Sofia Etc.

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βš• Yale School of Medicine '21 πŸŽ“ Princeton University '17 πŸ“Œ Student life + classic style enthusiast

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My posting this is the literal definition of "what you see on social media isn't real" because I'm on a 24 hour shift right now and would rather be anywhere else. Looking forward to the next vacation ✨ 😭

September photodump πŸπŸ‚ As always a jam packed month (the 80 hour work weeks are not pictured in this photodump & I am literally posting this from work). But a full and busy life is better than the opposite, so no complaints. Alhamdullilah

One of my favorite outfits of the summer 🌿🌸

August dump πŸŒΈπŸ™πŸ½βœ¨ Grateful for a much needed vacation, for another year around the sun, & for another wedding anniversary to celebrate. Grateful for having had a great experience being a senior resident so far also- our first year residents (I hate the term intern) are incredible! Hoping the rest and fun from this month carries me through the rest of the year.

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Start of our DDLJ trip - next stop Paris πŸ‡«πŸ‡· (for reference, DDLJ is a classic Bollywood film that takes place in London, Paris, & Switzerland, which are the places we are visiting on this vacation. Oh and also Punjab, which we are unfortunately not visiting this trip πŸ˜…)

Leo season in full swing ✨ πŸ“· @wildnyc

July Photo Dump (do the kids still do this??) πŸŒΈπŸ’ (Also, July is very much saree season in my community if you couldn't tell)

When my MIL bought me this linen saree in 2019, I remember thinking it would be perfect for a desi garden party. Update: I have not been invited to a desi garden party (or any event that would require a linen saree) since that time. But I finally found an occasion to wear the saree today so there's that 🌿🌸

June photo dump - lucky to be surrounded by so many friends

Eid Mubarak πŸŒ™ to everyone celebrating. Pictured: twirling my way out of intern year - last official day as a first year today!

Happy first day of summer 🌞

May dump - so few photos because I was on the busiest inpatient month πŸ₯² BUT chose the front photo because my senior @twillfrmdakoast braided my hair every day this week πŸ’•

Med School β€’ Sofia etc.

I’m sharing about 150 questions I prepared for when interviewing for medical school. Name three qualities important to being a physician that you already possess, and another three that you don’t just yet, but that you believe you will strive to gain in medical school? What do you think it takes to succeed in medical, dental school, or Insert Field school? A 34 year-old man presents with AIDS and tells you, as his physician, that he does not want to tell his wife.

A Cardio Hater's Review of the Peloton β€’ Sofia etc.

I’ve used the elliptical machine, I’ve tried getting into running with Aaptiv, I’ve done jump rope and at home cardio workouts. Besides getting used to the saddle, I think it’s worth trying out different instructors, difficulty levels, and ride styles before making a decision on whether you enjoy Peloton or not. In general, I try to force myself to β€œprove” to myself that I’ll use something before purchasing, and I think it’s worth doing that with Peloton by trying it out first, even if you have to pay for a month long membership to a gym to do so. Second, I think if weight loss is your main goal and if you enjoy other forms of cardio, such as running, buying a Peloton isn’t worth it.

No Shopping Challenge- Month 1 β€’ Sofia etc.

But doing this challenge has made me realize that I have hobbies besides shopping that I could focus on more in the future rather than using shopping as a hobby (which I think many people do). I noticed a few things about my shopping habits that I want to change When I like something, I feel an urge to buy multiples- multiple colors, other things from the brand, etc. actually have hair loss or hair thinning, so of course I can’t be bothered to oil my hair. If I actually had hair thinning, I’m sure I WOULD oil my hair and this would be a reasonable purchase.

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