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Stratabeat is a marketing, branding and design agency that develops powerful strategies to amplify your awesomeness and deliver impactful results.

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3 Strategies to Grow Your Business 3X Faster

What you’ll find are three strategies to grow your business 3X faster. Bain & Company conducted a five-year study of specific growth-driving moves by 1,850 companies to determine how successful companies achieve sustainable, profitable growth. The research revealed that companies realize their most ongoing, profitable growth when they push out the boundaries of their core business into an adjacent space. Another strategy for building your business of tomorrow is to disrupt your own current business, getting ahead of competitors or potential future competitors.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your B2B Website

Thinking longer term, an effective way to gain rankings and drive organic traffic to your website is through SEO topic clusters. It’s called content atomization, and the idea is to take a core, base content piece, and then to translate it into many different pieces of content: * Customize a core piece of content for different audiences, or * Slice and dice the content into various digestible chunks that can be published in different platforms in different formats in different ways. When we say that long-form blogging or content atomization or LinkedIn marketing is a great source of traffic, each one is more effective when you inject emotional marketing into it.

How to 3X the ROI of Your Bylined Articles

If the lifetime value of your clients is actually 3X their first-year value, then you’re talking $100,000 or $150,000. In this way, one great article becomes a small library of useful content, giving you more opportunities to reach and engage with your audience. ROI: Using social media to amplify your bylined articles is a great way to expand your reach to a broader audience, and to reach them even when they are not on your website. Of course the bylined articles were not the only contributing factor, but by diversifying the methods you use to get value out of your published content pieces as outlined above, that can translate into not only 3X your ROI, but actually 8X, 9X or even 10X.

Announcing Organic Lead Generation Workshop at LeadsCon

Attend the workshop, and learn multiple methods for improving your organic lead generation results and filling your pipeline. Learn effective strategies for audience targeting, content development, storytelling, content amplification and SEO, filled with real-world examples. SAP customers represent 98% of the top 100 most valued brands in the world, producing more than 79% of the world’s chocolate, 77% of the world’s beer, and 85% of the world’s pet food. LeadsCon 2020 in Las Vegas is the largest performance marketing conference and expo in the world with more than 2,700 lead generation and performance marketing professionals in attendance.