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Yana is 40+ old mother of a teenager and a toddler with whom she loves to spend time with and share funny stories about on social media. She's a blogger, writer, and personal stylist with a signature style that mixes a street aesthetic with every-day elegance. From her beginnings in New York City to being one of the top fashion merchandisers for two notable companies, Yana now shares her style expertise, mom and lifestyle notes and everyday life with women all over the world through social media. Style Stamped blog is where you’ll find the perfect mix of what to wear to work, after work, and to play while living life to the fullest.

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How do you get through your childless holidays? The same way I’ve learned to get through life since I was 15 years old with a life threatening illness…through Gods grace. With my day 1 friends and family supporting me. With my inspiration and purpose fueling me. Easy? No. Last year I had one of my kids but had so much anxiety over my situation at the time I could hardly enjoy it. And that was one of the better times. Life has so many ups and downs and the more I live the more acceptance I have over things I can’t control, and the more joy and appreciation I have for His grace, peace, and love which surpasses all understanding that never fails to get you through. These photos don’t really go with the caption but it’s something about this nighttime shoot that is giving so much light in these photos. My photographer experimented with shooting in the dark…and I like how these pics came to life with the light. Light always supersedes dark at all times in all times. I am thankful to be here to be thankful, for you, for life. We don’t all have the same path but that’s what makes it all interesting, don’t you think? I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday & weekend and walked away more thankful than you started it with. And if you’re shopping #cybermonday today, I’ve linked this look and most of its on sale. 😉 Pants & Blazer: KB x @target Heels: @stevemadden Sneakers: @nike AF1 “Bronx Origins” Bag: @ysl 📸: @praya1

Look Ma, no pants 👀😜 This blazer is long, past butt length and flared at the bottom which didn’t match well with flared pants. The shoulders are also very strong & square, making it worthy of wearing alone. If I were to wear it with pants, they’d have to be fitting to not take away from the shape of this blazer. Plus it’s tights weather and I love a good mini! I debated wearing this with boots…I think that would’ve worked too. 📝 I’m linking this blazer, shoes, and other @zara finds perfect for the holiday in stories. I’m a new #zaraambassador so I’ll be linking a lot of my faves in stories, so stay tuned! How would you wear this blazer style? (I do have short shorts underneath just in case 😇) 📸: @praya1 editing by 🙋🏽‍♀️ Earrings: @styledigz Sunnies: @fendi Clutch: @anthropologie Tights: @target

Friday check..who’s feeling good? 🙌🏾❤️ I underestimated these @signedblake pleated pants…but I’m glad I got them from her @amazonthedrop because they are so good! By the way…what would you call this color? I thought it was burgundy but they’re labeled as “Rhubarb” 😳 I would’ve also searched for maroon or blood red…what color do you call this? Linking similar looks in my L T K shop - follow me there @ YanaBStyle 😘 Top: @tjmaxx Vest: @hm Booties: @schutz Heels: @katespadeny Bag: @kurtgeiger 📸: @praya1

The leaves wanted to take pics before they leave. 🍂🍁 One of my favorite things about fall are watching the leaves change. What’s yours? Outfit linked & similar <link in bio> #fallstyle #dcblogger #dmvblogger #fallfashion 📸: @praya1

I also love the Lord y’all 😘 To all my friends here, just wanted to give a brief intro (again) or if you’re new here, welcome! I’m all the things this guy says in the video, I don’t know how he knows me 😆. A little about my corner; the style you see here will vary from sneakers to heels but always classy. When you meet me in person we can go from the boardroom to dinner to the corner and not skip a beat. I’m raising good kids but also like to party. I love crab legs but will also eat a Wendy’s Jr cheeseburger. I like Neiman’s and I love TJ Maxx. I can run the zoom meetings but I can also be on black twitter or TikTok laughing for hours. I love having time to be creative, but I also love to take naps. I’ve also been sick, and been healthy. I’ve been through hard times and good. I’ve learned a lot but above all I try to always share good energy and have a good time. Let’s get to know each other- what’s the most diverse thing about yourself that you’re willing to share? Do we have any thing in common? This is my favorite corner of the internet, and I’m so glad you’re here with me…still! Have a wonderful week my friend. 💕💕 📸: @praya1

Decisions decisions… The pandemic and working from home has me continuously asking if I can wear sneakers there…but I’ll bring my heels just in case. These denim J’s and denim heels can both come 💙 but which would you pick? 📸: @praya1 #dcphotographer

Have a great intentional week my friends. This weekend I was thinking about how busy life is and how fast time goes. I feel like I always have every tab open in my brain at once and I am always doing something, or needing to do something. One thing I’ve learned though as being a second time around (older) mom and having a kid in college already is that time truly does fly, and sharing as many moments as possible with your kids is good for your soul, while building up theirs. Being intentional about time spent together matters. It’s time we don’t get back. How do you deal with your busy life, while staying present, intentional, and grounded? I’m going to have to try hard to not cram everything into these short days now that it gets darker earlier. Some things I’m just going to have to leave until another day. I am not a fan of short days, but I’ll try to be intentional with the darker hours. ⏰ Have a wonderful, inspired week! Remember to find the beauty in the little things, in spite of what your situation may be. 💋 #motherhoodlife #singlemotherhood #momofaboyandgirl #blackmomsblog #blackmomskillingit #singlemomswag #singlemomma #dcmoms #dcinfluencer #dmvblogger #inspirationalmom #momofteenandtot

A few things… Sequins are my superpower. 💎 I don’t start sh$t but I can tell you how it ends. 🎯 Discovered my knees still work while filming this video. 😜 Which of these looks is your fave? Happy Friday boos. I hope you cut up as much as possible this weekend. 💋💋💋 ~ your friend Yana. I’ll be posting links in stories today. Some of these pieces are on sale. 😉 • SEQUIN Purple blazer (old) @zara black skirt (old) @allsaints black boots @schutzoficial , bag @balenciaga • SEQUIN Dress @asos , feather shoes (old) @topshop , bag @kurtgeiger • SEQUIN Shirt @target x @kahlanabarfield , jeans @levis , shoes @slathelabel , bag @anthropologie • SEQUIN skirt @asos shirt @hm shoes (old) @joesjeans , bag @kurtgeiger #dcfashionbloggers #dcinfluencers #blackbloggersdc #sequinlover #sequineverything #over40fashion

Halloween has not fallen on “my weekend” for the past 2 years, but I always get Lee a costume anyway. This year we heard about a local trunk-or-treat and it fell on the weekend before Halloween, so I of course made it a major point to go! If you’ve seen my stories you know that Lee gets theeee most wear out of his costumes. He’s been wearing this Ghostbusters one since the end of September and he even asked for Lenox to get one too. I had to wash his costume for these pics becuse he’s worn it so much! So here’s the deal, my mom always made me a costume…and they were always GOOD. She took me to the neighborhoods with the big houses so I could get lots of candy. So I did the same with Anaya. I never missed a Halloween with her, I was the mom who took off work to walk in the parades in elementary school and also, took her to the big houses to trick or treat. I usually had one of her friends or 2 or 3 with me too. It’s hard missing out on experiences with your kids, even if it’s “just Halloween”. For me, it all counts. So this year I am grateful to have been with Lee on a first Halloween experience where he will remember doing trunk-or-treat, and since Halloween falls on today, I might even take him to the big houses. 🥰🎃 Halloween is mad fun. And yeah, we still believe in Santa over here too. I love my parents for allowing me experience things that now bring my children joy, the same way it brought me and my siblings joy. Parents, even if it’s not “your weekend”, celebrate anyway. And whether you’re in a 1 or 2 parent household, make it all count. 🧡 What’s your favorite thing to celebrate? HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 📸: @praya1 #dcphotographer #countitalljoy #singleparentlife #halloween2022 #puppycostumes #boysbestfriend🐶 #ghostbusterscostume #everyotherweekend

#zyrtecpartner There’s nothing like experiencing a brand that really works, and then finding out the heart of the brand. @zyrtecallergy the #1 allergist recommended brand among OTC antihistamines recently launched ZYRTEC Dye-Free Chewables for both adults and children! These new chewables have come in handy as Lee and I have been experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms. And there’s more! ZYRTEC has partnered with non-profit American Forests on the ZYRTEC® ReLEAF Project, a tree planting initiative to help foster a better, healthier planet for all. This initiative is close to my heart, so it was simply amazing to partner with #zyrtec here in Ward 8 of Washington, D.C. to plant trees. Lee was SO excited. He woke up that morning saying, “we’re going on an adventure to plant trees!” ZYRTEC is committed to planting trees and advancing tree equity in historically excluded communities by contributing $150,000 to American Forests tree planting and research efforts. We just loved being a part of this initiative to put trees back into our communities and it’s an experience we’ll never forget and continue to support. Click the link in my bio to learn more! *Use as directed. #zyrtecreleafproject #americanforest #treeequity #washingtondc #ward8 @americanforests #treecanopy

POV: You can never have too many “going to brunch” looks, but this @kiyatomlin outfit is the ONE! # ad I’m so excited to wear this out with the girls to brunch, it’s comfortable and the pants are a conversation piece within themselves. The fabric is flowy and flattering, the colors are unique, and the brand designs styles for every body! Last but not least, y’all know I love sustainability efforts and a brand that has a heart, so it’s amazing to know that @kiyatomlin clothing is made with their own blend of renewable bamboo. Additionally, their workshop scraps are upcycled into neckrolls, therapy dolls, and tactile pieces to comfort local hospice patients and differently-abled children.’s a black owned and woman owned clothing line. 🤩 Get into this brand if you’re not familiar with it, and use my code YANABSTYLE for 20% off! #kiyatomlin #blackownedclothingline #womanownedbrand

There’s no stress on Fridays…who agrees? I’ll be playing in leaves today in my front yard…literally! I need to find a neighbor with a motorized leaf blower stat 😭😆🍂🍂 T.J. Maxx sent me a gift card and the earrings, shirt, and long jacket is what I got. What do you think of how I styled these 3 pieces? Do I have any @tjmaxx lovers here? #yestotjmaxx #fallfashion2022 #dcinfluencer #dcblogger #blackgirlswhoblog #blackgirlswhostyle #tjmaxxfind 📸: @praya1

A little mid week pep talk and pick me up for you and your TL. And if this post actually reaches your TL let me know 🫶🏾. Wearing my favorite look so far this fall in the essentials: sweaters, boots, and long coat. Which fall piece is your fave? I’m really feeling long coats right now. Something about them just tops off the look 👌🏾. Sweater and skirt (gifted): @mmlafleur / @mmlafleurdc Coat: @hm Boots: @schutz Bag: @katespadeny Sunnies: @anthropologie 📸: @praya1 #🍂🍁 #🧥 #👢

Wait..holdup…let me grab my coat weather just arrived in DC today! Might as well grab a cute one though right? Linking this entire look, and coats that I’m loving right now (including ones on sale) in my “shop my IG” link in bio. Is it coat weather where you are? Drop a yes/no and tell us where you’re located in comments! 🧥 #dcblogger #dcweather #coatweather #fallweatherishere #longcoats #dmvblogger #dcinfluencer #ltkseasonal

Living Out Loud: Kidney Transplant Warriors

I climbed trees and bookshelves like a monkey in the jungle, danced until I was dizzy from twirling, grabbed on to any other child to make friends, and just loved people (I obviously still do). I would endure reactions to blood sugar fluctuations, seizures, multiple blood tests and insulin shots daily, dozens of ophthalmic surgeries and procedures which eventually left me with low vision, and more. When I first learned of the news, I thought I was going to pass out from the lack of oxygen going to my brain (& heart), then collapsed in my office chair to cry. I just want them to know their/his decision to donate life keeps giving, and giving, and giving.

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