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Yoast CEO on Helping Millions of Users with SEO [INTERVIEW]

With millions of users, Yoast’s flagship plugin Yoast SEO aids developers and users in implementing certain SEO tasks in WordPress websites. But the company also offers Video SEO for WordPress, Local SEO for WordPress, News SEO for WordPress, among other plugins. We basically have a lot of courses on SEO and all aspects of SEO and help people to do that themselves, because I think a large part of SEO is something you need to do yourself because, you can outsource it a little bit, but you still, will always need to be involved because it’s also a big part of your marketing. So, we’re targeting both the people who know a lot about SEO, but also the people who don’t know anything, because they’re

Mobile-First Indexing Is Here! What You Need to Know.

Even if 99% of your traffic were from desktop, Google is still going to assess and determine your SERP rankings based on your mobile site. Google is going to be looking exclusively at your mobile site in order to determine your Google rankings. Google straightforwardly advises that a website provides the same experience across both mobile and desktop: “If your mobile site has less content than your desktop site, consider updating your mobile site so that its primary content is equivalent to your desktop site. You can see how Google measures the page load time of your web pages including a Google mobile site check using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

Question-Based SEO for Greater Traffic, Engagement and Conversions helps you to know the questions being asked along with the search sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) by extracting PAA questions and uses the Google Natural Language Processing API to inspect the question and identify the prevailing emotional opinion that the question has. The Question Hub is a tool that identifies content gaps online, enabling content developers to create richer content based on unanswered questions. In the Google SERPs, for example, People Also Ask (PAA) boxes, which answer questions related to a given search query, are becoming more and more prevalent. Another relevant Google SERP feature is the “Related Searches” found in the Google search results.

B2B Content Marketing Trends for 2021

As a new B2B content marketing trend in 2021, we will see more adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation and copy. Video is quickly overtaking the content marketing space, with 70% of B2B buyers and researchers watching video at some point in their buying journey. While professional quality video is still important, 82% of people prefer live video from a brand to social posts and 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog. This has been important in B2C for a long time, but it’s also becoming increasingly important for B2B. After all, even if you’re marketing to businesses, those businesses are still comprised of humans.

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