Summer Fuller

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Digital Motherhood Diary Relatable Fashion|Life+Style

I am a mom to 5 kids who started a journey this September as an influencer. I want women to know they can be beautiful without breaking the bank.

I have worked with Kroger and Del Monte.

I am working on continuing growing my brand and hopefully creating generational wealth for my family and helping women grow and heal thru squares and a blog i will be launching very soon.

Location Albuquerque, NM
Country United States
Member Since NOVEMBER 08, 2019
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🗣Somatic- Palms are sweaty, tightness the chest, heart is racing, tightening of between the shoulders that quickly spreads 🖤Any of this sound familiar? It’s anxiety! It’s the body’s response to whatever is causing stress. It’s good to know these symptoms exists, it means the body is working, But what happens when we carry that around instead of finding healthy outlets to deal with it? 🌧It builds up and begins to break the body down! I have suffered from anxiety and other mental health issues since early adolescence. It’s not something that was talked about much or at all, so to cope i began drinking & drugging at a young age. Add the trauma from the addiction, loss of my brother & father in a plane crash, domestic violence, the death of my child..& I’m left carrying around a load, that honestly is too heavy & full of anxiety. What I have began to understand about myself is priceless! I started recognizing behaviors that are either productive, unproductive or precursors to a downward spiral, which means it’s time to take action. 📉Lately I have felt to out of control of circumstances in my life, I start becoming OCD because it’s the only thing I can control, those external things like making sure there is no footprints in the carpet, or every cabinet organized and when I can’t control that, a monster comes out, then the guilt, then the depression. 📌The first step is recognizing the issues and to begin to find ways to cope that are healthy. 💡Here’s some of the things I have found helped... • fasting & prayer/mediation • exercising regularly • therapy session- With a professional but sometimes a good friend will do • a good book - self help, personal growth & development • starting my morning off with music that makes my soul smile • medication - I always try to stay plant based but sometimes I need a Licensed professionals help (and that’s ok) • reminding myself gently this is a journey and there is no destination & giving myself grace! 🌈It’s scary opening up here, fear of rejection...but I want to be transparent. 💪together we are stronger & I want to continue touching on this. Can you relate? Empathize?

Sometimes we have to dance in the rain ... Sometimes we have to stop and smell the flowers... To everything there is a season.... You can feel the season change in the air, embrace it.... Today I’m grateful for the storms I have endured, they have help mood and shape me. They have helped refine me and encourage growth... What are you grateful for? . . . #gratitudeattitude #gratitudepractice #mommyhood #motherhoodanxiety #fallvibes #blessingsonblessings #motherdaughterlove #motherdaughterphotoshoot #mommydaughterduo #mommydaughtergoals #mommydaughtertime #mommyanddaughter

Healing your inner child is so important, it can break generational curses, it can make you a better parent, it can help you release the negative so you can set your self up to receive. I personally thought having babies would be my healing and then I would just not make the same mistakes in my parenting! WRONG!!! So WRONG!!! It took some time for me to realize that I was repeating patterns that wounded me. This isn’t about blame either. I don’t blame my parents, I don’t blame the people in my childhood who some unknowingly and some intentional hurt me, but rather me taking personal responsibility for my personal growth and healing. One way to start to recognize where our hurts and traumas are is thru journaling. Journaling to yourself as a child. Approaching him/her with love, tenderness and compassion. At first it may feel weird and you may not have much to say, but as you become more comfortable and time carries on your conversation will get more in depth. Then try writing yourself back as if it was child you to adult you! Wow this one is powerful! Giving myself grace to heal, giving myself permission to feel the hurt and pain, and then writing back again telling your younger self thanks for permission to move on. Moving on doesn’t mean we forget, it just means it no longer holds power over us that holds us back from being the woman/mom/wife that we were destined to be. Do you have healing that needs to be done? . . . #MommyToBe #mommysgirl #mommyhood #mommyblog #mommymakeover #mommytime #mommylove #mommyanddaughter #mommysbaby #mommydaughter #mommyproblems #Mommylovesyou #mommybloggers #mommystyle #mommyduties #MommyLifeStyle #mommyandbaby #mommyslife #mommymoments #Mommys #mommydaughtertime #mommyfit #mommysworld #healingyourself

Don’t ever let someone else hold you back from morphing into what you were destined to be! Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t morph over and over again. Become a butterfly, then change the color of your wings when life takes you to new places. It’s ok to grow! It’s ok to change! Don’t let anyone tell you different! And definitely don’t let anyone hold you back! @lizzobeeating said it best “You're 'posed to hold me down, but you're holding me back” . . . #mommylife #mommyhood #momminainteasy #Mommydaughtergoals #mommyandme #mommydaughtertime #mommyandmefashion #mommyanddaughter #motherdaughterlove #motherdaughtergoals #motherdaughterbond #spreadyourwings #timeforme #selfcaresundays #mymotherhood #abqigers #abq #bohomom #momsover40

The world is full of magical things waiting patiently for someone to discover them and have enough sense to know they have found it. The further I get into my life/motherhood journey the more sense I have. There is something to be said for motherhood in your 40s vs 20s. In my 20s I had plenty of energy to keep my house so clean you could eat off the floors, run circles around PTA and home room mom but in my 40s my focus has completely shifted to wanting to enjoy my life and the fruits of my labor, while refocusing and finding what in life at the moment is calling, and being able to be still enough to hear. Where are you in your journey? Have you had children over decades and see the difference in yourself and your parenting? 👚 are from @thepinetorch SEEDLINGS15 saves . . . . #theheartcaptured #momsover40 #thefamilynarrative #honestmotherhood #ohheymamas #joyfulmamas #storytellingmama #momofmanyblessings #motherhoodjourney #mommahoodinsquares #myhappycapture #motherhoodlens #motherhoodmoments #motherhoodalive #stopdropandmom #mothering #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodisdarling

Drive-In Movie 🍿 Activities are very limited here in New Mexico but that’s not stopping us from enjoying fall! We came out to the drive-in and brought our @entenmanns® mini cherry pie snacks with us! They are individually wrapped, so they are perfect for on-the-go! They are mini so they are perfect sizing for sweet treats in moderation! @entenmanns® has a variety of products and flavors so everyone is sure to be happy! Now wish me luck! I hate scary movies even if they are PG! If you hear screaming 😱 it’s me!!! . . . #entenmanns #socialspotters #sponsored #driveintheater #covidactivities #snacktime😋 #scarymovies #scarymovie #mommylife #fallactivities #sweettreat #minitreats #cherrypie #familytime #mykidsarecoolerthanyours #ittakesavillage

Hello 2021? I see your application here but I’m going to need to see credentials and get some references before I agree to give you any more consideration! Am I right or am I right? I started SummersSeedlings last September in hopes of sharing my experience strength and hope with women and suddenly we were all hit with an infinite amount of adversity and hurt. And focus got lost! I was so ready for 2020! New growing gram, new career, turned 40, my son oldest turned 18, my youngest started kindergarten, i have 2 high school students, so many milestones that I feel have been slighted but also have know if i stay in that resentment about what all 2020 didn’t live up to expectation wise, I’ll never be able to set myself up to receive the blessings that the rest of 2020 does hold. Anyone else want to join me in accountability with affirmations and gratitudes daily? I’ll start in my stories! How are you feeling about the end of the year? The coming year? . . . #momlifeunfiltered #honestlymothering #thingsiwanttoremember #littlefierceones #firsttimemom #seasonedmom #bloggermom #bloggersofinsta #honestmotherhood #ohheymamas #joyfulmamas #storytellingmama #momofmanyblessings #motherhoodjourney #mommahoodinsquares #myhappycapture #motherhoodlens #motherhoodmoments

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders ...I will help lighten your load ~ As moms we tend to allow little amounts of unsolicited guilt build on our shoulders. I know for myself as I go thru the day it sneaks in on me. It creeps in with a little “i don’t have time” here or “I have to go to work” there or an angry “I’ve asked you 10x” there and before I know it I’m going to bed feeling like the worst mom ever. As moms we take on so much guilt, that we don’t need, guilt we didn’t even deserve, guilt that doesn’t belong to us. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have cried myself to sleep, telling myself “Im not enough as a mom” and then proceed to tell myself all the reasons why I’m not enough. And then I have to backhand myself and say enough! I am enough. I may not be perfect, but I am enough. So the things that really bother me I take note of and instead of beating myself up over it, begin to demise a plan on how to change it. Somethings are completely false and I have to be aware that! Like guilt for going to work. Normally i would be working while the kids were at school, but because i got designated as remote learning coach! _FALSE GUILT momma! I have no place accepting that! But then maybe I wasn’t as patience and dropped one too many F bombs? Well I know there I know there is room for improvement so I go back and apologize with intentions of making change and then implement that change a little a time, and when I fall short, giving myself grace instead of guilt tripping myself! We as moms have to make it a choice not to accept the guilt the world intentionally and unintentionally throws at us! And momma I promise if you find a place to give yourself grace~you will always be the worlds okayest mom! Sending all the love I have to all you mommas! In a world where nothing feels right~the only thing we have is each!

Life is a tricky thing. We have to live it going forward but really only understand it looking back. We can’t alway makes choices and decisions from personal experience and or knowledge because we haven’t yet been then there. So stop seeing the worst in your decisions and look forward to the future with optimism and gratitude because every day is a new journey we get to embark on. . . . #magicofmotherhood #simplymamahood #honestmom #mombloggersofig #momslivinghappy #raisingtinyhumans #lifewithlittles #simplymamahood #motherhoodisdarling #momentsinmotherhood #littlepiecesofchildhood #thingsiwanttoremember #littlefierceones #seasonedmom #bloggermom #honestmotherhood #ohheymamas #joyfulmamas #storytellingmama #momofmanyblessings #motherhoodjourney #mommahoodinsquares #myhappycapture #motherhoodlens #motherhoodmoments #motherhoodalive #stopdropandmom

Hello Monday, Nice to see you. I am slowly learning how to set myself up to receive. Learning to write affirmations out daily and speak those over my life! Yes write! It’s an easy 4-5 word affirmation usually and after I have retrained my stinking thinking, I am on to a new affirmation. But because I have written and read what I wrote so many times, that affirmation never leaves me. So then all the sudden my mind is full of powerful, positive words that I can lean into. Learning to set yourself up for receiving sounds so easy and simple but you would be surprised how many times a day a negative thought creeps into my head! As a matter of fact I just had a full conversation with myself about my abilities and value. The conversation started off with all the things I can NOT, and ended with me reminding myself of what I am. Doesn’t mean I have an ego, doesn’t mean I don’t see where I could use improvement, but it reminds me what I am and what my intentions are. I have to set myself up to receive and if you are in the wrong mindset you may miss blessings that came to you to receive but you only saw it as a road block or completely missed it all together. I’m learning as I go, none of us get it right all the time but if we put systems in place, we are more likely to stay on track. So I set myself up a routine, and then follow through. Anyone want to join me as an accountability partner for the rest of the week to say “yes I wrote out my affirmations”? I would love to set myself up to be successful along with you! Thank you @wearpact for this amazing cotton maxi! It can be worn so many ways...with boots or tennis shoes, with T-shirt’s or jackets or cardigans! The choices are endless and as always @wearpact is always eco-friendly and sustainable! So if you care about our environment and have a passion for fashion @wearpact is a great place to shop and show your suppprt! . . . . #wearpact @apexdropofficial hat by @desertrebelaz desertrebelaz sloane15. #sustainableclothing #sustainablestyle

It’s like Narnia! Snacks everywhere! And sometimes momma just needs to treat herself! Maybe I’ll have enough to share with the kids 🤪 So many mini delicious treats from @entenmanns ® Try and say that 10x real 💨 @entenmanns ® minis are individually wrapped so I can indulge in moderation. I took one of each flavor, and a flavor to satisfy each specific craving. These high quality, moist, delish treats are so dreamy the whole family is sure to love them. (Check back next week to see how we turned them into boos for our neighborhood) You can grab yours at a @walmart from east coast to west coast. What craving are you satisfying? . . . #ad #entenmanns #socialspotters #mymotherhood #momminainteasy #mommin #snackideas #snackattack #wildfabletarget #walmartfind #walmartshopping

Sometimes you just need a tight squeeze to make it all better. Hugs can say so much, and they all special! I love hugs peeps! Love HUGS! Hugs can say “I love you” “I’ve got your back” “It’s going to be ok” “Have hope” “You’re Safe” A good squeeze can be so healing, uplifting or rejuvenating! And I’m blessed my littles (and bigs) look for those things in my arms. And just as squishy as they are, so is my new LAYR pillow from @luxome ! It has a multilayer system for the perfect pillow! You can customize your pillow by adding or taking away inserts! It makes for a perfect night sleep! I use my LAYR with 2 inserts (I’m tempted to try all 3) My LAYR, my new bed topper and sheets have made for the squishiest cuddles! And for a limited time you can save on your @luxome LAYR pillow using Summers20 . . . #luxome #MyLAYR #mommyandme #mommylife #mommyhood #mommydaughtertime #mommydaughter #mommysgirl🎀 #mommyblogger #mommyandmephotoshoot #motherdaughter #motherhoodunplugged #motherdaughtergoals #mommydaughterlove #letthembelittle #cuddlebuddy #cuddletime #mymotherhoodjourney #mymotherhood #mommydaughterlove #mommydaughtergoals #motherhoodthroughig #mydaughterismyworld #proudmomma❤️

How do you remix? We remix with a little bit of classic rock, with a little hair band, with a little hip hop! @lolsurprise dolls are so much fun! Unwrap 15 surprises and the remix collection comes with mini records that really play music! We are having a dance party over here with our LOL Remix dolls! Gotta collect them all! . . . #LOLSurpriseRemix #CollectOMG #CollectLOL #LOLSurprise #sponsored

One day those fingers won’t be little, they won’t leave fingerprints on the glass, or no more crayon on the walls, no more giggles, no more asking mommy to kiss booboos, no more middle of the night cuddles after a nightmare, no more tooth fairy and that is so hard to imagine... But right now is equally hard with them home 24/7 and juggling all these extra tasks like remote learning coach that i didn’t sign up for... There is nothing that feels totally right right now, even if you take away all the crazy world events at the moment it can still be overwhelming to be in the middle of it sometimes. I have 5 at one point I had 3 under 5, at another point I had 4 under 10 years and one of those was a medically fragile child in the hospital or at home on hospice. I can remember feeling defeated at different seasons for different reasons. Sometimes i have to remind myself it’s a season and one day Ill miss all the crazy. So for now i try to give myself grace and be in the moment. I send little love notes via text during the day and because the two littles have #gizmowatches from @verizon I can send them texts or voice memos reminding them that i love them forever and we will get thru this together. (Gizmo is an affordable smart watch for kids that parents control via an app on their phone) website: . . . #brandpartner #verizon #verizonwireless #gizmowatch #kidsofinstagram #smartwatches #kidfriendly #mommylife #mommyproblems #remotelearning #mommyhacks #mymotherhood #motherhoodanxiety #motherhoodintheraw #motherhoodunfiltered

I love to sleep! I sort of wish i didn’t love to sleep as much as i do because i feel i would get so much more accomplished but i love sleep! Hers done helpful hints for a good nights sleep •don’t eat or drink at bedtime •avoid alcohol and nicotine close to bedtime! Old tale says wine helps you sleep but that’s not true it may help you fall asleep because alcohol is a sedative but can cause you to sleep restless and wake up more frequently. •keep a sleep diary of your sleep patterns. Every morning wake up and jot down how many times you woke up, what time you went to bed, things like that! •keep your bedroom clean and free of dust and clutter •NO TV or LIGHT and NOISE unless it’s a white noise machine and the light is no more then 7 watts and that the light is shaded and diffused. •only use the bedroom for SEX and SLEEP •get yourself a @bedsurehome mattress topper for the best nights sleep ever! @bedsurehome has premium yet affordable mattress toppers and sleep solutions! I was so happy when we put it on our mattress topper on with a set of clean sheets! I slept like a baby! Check out the link in bio and here’s a discount code for just for you! SUMMERS20 . . . #sponsored #getcozy #youneedsupport #goodnightsleep #sleepsolutions #mommylife #mommylovesyou #mommylifestyle #mymamahood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #mymotherhood #mommydaughtertime #goldendoodlesofinsta #doodlesoftheworld

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