Kendra Williams

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As someone with Celiac Disease, I am passionate about sharing about good gluten-free food. As lifetime traveler, I focus on educating people on how travel is still possible with Celiac Disease. I also love to share about my Portuguese Water Dog Suki who is a gluten detection service dog.

I love health-based brands that focus on quality ingredients. I enjoy cooking, entertaining, reading, travel, skiing, camping, and spending time with my gluten detection service dog, Suki.

I am not just a content creator. I am a specialist in digital marketing, eCommerce, marketing, and sales. As someone who has run digital marketing and eCommerce for major consumer brands, I understand the importance of proper messaging, targeting, and engagement.

Location San Diego, Ca
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 14, 2023
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Chick-Fil-A announced that the Polynesian Sauce packets distributed between February 14-27 contain WHEAT and SOY. They contain GLUTEN. Please discard any sauces received during this time frame. This is a good example of why I have a gluten detection dog. #glutenfree #chickfila #chickfilasauce #soyallergy #wheatallergy

Why do I have a gluten detection service dog? I went gluten-free, but I still kept getting sick. This happened every time I went out to eat. I also had issues with medication. My work required travel and the issues with eating out were really bad. I ended up taking all my food with me when I travel. If I went out with friends, I rarely would eat with them because I would get sick from cross contamination. It wasn’t worth the risk of missing out on the time with friends if I got sick. I decided to train a gluten detection dog to keep me safe. Suki checks my food, medications and personal care products for gluten. She raises a paw if she detects gluten a boops my leg if it is gluten-free. #glutendetectionservicedog #glutendetectiondog #servicedog #celiac

If I was training a new dog, I would work with the natural behavior they offered and shape the natural alert. Suki is a gluten detection service dog who checks my food, medication and personal care products. She raises a paw when she detects gluten and boops my leg if there is none. I post practical tips for living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #glutendetectionservicedog #glutendetectiondog #celiacservicedog #portuguesewaterdog Do you like Suki’s alerts?

Can gluten transfer? Gluten is a super stick molecule. It is the protein that creates the elasticity in bread dough. Have you ever seen gluten dough pulled apart or flour sticking to someone’s hands? That is the gluten. Gluten can quickly transfer to packages in-store, but it does not affect the food inside the package. Because Suki sniffs through packaging, she alerts to gluten inside the package, but if there is gluten on the outside of the package, she alerts to that too. What does this mean? When we shop, it means that if she alerts to something, I do not buy it. If it is a known gluten-free item, I will have her check additional packages on the shelf to see if there is one that does not have gluten on the outside. If I have grocery delivery, I take the food outside of the package and place it in a clean container. She then sniffs the food without the package. She usually clears the food and alerts to the package. When that happens, the food is safe for me to eat. If she alerts to the food, I give it to someone who can eat gluten. What other questions do you have? #glutenfree #glutendetectiondog #glutendetectionservicedog #portuguesewaterdog #servicedog #servicedogintraining Would you trust a dog to check your food for gluten?

What does my gluten detection dog do in a grocery store? She checks all the groceries I buy. She is able to detect gluten through packaging. If a package has gluten on the outside from handling, I don’t buy the product. Suki is a 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog who is a trained gluten detection service dog for her mom who has Celiac Disease. She raises a paw when she detects gluten and boops my leg if there is none. Share with someone who needs to see this. I post practical tips for living life gluten free with Celiac Disease and a gluten detection service dog. #glutendetectionservicedog #glutendetection #servicedog #portuguesewaterdog #workingdog #celiacdisease #celiac What would you do with a gluten detection dog?

What is something you are sick of people asking you? For people with Celiac Disease, these were the top responses. Which is your top choice? How do you respond to it? #celiacliving #celiacblogger #celiacdisease #coeliacdisease #coeliacproblems Do you agree?

I asked what are you sick of hearing, and this response was at the top of the list. “Why don’t you just have a little bit of gluten?” Since we hear this so often, I want to hear your best response. It helps so much to have quick responses at the ready, especially when you are in an uncomfortable situation. What do you say? #celiac #celiacdisease #coeliacproblems #coeliac #coeliacdisease #celiacblogger #celiaclife When I get this response, I am most likely to

Suki is a gluten detection service dog for her mom who has celiac disease. She lifts her paw when she detects gluten and boops my leg when there is none. She detects down to trace amounts of gluten. In this case that is gluten which was put on a piece of parchment paper and then removed. This would represent the gluten you get through cross-contact. I took 2 of the same boxes from gluten free treats. One has the trace gluten and the other does not. She raises a paw when she detects the gluten in the box with the trace gluten. How have you been sickened from trace amounts of gluten? #glutendetection #glutendetectionservicedog #glutenfree #celiac #celiacdisease #crosscontamination Have you been glutened by cross contact? Share your experience in the comments

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