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Hello! My name is Shelby and I am so excited that you are here! WELCOME!

I’m a mom, insta-blogger, wife and bartender.

I love to focus on beauty, style, parenting and everyday life! My goal is to help you get through everyday life! Whether that be help through fashion, beauty, home or parenting I focus on the ordinary- and turning it extrodinary.

I want to show my friends and loved ones (that’s you! If you’re here- we’re officially friends!) how normal it is to be human on the internet full of picture perfect accounts.

Everyday life- everyday beauty!!

Location East Leroy, MI
Country United States of America
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The search for a product line with clean ingredients, a great mission statement and with a focus on skin that sweats- is over!!! I couldn’t be more impressed with how @freskincare works for my skin! #frepartner Loving my skin was the goal- and I’ve completely stopped wearing heavy foundation! I love seeing my actual skin! The Glow Me Tinted Defense Moisturizer & SPF is the perfect final step to my facial routine! Interested but unsure how these might work for your skin? Fré offers a 30-day money back guarantee! 🎉 but I can almost assure you that you’ll be too obsessed with how your skin looks and feels to worry about that 😉 Shop Fre skincare directly by clicking over to the link in my bio or comment below for the link! Don’t forget you can use code SHELBYSPARKLES to save!! @freskincare #freskincare #sahmomlife #skinthatglows #cleanbeautythatworks #sahmgrwm #sparklefinds Crew Neck: @simpleheartco Silk Scarf: @curlfriend.collective Jewelry: @sarahbriggsjewelry

What have I been doing to help? Seeing a therapist regularly. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate mine. She’s been a huge help in talking through the hard stuff and reminding me that every journey is different. Ask your primary care doctor for a a recommendation, or google “therapist” in your area and do some reading up on who you might connect well with! Creating a checklist everyday on what absolutely needs to be done. Load the dishwasher, fold the laundry, take a shower. All the stuff that piles up and adds to the overwhelm but can easily be tackled by setting a reminder. I’m a list person so this helps me stay on track, and want to complete my list! Protecting my peace, by being extremely picky on who/what I’m allowing to take up space in my day. Especially by what content I’m consuming on socials. You’re allowed to mute or unfollow those who aren’t bringing you joy! Moving my body at least 30 minutes daily. I take a walk, ride my bike or do some stretching. I hate it, but always feel better afterwards. Reading. Escaping the constant noise in my head by falling into an incredible book has been the biggest solace after a busy day. What’s something you do to stay on track when you’re feeling anything but motivated?? #mentalhealthtips #therapyworks #protectyourpeace #honestmomconfessions #momswhoread

Watching their joy made the mess worth it 🫶🏻 Slow moments are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most recently. How have you been enjoying small moments lately?

Ways I’m Choosing Myself Everyday 🤸🏻‍♀️Movement ⌚️Routine 🌱Health 🫶🏻Grace 🤸🏻‍♀️Moving my body everyday is key- (if you know me, you know I’m the least bit athletic and working out has always felt like a punishment) so the goal is to do SOMETHING everyday for 30-45 minutes. Whether that be a walk, stretching or riding my bike. ⌚️I also recently figured out that the last four years of my life have been heavily dependent on a child’s routine. Which, I understandable I have 2 kids. But as they’ve grown out of the infant, baby and tiny toddle phases and they’re becoming more independent and have a structured routine and schedule, with activities like dance and preschool. I’ve suddenly discovered some extra time and haven’t set a routine for myself quite yet. Flying by the seat of my pants day to day isn’t necessary, and I deserve to set aside a routine to keep me on track. 🌱Eating and cooking with fresh ingredients, increasing my water intake, focusing on my skincare and mental health are areas I know I need to dedicate time everyday towards, even though I have an entire home and family to focus on everyday. Especially because of that. 🫶🏻Grace is a reminder that I won’t have it all together everyday and some days I won’t hit every goal. But every day that I do is one step closer to feeling better, emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s been a long time coming in making these happen and I finally feel like I’m allowed to put myself first in aspects I didn’t allow myself before. How have YOU chose YOU recently? #mentalhealthtips #productivityhabits #feelgoodandsurvivetoddlerhood #chooseyourself #momneedsabreak

FriYAY!! We’re all tucked in to weather out these storms headed for the Midwest tonight! Locally we’re only forecasted major winds and thunderstorms thankfully, praying no major damage happens!! Are you the one to sit on the porch and watch the storm or a stay in hunkered down?? 🌧️⚡️💨⛈️ Stay safe everyone!!

Run do not walk to Amazon for the cooling hotel style viral pillow on lightening deal today! This was our top seller for 2022! 🛌💤 King and queen size available and comes as a pack of two! They’re the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever used and I immediately miss them if we’re away from home!! Comment for the link or shop directly using the link in my bio! #amazonhomefinds #masterbedroomideas #coolingpillow #hotelstyle #hotelpillow @amazonhome @amazonlifestyle

One day at a time! And that’s ok! It’s been an off couple weeks and truly showing up in multiple aspects of my life have been difficult lately. I haven’t had interest in doing things I normally love, suffering in a major creative block and have felt like I’m just going through the motions to make it through to each night. I’m back to weekly sessions while I have been working through some difficulties in therapy and processing how they make me feel and how I want to handle the situations affecting me. It’s ok to know you’re not ok, you’re doing your best and you’re putting the work into getting better. Lately I have been skipping our nightly resets because I’m beyond ready to crawl into bed once the kids are down. We all struggle the next day though, because then we start out the day out in chaos. Today was dedicated to getting back to that “starting” point before our weekend. And it feels so freaking good. What’s something you do to boost yourself up? What’s a routine you have set that helps kick that funk?

Enchanted FOUR-est was the most fun to celebrate with our Nora girl 🦉🌸🦋🌳🐿️✨ Surprising her with a big girl bed, snuggling and taking all sorts of pictures with her new digital camera (perfect for little ones who see mama taking pictures all day everyday and wanting to participate themselves) and getting all dressed up with her very own fairy wings made the day so so special. We had homemade cupcakes from our favorite uncle, little lady bug 🐞 cheese and crackers and the yummiest mini fruit pizzas 🍓🫐🥝 Planning and hosting birthday parties might make mama so tired in the end- but the smiles and memories made make it all worth it 🥹✨🫶🏻 Are you a big birthday party fam? Or like keeping it small? So far we’ve done family only but I can’t resist going all out on the theme 😅 Shop our Birthday party by commenting for the links or shop directly using the link in my bio! #fourthbirthday #fourthbirthdayparty #4thbirthday #enchantedforest #enchantedfourest #girlsbirthday #girlsbirthdayparty #fairybirthday #fairygarden

My latest book discovery is that I have more to read than I think I do 🤓 Officially putting myself on a book buying ban- and re reads are done for a while 😅 How long is your TBR? And yes, I’m aware I have more than the average person in my collection 📚 #bookcollecting #personallibrary #bookstagram

Wanting to explore new places but also loving what you’re wearing on the journey is important too 😉 I loved planning out beautiful pieces together that are comfortable, affordable and yet still make me look and feel incredible while wearing them! Our latest adventure? Tropical paradise aboard the Scarlet Lady @virginvoyages to visit the Dominican Republic and Bimini, Bahamas! Shop my tropical vacation looks by commenting below or shop directly using the link in my bio!

Fads VS Fundamentals: what you Actually need during pregnancy

You will lose part of yourself in motherhood- if you’re pregnant for the first time or if you are just adding a new addition to your littles tribe. You will look at your spouse and their insignificant nipples with hatred you didn’t know existed, because it was with love you both decided to bring this little one into this world, right?? Wash your hair- accept the stupid casserole your MIL brings over and be thankful for a warm meal you did When your spouse has nothing planned for an afternoon, leave the house and enjoy a stroll through target alone.

Play Kits by Lovevery: Is the subscription worth it?

I do not deny that whatsoever, who would want to spend $120+ on a single subscription box of toys?? I also had the same thought when I first was introduced to the Play Kits months ago! One single purchased box is around $120 which is designated for a 3 month period of play and growth! Where you’re getting 9 months worth of play that equals less than $40 a month in toys.

Christmas Tradition with Gull Meadow Farms

Mama dressed with long johns and a pair of leggings under a pair of jeans. On top I layered a long sleeve shirt over the long john top, a wool sweater and my “maternity” winter peacoat. Nora was clad in jeans with sweatpants over, her cowl sweater from Old Navy. My husband wore his long johns, and he just had on a pullover under his heavy coat with jeans.

sparkle, giggle & smile

Turn on your JavaScript to view content Pictured Products Directly Linked (Or as close as I could find) Turn on your JavaScript to view content Pictured Products Directly Linked (or as close as I could find) Turn on your JavaScript to view content Nora’s favorite part of her room are the books stacked on that side table (Don’t mind the missing drawer handles, someone can’t stay out, and momma is worried about pinched fingers!!) Turn on your JavaScript to view content Pictured Products Directly Linked (or as close as I could find)

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