Teaching History Her Way

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I am a teacher influencer interested in growing my consulting brand. I want to help teachers teach history & social studies better. I am an expert in engagment (check out History in the Kitchen & my podcast!), nonfiction reading strategies, classroom management, building and refining social studies & history courses, and diversifying social studies & history curriculum to tell a greater, more whole story. I would love to help market brands that could help teachers do their jobs more efficintly. Self-care for teachers is also something I believe in and push, as you can't pour from an empty cup!

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Planting my seeds for my historic garden now so I can help my students grow in the fall! Food connects us to the people of the past— using the senses of smell, touch, and taste are just as important as sight and sound! 🌱🌱🩷 #teacherlife #teachersofig #historyteacher #GardenFresh #garden

Hi Friends- The Reader's Digest America's Favorite Teacher competition is several rounds. This time I need to make it into the top 10 (by tomorrow!!) and right now I'm #11-- would you click below and send in a vote for me? Or make a donation to Teach for America to send in several votes and help a great cause? https://americasfavteacher.org/2024/cherylanne-amendola I appreciate you! ❤ https://americasfavteacher.org/2024/cherylanne-amendola #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram #favoriteteacher #iloveteachers #iteachelementary #iteachmiddle #historyteacher #socialstudiesteacher

Project Citizen is one of my favorite projects I have ever done in my classroom. The Center for Civic Education describes Project Citizen as “students will work together to research their community to discover problems and then identify solutions in the form of policy that require government involvement.” — and yes, it is that, but so much more. My students are managing their own class. They’re making anchor charts, calling government offices and organizations, creating policy they believe in, and wrestling with opposition and how to get people on board. They’re reading the Constitution, interpreting it, and looking at Supreme Court cases to help them navigate. They’re learning environmental science, negotiating skills, and civil dialogue. They are EMPOWERED and they care. Here’s just some of what they’re doing- and they’re not done yet! #teachersofig #instateacher #historyteacher #socialstudiesteacher #civicsteacher #civiced #civicsteacher

I went to my high school reunion yesterday @lacordaireacademy , the place where I found my voice and myself. I’m so grateful that they invited us back home and even more grateful to have hugged people I haven’t seen in a long time! My hope is to make the students who come in my classroom feel as loved as I did when I was in Laco’s care. ♥️🖤🤍 #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #historyteacher #highschoolreunion

Had a visit to the Korean Art exhibit at the @newarkmuseumart - the imperfection in this pot is a purposeful reminder that life and people aren’t perfect, and that’s okay. Thanks to the docents and teachers for a lovely visit. How do you use history to also teach SEL? #historyteacher #arthistory #historyteachers #iteach #teachersofig #socialstudies #socialemotionaleducation

So I’m not quite certain how I was entered into @readersdigest America’s Favorite Teacher contest, but here I am! I’d appreciate your vote! Link to vote in bio. #teacher #teachsofinstagram #historyteacher #socialstudiesteacher #teachersofig #favoriteteacher

Things I don’t usually think about: early sports history- mostly because I haven’t read much about early organized sports— but wow is this a student engagement gold mine! I’m excited to give you a peek into my recent trip to the @realhockeyhalloffame. As a hockey mom & enthusiast (and historian!), this place was pure magic. ✨ But what really sparked my teacher brain were these incredible artifacts: 🏒A puck from the 1800s! It was way different than the vulcanized rubber discs we know today. Can you guess what it might have been made of? (Leave your guesses in the comments!) ⛸️Skate blades! Imagine gliding across the ice with these bad boys attached to your regular shoes. Makes you appreciate modern advancements in safety gear, right? 🏒A Micmac hockey stick! 🇨🇦 This traditional design, used by Indigenous communities in Canada, is a beautiful reminder of the sport’s rich history. Did you know some early hockey games were played with these sticks? Let’s discuss the importance of recognizing diverse contributions to sports in the comments! ⬇️ These artifacts were incredible windows into the past, and I can’t wait to share the magic with my students! But first, I need your help, teacher friends! How can we use these artifacts to spark discussions about history and social studies (diversity in sports)? Do you have any creative lesson ideas for teaching hockey or the history of sports? Share them below! @realhockeyhalloffame : do you have any teacher resources?? Or want a hockey loving teacher to help design some for the museum? #hhof #hockeyhalloffame #teachersofinstagram #hockeymom #history #historyteacher #historyteachers #socialstudiesteacher #socialstudies #iteach

Hey @njdevil00 ! We found you at the @realhockeyhalloffame today! 🩷🩷 👋🏽 #hhof

I’d say this was a pretty successful trip to @target ! I can’t wait to share my Bessie Coleman @barbie and most importantly Bessie Coleman’s story with my students!! This #WomensHistoryMonth, we celebrate Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman and Native American to earn a pilot's license! Facing racism and sexism, Bessie refused to let limitations define her dreams. She traveled to France to train, earning her license in 1921. 🇫🇷 Nicknamed "Queen Bess," Bessie became a barnstorming pilot, inspiring generations to reach for the skies. ✨ What are your dreams? Share in the comments and let Bessie's story be your reminder: anything is possible! #americanhistoryteacher #socialstudiesteacher #ushistorymiddleschool #ushistoryteachers #socialstudiesteachers #womenshistorymonth #womenshistory #dreambig #barbie

I love Ancient Egyptian art as a way of teaching the kids how much we have in common with people of the past. In this carving in the chapel of Raemkai @metmuseum there is an empty cake platter… and to when you swipe right ➡️ you’ll see the baker who burned the missing cake doing a face palm. Oops! 😅 #historyteacher #historyteachers #iteachhistory #socialstudiesteacher #socialstudies #iteachmiddleschool #middleschoolteacher #arthistory #arthistoryforkids

Behind every great woman is another great woman. Happy International Women’s Day to all the great women in my life! 📸@chelintro @debg11 @historyfrogedu @mrshistorylee @meremarie03 #teachersofinstagram #internationalwomensday

Whose Independence (Updated and digital!)

Last year I decided it was high time to use other sources in addition to the Declaration of Independence to explore what the Declaration has meant to different people at different periods of time. What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” and the Declaration of Sentiments against the Declaration of Independence, and it was an eye-opening experience for students to see that there were numerous, varied responses to the Declaration over time. all men are created equal” didn’t apply to everyone, but reading real people’s responses and starting to empathize with their hurt and frustration helps them see this concept in a new way. This year, I also included a Declaration of Independence written by the Freedom School students of St. John’s Methodist Church in Palmer’s Crossing Mississippi in 1964.

SEL Activity- One Word 2021

In 2021, not only are we going to continue to feed our students’ minds to help them think critically, but we also need to feed their souls. The many iterations of school continue, but each one is definitely different than students experienced in September 2019 and has possibly changed several times between March 2020 and the present. I need to be more forgiving of myself and my shortcomings, I want to look out for others’ needs and find opportunities to help, and I want to make sure that my ears are open to hear others and my eyes are open to truly see them. They only have to share it with me unless they’d like to share it with others, then, rather than forget about their “one word,” I plan on asking them to take a look at it from time to time to see how they’re doing.

Teaching Indigenous Peoples & The Reoccupation of Alcatraz

Over the years I’ve done my best to teach about Indigenous Peoples, but it wasn’t until I took a long, hard look at my teaching and curriculum that I’ve been able to improve and honor native peoples in my classroom. Many people are unsure whether to use the term American Indian (which is still used by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian), Native American, Native Person, or Indigenous Person. Just like the French and Germans are unique but *can* be grouped as Europeans when you’re talking about the whole of Europe, Native Peoples can be grouped, but if you’re talking about the Lenape in New Jersey, you have to talk about Lenape people. That’s why talking about the Reoccupation of Alcatraz in the late 1960s and early 1970s is a great way to tell students about activism and triumph amongst the Indians of All Tribes group.

To Begin the School Year, Turn Inward

But being together after a long quarantine summer also means that we continue our individual and collective work as anti-racist educators who continuously seek to diversify our curriculum and teaching to include all voices in our community and beyond. At the sound advice of Facing History, Facing Ourselves, we reflected on our teaching philosophies, our feelings about COVID-19 and being in the building, what we learned during our first go at distance learning from March through May (we are hybrid this year), and we explored our identities. The link to the Facing History self-reflection guide I used with my department is below. It is a great way to get yourself ready for the year ahead, to better inform your teaching, and to come back to throughout the year to see where you are on your path to becoming an anti-racist, anti-bias educator.

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