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Cocktail recipes 🍸 Chicago📍| International cocktails 🌍 Creating videos for beverage brands Tastytricklecocktails@gmail.com for collaboration

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Spice It Up! Hey Fellas. Thinking about coming out of an impasse? Then spice it up ( Easier to say than do tho 😉 ). To be spicy you wanna be creative, improvise, and add a bit of surprise element…you get where i am going so lets do this! First and foremost the clear ice! Aside from the presentation, the whole slow process of making ice would infuse the red jalapeño spice into the ice, so as it melts the drink get spicier, till its presence cannot be ignored :) Second the term spicy is somehow associated with red. Grenadine does it for you. It comes from pomegranate and is sweet and tart, to balance the spice from jalapeños. I won’t bore you with third and forth, so please see below for the recipe and make sure you spice it up comes Valentine :) 2Oz @ginpuertoindias 1Oz Grenadine @fevertreemixers Add 0.75 Oz lime juice at the end #tastytricklecocktails #gin #limejuice #ginandtonic #fevertree #cocktailrecipe #cocktailidea #satisfyingvideos #cocktailfun #chicagotravel #simplerecipes

The People Have Spoken! You gotta respect people’s vote (if this one was an universal rule, we were living in a much different world 🥹) and while that was not the right answer from the Wednesday quiz, the majority said Mezcal is cooler than tequila. So here it is a tasty Mezcal cocktail recipe. This recipe is based on a blended daiquiri with significant amount of twist with additon of Mezcal being the first and foremost. I am using @delmagueymezcal which is among the smokiest mezcals I have tried, with a hint of honey, vanilla and roast agave, and fruity aroma. The approach for this one is add all the ingredients, add one scoop of ice and blend. The issue with blending is the dilution as you have so many small pieces of ice. The solution is to haveless liquid and more sugar so the outcome does not get very diluted fast. That is when @cointreau comes in play, as it has a very high sugar ratio. This cocktail is sweet, smokey, and powerful with citrus and cherry notes. Cheers and see below for the recipe: 1 Oz Rum 0.75 Oz @delmagueymezcal 0.75 Oz @luxardo_uk Maraschino liquor 1 Oz @cointreau.fr 1 Oz Simple syrup 0.75 Oz Fresh lemon juice Dried lemon peels 4 dashes of mint bitter Strawberry ice cream Pine berries for the tower ;) #cocktails #cocktailrecipes #recipeidea #funvideo #satisfyingvideos #satisfying #icecream #luxardo #maraschino #cointreau #mezcal #rum #chicagodive #chicagofood

Shifting Balance! Hey Fellas (Still in Ted Lasso mood 🥸)! many phenomena seem to be in a perpetual equilibrium but nothing is permanent if you are patient and push enough (push baby push...). Need a cocktail to accompany you in this journey, here is the Shifting Balance. As we covered in the last Wednesday quiz, for a tasty cocktail, you need to balance ethanol content, sugar, acidity and dilution. Lets break it down, shall we? For the ethanol content, I am going with @empress1908gin with citrus and juniper flavors, which is sharp but not too powerful. For sugar, I use simple syrup which is basically one unit sugar and one unit water. You also get a good amount of sugar from @cointreau so you can even skip simple syrup based on yourperso al preference. As for the acidity, I am going for lemon juice and fun fact it has a same level of acidity and sweetnessas lime juice (so they are very interchangeable). The last but not least is the dilution. As for what ice you put in the shaker, that does not matter, cause the ratio of dilution is a factor of temperature and smaller ice pieces might be even more effective in cooling down the mix. But when comes to the glass, presentation is everything, and I highly recommend a clear ice cube, and of course with a rose in the middle (took me 3 engineering courses to keep it in the center). Also a clear ice, has a different molecular structure, and melts more slowly, so you can enjoy the cocktail for longer without being diluted. All these small things matter... Cheers! Enjoy! and and let us shift this balance! Below is the recipe: 2Oz @empress1908gin 1OZ @cointreau_us 0.75 Simple Syrup 1Oz Lemon juice Top it off with @fevertreemixers #tastytricklecocktails #empressgin #cointreau #gin #lemonjuice #fevertree #tonicwater #ginandtonic #recipeideas #cocktailrecipes

The Best Yet to Come! Hey Fellas! (Watching Ted Lasso now and cannot get this out of my head 😅) 2022 finally came to an end, a year full of unprecendent events. Specifically, I want to make a toast to Iranian women who have been fighting so fearlessly by standing up for what they deserve and claiming back their long forgone rights - basic human rights. Cheers to them!🥂🥂 I also want to thank every single one of you for your support, engagement, comment and feedback that have enabled me to make better content and create cocktails that you like (let say that 😋 ). Thanks to Chicago outstanding weather at this time of the year, I have been reading a lot about science behind mixology, which I will share them with you as we get to 2023 along with tips that let you shine next time you invite that annoying/never pleased guest of yours (you know which one I am talking about 😉). As for this celebratory cocktail, the base is @edinburghgin , a delicate aromatic rose colored gin. Edinburgh gin is sharp, sweet, and a bit tart, with note of ginger and lemon zest. The rose color let you make all sort of good looking gin-based cocktails as well (you will hear more of this gin from me :). To keep it balanced, basically our mission in life, use dry champagne to balance out the sugar in the cotton candy. I wish you all an amazing 2023 and be sure the best is yet to come!! 2 Oz @edinburghgin Pink Cotton Candy 4 dashes of bitter Rose Champagne 1 Oz Rose Flower Tea Garnish: Pink Cotton Candy #mahsaamini #womanlifefreedom #happynewyear #2023 #newyearresolution #cocktailidea #recipes #recipeideas #cottoncandy

The Last Word…an amazing cocktail to elevate the ambience of your NYE party. I have had this hourglass sitting in the dining room for a few years now holding books strenuously, and never occurred to me that I can find a better use for it…wait a minute…as an actual timer!! That ended this week, when I figured it is time to measure how long it takes to make cocktails, especially if thirsty guests suddenly show up and all demanding drinks. As for what to serve them, my first choice is always the last word, a rich, sweet, and sharp cocktail that gives the kick you are waiting for right after the first sip (especially if you are stuck talking to a garrulous one, demanding constant eye contact from you)! The beauty of this cocktail is the simplicity of the recipe: 2 Oz @ginpuertoindias 2 Oz Chartreuse 2 Oz @luxardoofficial Maraschino liquor 1 Lime (average size) A pinch of salt As for Charteuse, you can go green or yellow, green would be stronger while yellow is sweeter. (to be honest, I could not find green so I went with yellow but if you like it sweet it may actually suit you better) Serve it in your favorite glass and highly recommend having the glass sit on a fabulous @michaelaram coaster! Enjoy the haolidays y’all and drink responsibly :) #thelastword #hourglass #timelapse #cocktailrecipe #simplecocktail #recipeideas #chartreuse #luxardo #gin

Make The Last Word for your NYE party in less than 2 mins (proven in the video 😉). It is rich, sweet, sharp and on top of all my favorite cocktail ;) Recipe below and cheers: 2 Oz @ginpuertoindias 2 Oz Chartreuse 2 Oz @luxardoofficial maraschino liqour 1 Lime Add a pinch of salt #newyear #newyearparty #nyeparty #newyearsresolution #happynewyear #cocktailforyou #cocktailrecipes #cocktail #chicagofood #pinkgin #maraschino #chartreuse

I’m a survivor… My first attempt in making clear mini ice balls... #cocktailrecipe #kianpirfalak #opiran #recipevideos #mahsaamini #inspiration #chicago #argentina #worldcup

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