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6 Things to Do After a Breakup

However, know that I’m actually at peace with the decision and have taken this as an opportunity to heal, reset, and show up stronger for myself and the life I envision. If you find yourself here after a breakup, divorce, or separation from someone dear and close to your heart, I’d like to share some inspiration and perspective to launch your soul into new heights of healing. When you focus your energy on bringing awareness, healing, alignment, and love into your life, the Universe will surprise you with feel-good feelings, magical days, and the unshakeable knowledge that things are happening for you even when you can’t see them yet. Connect with me and check out my weekly energy readings on Instagram and work on your connection to self and your goals in 2021 by ordering your 2021 Sparkling Life Planner!

October Horoscopes: Introspection

Take time to nurture your soul, your body, and your surroundings to bring more of those self-care, self-love, and self-worth vibes into your life this month and moving forward. It’s a great time to honor what you want and do some research on the things that you want to work on in the new year. Practicing self-care and taking the time to uncover the things situations and people that are bringing forth this energy within you will help you release these energies from its root. So take the time this month to do your research and to really think of making a solid plan so come next month or the new year you can start putting those strong and steady steps forward towards your dreams.

August 2020: Affirmations for Each Zodiac Sign

August 2020 comes filled with positive vibes, good luck, and the energy that we need to pursue the things that spark joy in our hearts. Connect to your inner Sun, your inner power this month by tapping into your playfulness, and creativity. When I merge my DESIRE with FAITH, I can take action from a place of PEACE rather than control. Manifesting is the creative process of aligning with the energy of the universe to co-create an experience that ELEVATES my spirit and the spirit of the world.

No Competition Only Big Plans

Doing this can throw you into a loop of feeling unsatisfied, frustrated, less than worthy of, and a whole set of feelings that are just lowering your vibration and keeping you farther from the life that you want. The other element of growth lies in understanding the other pieces of the puzzle that you might not know about other people’s journeys. You might not know that someone developed a certain skill because they spent years coping with death or abuse or loneliness, as an example. What if the person you are comparing yourself to had a stronger support system or had fewer curveballs thrown at them and that gave them the opportunity to focus their energy on reaching a goal, while you had to juggle life and your emotions.

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