respected and even organize authentic conversations.

Our name is a reflection of our curator, Quinna Hogan. Quinna is a Black plus size woman, who strongly connects with music. Growing up singing as a soprano, music has always been a constant in her life. It only made since that the brand would be rooted in all the things she is. 

The Fluffy Soprano strives to showcase blackness through all facets of life. We hope that you connect with any of our pieces of work. We hope that you are inspired to do the same.

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Traveling is a must! We can waiting to put the world in front of our lens again. #photography #tortola #magensbay #virginisland #naturephotography #explorepage

Are You On Clubhouse?

If those spaces aren’t what you want to see then you know what you need to do in order to curator the rooms you want to see. Mixed messages can be present through text communication not that that can’t happen through voice but the natural dance of having to fully explain your thoughts and opinions and getting true challenges and sometimes even guttural reactions is needed. Two nights ago, I saw a post on Twitter, that said, “Clubhouse is for people who like talking on the phone. I also appreciate all the town hall or rooms created to help new people (🎉) to learn about the app or ask questions with no-judgement.

We do graduation pictures! #blackgradsmatter #blackgrads #blackmen #suits #photography #explorepage Models: @_jdtillma and @m3ga__tron

5 Tips for NEW #SAPros of Color

Regardless, of what area you could potentially work in, it’s taxing work. I think as Student Affairs Professionals though, Integration is more suitable word especially depending on what department/office you work for. It’s great for you to have goals, you want to accomplish but there is a higher need for you to complete the needs identified by the directors and assistant directors sitting at the table, you unfortunately haven’t been invited too yet. Student Affairs is a very small field to work in but add in the fact that you may be a person of color and it gets smaller

#blackmenjoy #sunflower #sunflowerfield Model: Steven

‘Solidarity between 20 somethings’

I’ve always been interested in film/photos starting at a young age. The pictures, in my opinion, show nine black graduate students who are on their way to success in all walks of life. In the time and space, the stories that bought them together aren’t the stories that we are focused on today. What’s important is the laughs, jokes, and camaraderie built within these nine women and men that promote images that we do

#blackmensmile #sunflower #sunflowerfield Model: Steven

Watch It. #sunflower #sunflowerfield #explorepage Model: @p_maria92

Pose’ #sunflower #sunflowerfield #explorepage Model: @p_maria92

Baby, you could never... #sunflower #sunflowerfield Model: @thenikitahaynie

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