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Content strategist for Health & Wellness Coaches!

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6 Content Calendar Tips (You Can Actually Stick To!)

Inspiration can hit any second of the day, so don’t limit yourself by trying to fill out every single box or planning out your Instagram stories… Plus, you want to maintain your authenticity and let things flow naturally for the most part! Even if I totally drop the ball with my content calendar one month, I will ALWAYS plan out the topics & content for that weekly training, no matter what. I know some of your b*tches LOVE a good color code system, so feel free to organize your calendar that way. However you decide to use your 2021 Content Calendar Template, just make sure it’s correct for YOU.

Free vs. Paid Content: Am I Giving Away Too Much??

As a content marketing coach, you know I’m all about giving away free content to build trust with your audience & attract new clients. You can absolutely sell free content if you package it in a step-by-step format because people don’t want to go searching for all the pieces and try to put it all together themselves. Another reason why you can re-package free content into a paid offer is simply because it’s impossible for everyone in your audience to consume all the free content you put out into the world Free content can only get you so far… Now that you can clearly see the difference between free vs. paid content, you know how difficult it can be to DIY a solution using just a few freebies.

The Best Lead Magnet Funnel Tips for Coaches

Your lead magnet funnel will also include a welcome email sequence which is a sequence of emails those subscribers get once they download your lead magnet. The best lead magnet funnel for coaches doesn’t just end with lead magnet Once your potential coaching clients sign up for your lead magnet, it’s time to lead them through the buyer Keep the welcome email sequence in your lead magnet funnel SHORT.

Coaching WITHOUT a Niche? 3 Reasons Why It's OK.

If you’ve never started a health coaching business before and you’re unsure who you want to work with or even what kind of coaching you want to focus on, don’t box yourself in right at the jump. You’re supposed to experiment & figure out who you like to work with & how… Which is only possible if you actually start WORKING WITH PEOPLE, even if that means coaching without a niche. I made this mistake in the beginning and it was a tough transition once I finally decided to shift from a social media agency for medical doctors to content marketing coaching for health coaches. Whether you decide to enroll in the Wellness Marketing Accelerator or hire a different marketing coach, I cannot stress enough how important it is to seek guidance in this area.

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