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Jennifer is the owner of working mom blog community,T.W.L ~ Teach.Workout.Love. Along with blogging + freelance writing, she is a toddler mom, army wife and full-time teacher. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach and everything organic. We are always looking for mom bloggers to contribute to our community. Visit https://www.teachworkoutlove.com for more information.

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We have joined forces to ask our communities to PLEASE STAY HOME. We are nurses, teachers, small business owners, hair stylists, creators. Like you, we are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, and friends. This is bigger than any of us. This is a global pandemic. Humanity is being tested in ways we’ve never experienced in our lifetimes. No one should die alone. No one should be forced to grieve the loss of a loved one alone, but that is the reality facing so many. . It takes everyone coming together to save lives and flatten the curve. Who are you staying home for? . Tap the photo and head over to our pages to see who we are staying home for. Let’s support each other in this, because isolation is hard, and we all need to lift each other through this. #InThisTogether #stayhome #flattenthecurve @jackie.nuezxo @momlifepnw @_livingwithboys_ @beingwifeandmama @joyfulstewartliving @lifeinapinkhouse @juelz_jourdan @lisaaamot @rugrats_on_oils @teach.workout.love @_mommy.g_ @karissaandsomekids Inspiration @aliciatenise . . #stayhome #flatteningthecurve #mamassupportingmamas #wereallinthistogether #mamahoodcommunity #pnwmama #pnwisbest #ig_motherhood #momhub #unitedinmotherhood #teammotherly #inspiremyinstagram #motherhoodrising #stayhomestaysafe #beatcovid19 #practicesocialdistancing #stayconnected #selfquarantine #safeathome #inspirationalwomen #womensupportingwomen #lovelylittlesquares

6 Simple Ways to Teach Children The Value Of Money

Make your child understand that he/she should save money to buy things. Perhaps, the best way to impart financial education to your child is by gifting a piggy bank! By the way, why don’t you open a savings account for your child? Doing so, you can make your child understand that the best way to buy something is with the money in your pocket.

E-learning today with @scholastic and Mystery Science. Epic has been a huge help in giving us fun books to read too! We are so thankful for all of the resources we have found to help with learning at home. . This adorable little table is by @deltachildren and not only is is great quality but we can use it for play AND for schoolwork! . You can get yours here: https://www.deltachildren.com/products/trolls-world-tour-table-and-chair-set-with-storage . . Also - check stories for learning resources! . . How was week 2 of learning at home? . . . [gifted] #learningathome #stayhome #dailyparenting #honestlyparents #parenthood_unveiled #parenthood_moments #ourcandidlife #parentinglife #parentinghumor #parentingblogger #parentingwin

Does Cold or Heat Kill Germs?

You can still be infected with viruses in hot weather, however increasing temperatures can kill many kinds of germs. In these cases, we use extremely hot temperatures to kill germs or bacteria. Your hot tub will never be hot enough to kill viruses, but you can wash away any germs using soap and water. Cooking your food at a high temperature all the way through can do away with many food-borne germs such as Salmonella found in poultry and meat, and E. coli found in undercooked meat and contaminated water.

Who else is working out at home? With the gyms and barre class closed, I need some other way to work out. I have been loving doing online barre classes with @barrebellefitness and going to sign up for online yoga classes with @arundhati_baitmangalkar - but I also have been staying active with my elliptical at home! . . We need motivation now more than we’ve ladies so let’s see all your home gyms and hear all of how you’re working out at home! @athleta has some great ideas on their page too— head on over! . My “home gym” is our basement. . What about you ?! . . #homebodies #powerofshe #verilymoment #littlestoriesofmylife #momentsofmine #feelfreefeed #visualcrush #theeverygirl #pursuewhatislovely #everydaymoments #lovelylittlesquares #thepursuitofjoy

How To Get A Copy Of My VA Disability Award Letter

There are a number of different ways you can get a copy of your VA disability award letter. There are many veteran’s services organizations that can assist you in getting a copy of your VA award letter. You can also obtain your VA award letter by submitting a request by mail to the VA. You can find a VA disability calculator online that will estimate how much disability you may be entitled to based upon factors like the severity of your disability and how many dependents you have.

Somebody lost her tooth! What does the tooth fairy usually give out these days ?! 🦷🦷🦷👀👀🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️ . . . #toothfairy #stayathome #honestlymothering #myhonestmotherhood #momhub #socialmediamom #momsofig #themotherhoodcorner #wellwateredwomen #motherhoodunplugged #morethanmama #vscomom

IELTS Score for Canada Immigration 2020

IELTS is considered as the most renowned language proficiency test as it measures the language skills of the test takers. To get a better overview of the admission requirements, applicants can also check Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) to check the IELTS score requirement. Canadian Language Benchmarks have made demarcation for the English language for adults who wish to work in Canada on a work permit. After spending quality days in Canada, applicants get Permanent Residency (PR) that in turn helps the applicants to get permanent visas to work or stay in Canada permanently.

#ad With the changing of seasons, the quality of your hair can really take a toll. What can you do to help your scalp? I found the best solution! . My new favorite shampoo is by @nizoralofficial , an Anti-Dandruff shampoo. It helps control flaking, scaling and itching. This has been a HUGE relief for me - especially since my hair is colored and sometimes when you use certain shampoos it strips the colors-- but not this one, plus it leaves your hair smelling super clean! . It's because this shampoo has Ketoconazole and Ketoconazole is 10X more effective at fighting fungus, which is why we have dandruff to begin with. . Get yours on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Up5YN2 . . #nodandruff #flakefree #Dandruff #hairtip #scalp #sponsored #dandrufffree

#ad Are you looking for fun and educational things to do at home? We’ve got you covered! @picassotiles has their STEM building toy magnet construction toys and they are an engineering play set. Perfect for preschool ages and up. Hailey loves to build so these are a great way to get her energy and creativity out. . Get yours on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2QHhFNY . . . #picassotiles #buildingwithblocks #stemactivities #parentingblogger #parentingwin #raisingthefuture #documentyourdays #lovingtheordinarymoments #everythingtribe #photosinbetween #littlepiecesofchildhood #watchthemgrow #mytinytribe #toddlerhood #theheartcaptured