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Yana is 40+ old mother of a teenager and a toddler with whom she loves to spend time with and share funny stories about on social media. She's a blogger, writer, and personal stylist with a signature style that mixes a street aesthetic with every-day elegance. From her beginnings in New York City to being one of the top fashion merchandisers for two notable companies, Yana now shares her style expertise, mom and lifestyle notes and everyday life with women all over the world through social media. Style Stamped blog is where you’ll find the perfect mix of what to wear to work, after work, and to play while living life to the fullest.

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This week I’ve learned to take a break. For me taking a break means giving my mind the chance to rest because my brain is literally always on. You’ve heard people say I have a hundred tabs open in my brain like a computer? Well that’s me. Literally always thinking and all of my thoughts aren’t always beneficial and it gets overwhelming to say the least. But this week I took time to unplug and although I didn’t create the content I wanted to or produce all of the things on my to do list, I did get a taste of peace, mentally. And just being able to find that is worth all of the things I didn’t get done. Healing and growing for me is learning that sometimes you can just stop. Whatever you left will be there when you get back if it’s meant to be. I hope you had a great week and I’d love to know what you learned about yourself this week! #TGIF 💋 Yana B. P/C: @praya1 #dcphotographer

My First Galentine’s

My mom is the reason I fell in love with “Love Day” in the first place; she’d get me little treats and write cute letters and surprise me with gifts left on my bed that I’d find after coming home from school. I’d recreate this day, trying to bring back the feelings of unconditional love for many years after that. Even though I’m pushing myself to try new things and not focus on the negative in this season, I wasn’t clear on what Galentine’s day meant or what it involved. It was also an honor for the Thompson Hotel to host us for this event, which made an even greater impression on my first Galentine’s Day because this was a staycation I didn’t realize I needed!

My exercise routine be like...🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️👦🏾 You can pretty much always find me chasing a toddler these days. My mama told me when you have a baby later in life it keeps you young forever. And she should know since she had my sister at 45. 💪🏾🤣 Cheers to me being young until I’m 90. 😉 What’s something someone has told you about life that’s positive and cheerful? Happy Hump Day! P/C: @catchafallingsmile

Hi 2021…Better Late Than Never

But what if you just wait a while, sit back, evaluate, take it all in and give yourself time to form your own genuine opinion without the outside noise, and not on the outside time. I wanted to do a post on “Happy New Year! So I’m posting at the end of the first month of the year of hope, the year of change, the year of a new Administration, and the year of hopefully going the hell back outside! These are still crazy times for me, and I’m finding joy in home décor, spending too much money on candles and things, hearing Lee say

When you have the Monday blues, wear pink! I’m having one of those I’m repeating this affirmation: I won’t let the weather determine my mood over and over. Currently freezing rain in the DMV. We talked about wearing bright colors this weekend in my stories, and one thing to mention is that color can brighten the mood. Do you agree? How’s your week starting off? Linking my look on and can find most of the pieces (and similar pants) on @amazonfashion 💕💕 #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKstyletip You can instantly shop all of my looks by following me on the shopping app. P/C: @praya1 #dcphotographer

Christmas List for Teens

Needless to say their lists don’t look anything alike, but it’s been fun listing these items and getting to know more about each of them based on what they’re interested in. From where to shop for clothes, home decor, and beginner makeup, use this list for the under 18 year-olds in your life! My daughter and pre-teen God-daughter helped me develop this list and they both like similar things. Makeup Starters Makeup starts in pre-teens as well as does skincare.

Oh so I heard it was #NationalDrinkWineDay yesterday and guess who missed it (well only on IG of course 🙄). Since it’s better late than never- instead cheers to FRIDAY, the day after National Drink Wine day and to all of my wine loving friends who don’t need a special day to drink the beverage that Jesus turned water into! Which one of you are my wine(y) friends? 🙋🏾‍♀️ Red or white? Also are you team early or team late? I’m just trying to see how much we have in common. 😆 Also shoutout to the @mcbridesisters for the best Rosè I’ve ever had. Periodt. 🥂#BlackGirlMagic 💫 P/C: @praya1

Christmas Lists for Tots

I have a teen girl and a toddler boy, and shopping for them for Christmas is on the opposite ends of the spectrum so I created a few lists to cover all of your under 18 year-old needs. My three year old son and niece are two peas in a pod, and they primarily like similar things. but year-round, as tots are always in need of something to keep them occupied, if you know what I mean.

I’m not a fan of winter and never have been. The most annoying thing anyone could ever say to me is “Why don’t you like the cold, aren’t you from New York? You should be used to it.” I’ve never understood why people feel the need to say that. Yes I’m from NY and I don’t like to be cold....EVER! 🙄🙄🙄 What’s something people assume about you that makes you annoyed? Meanwhile this coat is still in stock in all sizes...something about the sequins makes feeling cold a little less it and other coats on sale by following me on the shopping app. I’ve listed some good ones! #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip #liketkit Praying and sending warm thoughts to all my friends and family in TX!! 🙏🏾💗 P/C: @praya1

I told myself (and God) that I could never be a single mom of a boy and that’s why I had a daughter. -> Fast forward to the part that says “we make plans and God laughs.” Never thought I’d be a boy mom or even know what to do with a boy. I had 2 little brothers and I was ok with skipping that part 😆. In between trying to keep him from jumping off all of the furniture, riding the dog, and going 100mph in full toddler fashion every day, Lee has taught me how to play with cars and trucks, find cartoons in Spanish on YouTube, and ultimately be a mom of a boy. He’s improved my lung capacity as I’ve had to exercise them through yelling “stop” and “slow down”while he rides his bike faster than the other kids in the neighborhood, and I don’t have to do crunches because he keeps my belly laughing at least once an hour with non-stop shenanigans. I don’t know how much I’m teaching him as we are mostly winging it, but I do know he knows how to love. So if I haven’t done anything else right in these boy mom streets, I hope that counts for something. He says “I muuuuve you.” (Yes with an m sound). And hearing that from this rambunctious 3 year old is worth all of the laughs from God I could imagine. He’s always right anyway and He makes no mistakes. ♥️🌹♥️ Raise your hand if you’ve ever made plans while God laughed at them 🙋🏾‍♀️😂 #HappySaturday #BoyMom #LearningOnTheJob #TeachThemToLove #LoveandLaugh P/C: @catchafallingsmile

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