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Jennifer is the owner of working mom blog community,T.W.L ~ Teach.Workout.Love. Along with blogging + freelance writing, she is a single mother and full-time teacher. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach and everything organic. We are always looking for mom bloggers to contribute to our community. Visit https://www.teachworkoutlove.com for more information.

Location Spokane Vly, Washington United States
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Made it through year 9! Thankful for my teaching partners because if you don’t have laughter and fun, it makes the tough times much, much harder! . 🌍☕️🌊☀️ . #year9 #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachersoninstagram #teachersofig #teachersofinsta #summerbreak #summertime

Yoga retreat ❤️ with @arundhati_baitmangalkar . . . #yogaretreat #leavenworth #pnwonderland #pnwadventures

Do you need a vacation✋? I've teamed up with some friends to offer one of my followers a 3 or 4 Night Cruise to the 🏝 Bahamas! ⭐️L I K E & S A V E this photo and head to @thegivingbees for a chance to get something AMAZING! ❤️Contest ends 6/24/2022 at 9PM EST. The winner will be announced 6/27/2022. This is not endorsed or affiliated with Instagram or any other company. By entering, you release Instagram of responsibility and agree to Instagrams terms of use. #cruise456 #cruisevacation #cruisevacations #bahamascruises #bahamascruise #bahamastravel #bahamastrip #royalcaribbeancruise #norwegiancruises #carnivalcruises #beachvacay #ltkunder50 #ltkfashion #ltk #ltkfit #ltkhome #ltkcurves #ltkstyle #ltkkids #mombloggers #mombloggersofig #momblogger #mominsta #mominstagram

It’s finally nice enough to wear a tank top. This crazy weather. We better not have any fires! It’s rained so much. . . . #nofiresaugust #noforestfires #pnw #neversummer #wheresthesunspokane

Are you an avid exercise junkie? If so, then it’s important that you don’t push your body too far. If you do this then you might experience a severe injury. Here are some of the key steps that you should take when this happens. Visit: https://www.teachworkoutlove.com/serious-injury-working-out-heres-what-to-do/

Finally one day of summer 🍉 . . . #summerforaday #summerinpnw #jkitswinterstill #swimming #targetbathingsuit

Education for school age kids is so important for many reasons. Every child has potential and it is important that we are showing our students that, by encouraging them and advocating for them. As an educator over time, my mindset has shifted, especially during the pandemic and kids not being at school and now seeing the aftermath of the toll that it has taken on these kids and their families. My education mindset now focuses on meeting their educational needs AND their social emotional needs. Before it was always something we focused on but now that we have been able to get to know our families even more from being able to Zoom into their home and truly be as inclusive as we can has such benefits for every student by making them feel valued and accepted. Along with providing them with a good education, I also am focusing on teaching students how to communicate with their peers and with adults. We focus a TON on empathy and we are showing kids how to be a contributing member of communities out there in the real world. No matter what age, it is still our job to teach kids how to be good humans overall. Educators out there, help your students know their potential. Help them feel love that maybe they don’t experience at home. Give them all the tools they need to be GOOD HUMANS by teaching them how to communicate and be apart of their community. We need people like you to teach our future success because they are our community’s success in the future. . . #letthemlearn #dontsaygay #americansagainstcensorship #knowbetterbetter #teachersofinstagram #ad

#Ad Sometimes we get into this mindset where we can’t get negative thoughts out of our heads. When it comes to starting a new business, there are always “what if’s” involved in it. I know that having a blog has sometimes made me wonder about my business ventures and if this was really for me or not. I know if I had taken more time to invest into programs that would help me with a launch plan of my blog while being busy being a mom, I could have been even more successful now with my blog. Luckily, there are so many great options now that you can use to help you start your business venture or grow your business. @theminddesigner can help you change your mindset with your business idea. I know that when I launched my business, I second guessed myself many times in the choices I made with my investments and how I chose certain programs to pay for or how to advertise. It was confusing and at the time, I wish I had more guidance from someone who knew the industry that I was just starting work in. After living through a business launch, I would say that going through a program to determine your why and what the perfect plan is for your business is TOTALLY WORTH IT with finding your balance! My followers will get $50 off from the regular price of the challenge, so it's $47 for you, instead of regular $97. Use this discount code: TEACHWORKOUTLOVE Ready to change your mindset and get started with your business? Go to the 1 day Challenge link #entrepreneur #mindset #theminddesigner #changeyourmindeset #business #businessideas

#ad Raise your hand if you are being hit hard by allergies! Every year allergies feel like the worst! If you need relief from itchy eyes, stuffy nose, watering & red eyes, @similasanusa is helping families feel good about feeling better! The best part is they’re made without harass chemicals so you can use whenever. . You can get these products at Amazon, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, iHerb, Swanson. . . #similasan #similasanallergy #allergyeyerelief #gifted #allergies #allergiesgotmelike

Who else ?! . . . #targetmemes #memes #funnyquotes #funnymemes #targetlife #targetdeals #targetdoesitagain

@organicvalley is one of my favorite companies. Another new product of theirs for mamas - check it out! Plus I love smoothies! For my preggo or new mamas, this is for you! . . . #postnatal #organicvalley #postbaby #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #afterbabybodyinprogress

Glad to be back @spokaneindiansbaseball ! . . #baseball #pnw #sunsets #pnwadventures #spokaneindiansbaseball#mdw2022

if you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining. . . #life

#ad My love bug loves to build. @picassotiles and @everplaytoys magnetic tiles are the best for kids to build with. You can use them for anything ! They were using them to build a school for all their little people. Easy to use magnetic tiles and fun stem activities to do at home. . Get yours here: https://amzn.to/3wiSoPH . . #stemeducation #stemgames #stemtoys #stemactivities #picassotiles #toysforkids #educationaltoys

The coolest event. Minus burning lanterns taking turns for the crowd but otherwise very cool! . I read about how they get the lanterns bc it’s a huge littering event but they actually go and track down each one that was given out. . . #lanternfest2022 #statelineidaho #idaholanternfestival #lanterns #mothersday2022 #pnw #pnwadventures

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