Kendra Williams

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As someone with Celiac Disease, I am passionate about sharing about good gluten-free food. As lifetime traveler, I focus on educating people on how travel is still possible with Celiac Disease. I also love to share about my Portuguese Water Dog Suki who is a gluten detection service dog.

I love health-based brands that focus on quality ingredients. I enjoy cooking, entertaining, reading, travel, skiing, camping, and spending time with my gluten detection service dog, Suki.

I am not just a content creator. I am a specialist in digital marketing, eCommerce, marketing, and sales. As someone who has run digital marketing and eCommerce for major consumer brands, I understand the importance of proper messaging, targeting, and engagement.

Location San Diego, Ca
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 14, 2023
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Which dish looks best to you? All the food was gluten-free and Celiac safe. Comment below for a DM of the blog links for full trip details. 1) gluten-free vegan Brussels Sprout grilled cheese from @tinymoreso 2-4) @groundbreakerbrewing @salvipdx 5-6) @newcascadia 7) @katesicecream 8-9) @mestizo.pdx 10) @tinymoreso - I bought some to take for breakfast 11) @jazzyladiescafe Eugene, Oregon 12) @homegrownoregonfoods Albany, Oregon Cover and End - a wonderful gluten detection service dog who keeps me safe. Follow for practical tips of living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #glutenfreetravel #glutenfreeportland #celiactravel #portlandoregon #eugeneoregon #albanyoregon

How can you get a gluten detection service dog? I trained her with the help of a gluten detection trainer. I have a few articles on my website that talk about how to find a trainer, and how the process works. Comment “I need one” below and I will send you a link to the articles or ask a question. Follow for practical tips of living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #glutendetectiondog #glutendetectionservicedog #allergendetectionservicedog #allergendetectiondog #servicedog #sdit

Why can’t you just eat at home if you have Celiac Disease? These comments have been left many, many times on one of my videos. I am responding to it because the people who leave these comments have kids and are continuing to spread dangerous ideas. If I just ate at home, I would not be able to do my job, I would not celebrate holidays, birthdays or weddings. I would never be able to take a vacation. This is not real life. I want to change this for kids who are newly diagnosed or struggling. This impacts people with Celiac Disease, food allergies, EOE, autoimmune diseases, and other disabilities. Please comment with why you can’t stay home and share it to change the narrative. Follow for practical tips of living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #celiac #celiacdisease #coeliac #coeliacdisease #glutendetectiondog #foodallergies #foodallergy #eoe #autoimmunedisease #autoimmune #hashimotosdisease #celiacawareness #celiaclife

Welcome, it is so good to have you here. I would love to hear more about you. Share your story. My Celiac Story - I was diagnosed in late 2017 after coughing for months. I could not shake the bronchitis that plagued me, and the doctors just said they thought I had acid reflux. I had tons of tests including a bronchoscope where they tested the fluid in my lungs. They still didn’t have an answer. A rheumatologist finally tested me for Celiac Disease and it was positive. I went gluten-free, but I still kept getting sick. This happened every time I went out to eat. I also had issues with medication. My work required travel and the issues with eating out were really bad. I ended up taking all my food with me when I travel. If I went out with friends, I rarely would eat with them because I would get sick from cross contamination. It wasn’t worth the risk of missing out on the time with friends if I got sick. I heard about gluten detection dogs in an episode of the celiac project podcast, and I started researching. I had a senior dog and I knew I wanted another dog, and I started to seriously think a gluten detection dog may be an option. I couldn’t afford a fully trained one, but an owner trained one was an option. COVID gave me the time at home to start the process and I was very fortunate to get a puppy. I worked with an awesome trainer over zoom who taught me what to do. Suki now keeps me safe. What is your celiac story? Suki is a 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog who is a fully trained gluten detection service dog. She lifts her paw when she detects gluten and noses your leg when there is none. When she isn’t working, she is you can find her sleeping on the couch, playing with her toys and her ball or running with her friends. That is about 99% of the time. For more information, check out our website #myceliacstory #servicedogsofinstagram #glutendetectiondog #celiac #celiacdisease #celiackids #celiacdiseaseliving #celiacdiseasefoundation #celiac-living #celiacblogger #celiacdiseaseawareness #coeliac #coeliacdisease #glutenfree

Celiac Disease is classified as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can read more about it at Follow for practical tips of living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #celiac #celiacdisease #celiacdiseaseawareness #ada #celiaclife #celiaclifestyle

What happens when my gluten detection dog detects gluten in a restaurant? We go through multiple steps to check to see what the issue is, we also ask the restaurant to remake the dish. This instance was a bit unique because this was a 100% gluten-free restaurant that doesn’t allow gluten in the building so we were very perplexed as to why she was alerting to gluten. We asked the restaurant to remake the dish, but separate out the rice, meat, veggies and sauce. Suki cleared the rice and the sauce, but alerted to the meat and veggies. What isn’t shown here is I pulled out a piece of meat and put it in a napkin. She cleared that. I then took the meat and veggies and put them in a to-go container for her to check that. She cleared that so the food was gluten free. I then had her smell the dish. The dish was an old enamel dish as this was a homestyle kitchen. She alerted to the dish. There was most likely gluten under the chipped edges of the plate. It wouldn’t have contaminated the dish, but it was enough to cause Suki to alert. We ate the food safely and enjoyed our meal. The restaurant was awesome and I would definitely recommend it to people who visit the area. #glutendetectionservicedog #glutendetectiondog #celiacdisease #celiactravel #glutenfreefood

How do you respond when someone asks you about your symptoms at a work dinner? When you have Celiac Disease, unfortunately that is a common occurrence. I answer the question, then move the conversation to something else as quickly as possible. Follow for practical tips of living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #celiaclife #celiacdisease #celiacdiseasestruggles #coeliaclife

Gluten-free or Gluten? What will my gluten detection service dog decide. Suki is a 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog. She checks all my food, medicine and personal care products for gluten. She raises a paw for gluten and boops a leg if there is none. What does she detect? Follow for practical tips of living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #celiaclife #glutendetectiondog #glutendetectionservicedog #celiacsofig #celiacsafe #glutenfreetravel #celiactravel

#ad What do I feed my service dog when I travel? The same food I feed her at home @justfoodfordogs I love the convenience of the ready to eat meals. They have the same recipe as the fresh food, but are in this convenient package. The best part is you don’t need scissors to open it, and there is no need to refrigerate or heat. Travel is hard on dog’s digestive systems, so keeping Suki on her regular food insures she feels good and can enjoy our trip. What is your favorite travel destination? DM if you want more information #justfoodfordogs #ifeedjffd #dogfood #travelwithdogs #travelwithdog #servicedog #glutendetectiondog #glutendetectionservicedog

Gluten-Free Portland, Oregon @groundbreakerbrewing to taste a couple of beers and try the Papusas and the Papusa burger for burger week from @salvipdx . Suki is celebrating National Dog Day. She approved the beer and the food as 100% gluten-free. Follow for practical tips of living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #glutenfreebeer #glutenfreeportlandoregon #celiactravel #groundbreakerbrewing #glutendetectionservicedog #papusas #glutendetectiondog

Planning a gluten-free trip These days many of my trips are just ways to explore new gluten-free restaurants as well as seeing new sights. Here is how I plan my trips. 1. Research gluten-free and the city name to see what comes up. Are there any articles or blogs about gluten-free travel? What restaurants come up? This is just the starting point. I make notes of what people say and what names and activities come up. 2. Research in groups - I really only trust 2 Facebook groups for travel advice - Celiac Travel and Gluten-Free travel around the world. They are mostly medically gluten-free people and are well-moderated. Again this is a starting point. 3. Go to the apps - @findmeglutenfree is the one I go to most often. I have the premium version so I filter by most Celiac Friendly or dedicated gluten free. 4. Read the websites and call as needed. This is where I dig deeper into the restaurants and determine which are the best for me. I don’t finalize my list until I get to a city, but this lets me know what options there are out there. 5. Map out the options - I like to make a map of the locations so I can get a better idea of where to stay and what restaurants are close to each other. This helps me find where I want to be. 6. Be flexible - once I arrive, I will decide where to go and leave room for making changes. I will call and make reservations ahead of time and ask all the questions about the menu and safety. 7. Have fun! For more details on how to travel gluten free. Comment travel tips and I will DM some links to articles on my website Follow for practical tips of living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #celiactravel #glutendetectiondog #glutenfreetravel #traveltips #glutenfree #coeliactravel

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