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Jennifer is the owner of working mom blog community,T.W.L ~ Teach.Workout.Love. Along with blogging + freelance writing, she is a toddler mom, army wife and full-time teacher. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach and everything organic. We are always looking for mom bloggers to contribute to our community. Visit https://www.teachworkoutlove.com for more information.

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#ad Going for a hike? Running late to a soccer game? Starving at work? I’m usually all of these! Well mamas we need to eat too. We are always packing snacks for our kiddos and then forget about ourselves. . @clifbar is one of my favorite snacks to eat at work and to have in my bag just in case I am stuck at a game and starving! Non-GMO and made with 9 grams of protein, CLIF bars are the perfect energy bar and help give me the nutrition that I need to make it through the day! It makes such a difference when I am working or running around as a busy mom! . . What is your favorite CLIF bar ?! . Go pick up Chocolate Chip at your local @krogerco @fredmeyerstores . . #NaturalAndOrganicatKroger #feedyouradventure #workingmoms

7 Mommy's Successfully Running Nonprofit Organizations

The organization’s most recent mission is to provide baby beds and other essential sleep items, such as mosquito nets and diapers, to refugee babies in desperate need of comfort and safety. Working in conjunction with over 100 community programs, the nonprofit supplies clothing, equipment and services to parents who need help caring for their children. Working with local community-based organizations, they help women and their communities during crises to provide access to high-quality reproductive, maternal and infant care. In 15 years, Circle of Health International has reached over 3 million women, distributed $900,000 worth of items and trained more than 8,000 health practitioners.

Guess what Spokane?! Monster Jam is coming next weekend!!! And we are giving away 4 tickets to Friday night Monster Jam Triple Threat series truck on 2/21 for you and your family! . All you have to do to enter to win is.. 1. Follow @teach.workout.love 2. Follow @monsterjam 3. What’s your favorite thing about Monster Jam?! . Bonus: Tag a friend or two! . . . . Winner will be chosen Wednesday 2/19 . More info on the event here! https://www.monsterjam.com/en-US/events/spokane-wa/feb-21-2020-feb-23-2020 . . . #monsterjam #spokanewa #spokanearena #contest #workingmoms #familynight #familyevents

5 Blogging Essentials Needed To Start a Blog

To begin, one of the most important blogging essentials is setting business goals. Rank Math SEO uses numbers to help show you your score, when Yoast uses the colors red, yellow and green. Yoast helps with giving your article a Readability score and describes if your article is hard to read or not and how to fix it if so. These blogging essentials are an important part of being able to monetize your blog to start making money for your talent.

We had so much fun at @loweshomeimprovement making Valentine’s Day boxes. This is a monthly thing and it’s awesome! . . . #loweshomeimprovement #valentinesday2020 #workingmoms #momlife

When Should Working Moms Go Back To Work Post Baby

And many other questions triggered by the mother situation can leave you overwhelmed about when is the right time to resume work post the birth of your baby. According to What To Expect, “Financially, staying at home (even part-time) isn’t an option for many mothers; they simply must work. However, the Nation Family Leave Law allows 12 weeks for the mother to take care of her baby before she can join work again. Taking too many pressures of work according to your position and work commitments can add to your postpartum stress.

#ad This little girl did an amazing job the past few weeks at earning her sight words and moving up on her word list! So with all the hard work we went and found her a really fun toy from @Walmart ! . @blumedolls are surprise dolls that you can get from @walmart and they are so adorable! Every time you pull out the sprout POP comes a surprise! There’s 25 surprises insides the Blume baby pops! Hailey loved the idea of a Secret Nursery. . Get yours now from @walmart - super cute gift for Valentine’s Day! . . Where do you love to shop for toys? . . . #blumebabypop #blumedolls #walmart #toysforkids #momofgirls

The Absolute Most Annoying Gym Habits

and there’s this person standing next to the machine, tapping their feet and doing that really irritating thing where they check their watch every ten seconds. In fact, the list of bad behaviors we may be guilty of at the gym is an embarrassingly long one and shows that people in workout mode may also leave sociable mode behind! there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your physique or what you can do but others don’t want to know right now We can all agree that these are common problems at every gym and ones we have doubtless complained to friends about or even muttered about while working out. Some things that appear on a list of annoyances are a good way to check our own habits and make sure we are being a good gym member.

#ad Getting home from the gym and taking a minute outside to drink my @rockinprotein. This is great to drink after a workout because it helps to fuel your body & build that muscle you just worked on! I ❤️ that it helps with extra antioxidants and it’s anti-inflammation. Those are exactly what I need! . What’s even better than a great drink? The Rockin’ Protein Plus playlist on Spotify: http://bit.ly/rockinproteinplus . They have some amazing songs on there... ahhh I just love it ! If you need to get amped for working out, this is a GREAT playlist !!! . . How do you get amped to workout? . . #RockinProtein #RockinProteinPlus #ResultsAreDelicious #SocialSpotters #workouts #playlist

If you missed my post last week about Seattle, well make sure to check it out. I have partnered with @verizon and the community to create an AMAZING Seattle Guide for people who are traveling to Seattle and need to know what to see! So every week this month we will have a new amazing site that you can check out and participate in by using our hashtags #ultimateguideseattle AND #contest in order to enter to win $$$$!! Here's the next photo - winners will be announced Feb 17th! This week's photo: Favorite Outdoor Space/Landscape . . Obviously the #1 outdoor space that came to mind was Pike Place Market! What an amazing place to go if you have never been. They have the fish market - which this itself is worth visiting because they throw the fish and do a whole show... If you have never heard of this, YouTube Pike Place Market fish throwing... it will come up! Anyway, between that and the amazingly beautiful flowers that you can get for super cheap, why not pick up some spices and grab dinner upstairs with views of the water? If you have never been here, then you need to go. My absolute favorite in Seattle for sure. . Rules here: https://www.ommediagroup.com/verizon-ultimateguide-boston-seattle-contest/ . . What is yours? Share out your picture for a chance to win!! #ultimateguideseattle #contest #brandpartner #travelseattle #visitwashington #pnw