Suzana Lira

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I love to talk about lifestyle, motherhood, fashion, beauty, travel and anything else because I love to show to the women that even when they are mothers, grandmothers, teenagers, millennials and etc they can do, wear, be the way they wish for.

Location West new York, NJ Hudson Co
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Her reaction 🥹 Be a good human 😍 #goodmorning #goodvibes #vibing #begoodtopeople #begood

Strawberry cake. Ingredients: For the sponge cake: 4 large eggs (200 c) 1 yolk (20 c) 120 c sugar 120 c flour 15 c melted butter. Cake syrup: 100 c water 100 c sugar 15 c ready-made strawberry syrup (if you don’t have it, can also be with water and sugar) boil the ingredients together with a little to give it a concentrated texture, for the muslin cream: 375 c milk 120 c sugar 4 egg yolks (60 c) 35 c cornstarch 10 c vanilla paste 80 c butter minced 100 c chilled butter squares we need that last step. For decoration: 400 EGP Strawberry the most important ingredient because it’s a strawberry cake! Preparation: For the sponge cake: Heat the eggs with the yolk and sugar in a bain-marie to 50-55°C. Then beat the eggs with the yolk and sugar with the mixer until it cools down, thickens and takes on a light color. Add the flour in portions, turn gently with a spatula and finally add the melted butter making sure it has cooled to 45°C and bake in an 18 cm butter tin at 170°C for 20 minutes. We then cut the cake to 1 inch high. Preparation of the muslin cream: Follow the same steps as for the preparation of the cream: In a saucepan, beat the yolk, sugar and cornstarch (when the mixture is very thick and fluffy, keep mixing, and the ingredients will combine) - heat the milk, gradually add to the yolk and sugar mixture, then return to the pan and cook with continuous investigation until the mixture is heavy and resembles cream. , transfer to a flat tray, wrap with nylon and place in the freezer for an hour to cool completely. Then we beat 100 grams of cold butter until fluffy, then add the cream little by little with continuous beating and we get a light and condensed muslin cream We start to form the cake, cut the strawberries in half and glue them with the edges of the ring size 20 cm, we put the cake in the middle and drink it with syrup, then cream and add the strawberries cut in half, then cut the cake and cream Arrange and put in the freezer for half an hour. Decorate with whipped cream, blueberry pistachio and strawberries and bon appetit.

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Do not suffer for those who don’t care about you😂 E você aí sofrendo pelo contatinho que não te liga😂 Não espere menos do que isso☺️ #qatar #qatar2022 #catar #proposing #romantic #funny

Quando me perguntam como é viver num país aonde o ( r1m3 compensa🙃 #brazil #brasil #🇧🇷

Bom dia- Good morning Let’s start this new week with good vibes 😎 #humor #dancing #streetdancer #calmdown #funnyvideos #goodvibes #asmr #creators #nyc #nj

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