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Jennifer is the owner of working mom blog community,T.W.L ~ Teach.Workout.Love. Along with blogging + freelance writing, she is a toddler mom, army wife and full-time teacher. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach and everything organic. We are always looking for mom bloggers to contribute to our community. Visit https://www.teachworkoutlove.com for more information.

Location Spokane Vly, Washington United States
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I love not wearing jeans on the weekends! Tap the pic to get to this shirt -I ❤️ these ones! . . #zyiaactive #zyiaactivewear #zyiarep

How to Use On-Demand Healthcare to Improve Your Life

According to Verywell Mind, between 17 to 46 percent of people who have eating disorders have a reoccurring substance abuse problem, while 35 percent of substance abusers have an eating disorder. * Heart-healthy diet: Consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat proteins, and low-sodium foods, the heart-healthy diet helps treat cardiovascular disease. Now you can learn yoga on demand and do it anywhere there’s space, where before you used to have to go to a yoga studio or watch a video, both of which cost money and are not nearly as “on-demand” as an app. Fit reviewed major yoga apps and found that the best ones come from “people with solid yoga backgrounds instead of app developers trying to capitalize on yoga’s popularity.

National daughters day❤️ We’re better together ❤️ . . . #nationaldaughtersday #momlife #momsofinstagram

Pinterest 101: A Guide for Beginning Bloggers

Only business account holders are allowed to access Pinterest analytics and enjoy other options like rich pins and promoted pins. These super pins allow the brands to add additional information about the pins they are adding. If you have a food blog or website, the recipe rich pins will allow you to add additional information like title, serving size, cooking time, diet performance, and the ingredients used in the recipe. These pins allow you to add information like headline, title, description, and info about the article’s author or blog post.

#ad With over two thirds of American children under the age of five living in households with both parents in the workforce, access to childcare affordable, high-quality childcare is a necessity. Affordable childcare should cost less than 10% of a household’s income, yet a majority of families are spending 30-50%. . Access to affordable, high-quality childcare is a necessity for children, families and the economy. If you agree, it’s time to speak up. . Here’s how to take action: Share your own thoughts about the importance of access to affordable childcare for all American families using the hashtag #CareForAllChildren. . Sign the @CareforAllChildren petition urging our Presidential candidates to recognize that this is a priority issue for America's working parents. Then share it with family and friends! . Send a letter to Presidential and down-ballot candidates who believe in the importance of affordable, accessible, high-quality childcare for all American children. Then, VOTE! Follow @CareForAllChildren #linkinbio #CareForAllChildrenPartner #FundChildCare #SaveChildCare . Visit: https://actv.at/9bq/

20 Signs You Are Ready to Have a Baby

While there’s no definite age for parenthood, this article will give you a hint if you’re ready to become a mother. But that’s life, and if first of all it increases your concern for someone’s well-being rather than disgusts you, you’re set to become a mother. If you feel that you have enough life experience and knowledge to share them with someone else, if you really want it, then it’s a sign! The time is right if you have pictured your baby’s appearance or thought about how you’ll raise them.

#AD This school year is totally different from every school year we have ever had. I know that my daughter has looked forward to going back to school for so long now and we are FINALLY here! . Our school is going back hybrid and the amount of work teachers are putting in is A LOT!! It’s changing your whole career in a matter of two weeks and making it perfect. . So many hours of work put into trying to make it seamless on the outside for kids to come back, feel safe AND have fun while learning again. . I know personally, because I am a teacher, the number of hours outside of work that we have put in trying to do the best we can for all of our kids. This year more than ever is the perfect time to thank a teacher – seriously they are going to need all of the grace this year – it is something we have never dealt with, ever! . To thank our teachers, @premera Blue Cross is sponsoring Heroes in the Classroom with the Seattle Seahawks!!! . This is the BEST PART!!! You can nominate an educator that goes above AND beyond to improve the lives of all students!! Winners will receive their very own tailgate package AND a $2,000 check to be used for school supplies!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! What an amazing opportunity from @premera !!! Click here to nominate a teacher: https://bit.ly/33TP5ie #heroesintheclassroom #Washington #SeattleSeahawks #WashingtonTeachers #GivingBacktoTeachers

Tips on How to Homeschool From Your Apartment

A recent poll conducted by Corey DeAngelis suggests that nearly 15 percent of all children may be making the switch to homeschooling this upcoming school year. This would mean almost 8 million more students would be making the switch, and this number does not even include students who may be forced to do school at home this year. We have compiled a couple of tips and tricks to help maximize your success with homeschooling from home, especially in smaller living areas like luxury one-bedroom apartments. This area needs to be close to the homeschool teacher (Parent), have enough room for minimum storage, and have a flat surface to serve as a desk.

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I love me some good coffee. I wanted to share with you that @firedeptcoffee put out this new coffee to honor all Navy sailors and veterans by celebrating the line-crossing ceremony with coffee beans harvested from equatorial countries. . Their company produces high quality beans for our veterans, servicemen and woman and first responders. 👮‍♂️👮👩‍🚒👨‍🚒 . They get my vote of excellent coffee! ☕️☕️ . Get yours today: www.firedeptcoffee.com . #gifted #firstresponders #servicemenandwomen #veterans

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