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Jennifer is the owner of working mom blog community,T.W.L ~ Teach.Workout.Love. Along with blogging + freelance writing, she is a toddler mom, army wife and full-time teacher. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach and everything organic. We are always looking for mom bloggers to contribute to our community. Visit https://www.teachworkoutlove.com for more information.

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Our little turkey 🦃 . . . #thanksgiving #turkey #thankfulforfamily

Why Moms Check Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Here are just some good reasons to check out memory foam mattress reviews: Know the different types of memory foam out there To begin, there is no one type of memory foam out there and checking the reviews will show you that there are different types of memory foams to choose from. Read the difference between memory foam and other traditional mattresses Reading reviews will make you more knowledgeable about user experiences of mattresses and how memory foam holds up compared to other mattresses such as spring foam, latex, and hybrids. Memory foam has a few disadvantages such as being too heavy and too hot and knowing how users react to their experiences of memory foam will help you make better decisions if it is the right choice for you. There are many memory foam mattresses on the market today, and it is a good idea to check what moms are saying about memory foam mattresses to get the best choice.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’ve partnered with Start Strong Stay Strong to share tips about how military families can handle Thanksgiving and the holidays when they are far from their families. . My most recent post gives some great ways to spend the holidays when your family isn't around. Don't be alone during the holidays, use our ideas to give back or spend time with other military families! While you are browsing the site, make sure to create a profile and check out all of the other amazing articles! . I love reading all of the personal stories from other moms with military ties. I can totally relate! . Read my article here: http://bit.ly/TeachWorkoutLove_IG links above ---- IG link in bio. . . #thanksgiving #giveback #militaryfamilies #holidaysareforgiving #motherhoodunplugged #startstrongstaystrong

8 Benefits of Sliding Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

If you’d like your bathroom to be spacious or you have a very small bathroom space, I strongly recommend installing a sliding shower door as it will make entry and exit into the shower easier than having to open the hinged door. So if you’re tired of constantly mopping your bathroom floor, installing a sliding shower door is definitely a better option to hinged doors and curtains-cover doors. The shower door can be installed as a semi-frameless door, allowing the bathtub space to double as a shower and a bathtub without the use of an unsightly shower curtain. To really get the best out of your sliding bathroom door, we recommend adding a small shelf right by your sliding door where you can keep things like your towel and other needed stuff.

{AD} Thanksgiving and Christmas break are coming faster than we know and that’s when sickness really hits hard. As a mama and a teacher, I know how hard sickness hits in the winter and the main sickness is a cough. We travel to New York for Christmas and taking 2 planes intensifies sicknesses and seeing family, we need to be healthy for all the traveling! We need to be prepared because this kiddo gets sick every time we go on vacation. Whether it’s the day before or while we are there. And then we are never prepared. . So, this time we are going to be ready for the all-night long cough that tends to happen when we sleep in hotels. Children’s Delsym is our #1 choice for cough season. It provides 12-hour relief and the great thing is that it has one just 1 active ingredient specifically to relieve cough and it’s free from pain relievers, sulfites and alcohol – which is exactly what I want for my daughter. It’s for ages 4 and over, plus she likes the taste, so a win-win! . It’s great to have a medicine ready at hand when your kiddo comes down with a sickness unexpectedly. As a mom I love keeping medicine in the cabinet at home so that we are prepared because you just never know what daycare will send home with kids! You can find this medicine at your local @Walmart and it’s easy to travel with! Thank goodness because being a military spouse, we travel often to see family, and Hailey always gets sick right before traveling. . . #sponsored #CoughingKiddos #family #travel #illness #momlife #motherhood #travelingwithkids

Accessories Celebrity Children Are Wearing This Season

Take a look at our top fashionable but functional accessory picks for kids, based on what accessories the celebrity children are wearing: The Kardashian Krew is big on tiny tutus for their tots, but that doesn’t mean that your little one can’t rock a puff of tulle in the real world, too. Temporary tattoos may not seem like an accessory from the first glance, but once you see the way celebrity kids rock them, you can’t deny that they add to an outfit. From Pink’s lovely children to the kids from “Stranger Things” and IT, little ones can’t resist the allure of a temporary tattoo.

Guys my daughter is so messy. Idk if it’s like a kindergarten hoarder thing but she saves everything 🤦🏽‍♀️ Thankfully I found this bookshelf that can also be a changing table (love the multi use !) that has large shelves to store all of her stuff! . @deltachildren has such great furniture. We always are looking for sturdy furniture because the last bookshelf we bought Hailey broke it. . This is such a good idea that it turns into a changing table. Because instead of buying two different pieces of furniture, you’re just buying one! . . How do you organize your kiddos toys? . . . #sponsored #organization #toys #kidsroom #kidsfurniture #deltachildren

CBD For Kids? Things Every Parent Should Know

As mentioned earlier, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a form of a medication from CBD to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Studies conducted on humans and animals show that CBD oil can help control anxiety, although the claim isn’t proven in kids. Preclinical evidence suggests that CBD oil can play a role in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic disorder. Finally, many studies have suggested that CBD oil could help reduce symptoms of autism in children.

Sesame Street live was amazing. We had so much fun. My favorite part is that they are teaching kids lessons and words even in their live shows! One thing Hailey and I have been working on not knowing something *yet* and how we have to practice. . And that was the whole theme of the show. Super impressed! . I hope you saw my stories on some of the songs they did and swipe over to see some videos! Defintiely great for all ages. . Check out my blog post on why you need to get tickets to Sesame Street Live! Link in bio ⬆️⬆️ . . . {gifted} #sesamestreet #sesamestreetlive #spokanewashington #momdaughterdate #mommylife #momsofinstagram

Are you still Christmas shopping ?! We found a fun stocking stuffer at @target that you need to know about! Hugger Bananas @bananascollectibles are a fun mystery toy that comes with an adorable banana and surprises inside! Plus they are a great price at Target. You can also purchase them on the website too! 🎅🏼🎅🏼 . . What’s a go to stocking stuffer for you for kiddos ? . #sponsored #BananasCollectibles #BananasToys #HuggerBananasToys #StockingStuffers #HotHolidayToy #Target #SocialSpotters