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I help moms organize & DIY their homes, one small project at a time🏡 ▪️Organizing+Decluttering ▪️Household Routines ▪️DIY Decor 📍Des Moines, IA

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🤔What’s your favorite spot on the couch? Or do you move around a lot? And do you say sofa or couch?Comment and let me know—I’m so curious! I like to move around to all the spots on our new sectional, but if I had to choose one favorite spot it would be the one at the very end of this video! (ad) It took us testing out a whole lot of couches at @shophomemakers to land on this one for the living room, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision! I’ve never had a sectional before and it it GLORIOUS! Are you team sofa or sectional? Our new sectional was delivered 3 months ago and I’m sharing a full review of how we’re liking it and if we’d buy it again over on the blog. I also talk about how we’re cleaning and caring for the leather, if I’m happy with how it looks in this room, how we like the low back, and so much more. The blog post is linked in my bio—go check it out!

Household Routines Edition

I had our dishwasher running when we went to bed last night, so I quickly put the clean dishes away and load the dishwasher with any dishes that have gathered on the counter. I always say dirty dishes attract more dirty dishes and making it a point to put things directly in the dishwasher really helps prevent us from just getting lazy and stacking dishes up next to the sink. I wash any remaining things in the sink which I’m always so tempted to skip, but a couple of minutes scrubbing those dishes now is always so much better than having to catch up on a mountain of dishes a few days later. We haven’t been the best at getting her to fall asleep on her own, but I think as I start to have more energy again we’ll be able to leave her alone before bed and get a little time in watching a show just David and me.

💕I looooove a good label and I made my 2 go-to labels in stories today! 1- The @ptouchessentials label maker is perfect for labeling things like water bottles, spice jars, file folders, and more. I made new water bottle labels for Chloe today using laminated label tape (the last one held up for 8 months of constant washing!). 2- I’m always using my @officialcricut Cricut Joy for custom labels! You can make any design you can dream up, but I usually keep it simple with black letters like the ones I added to our menu board today. You’ve seen me make this type of label a lot! Here’s some other ways to add labels: ▪️ Handwrite with a marker or paint pen directly on the container ▪️ Use a sharpie on a piece of wash tape ▪️ Search Pinterest for free printable labels you can print (and laminate if you if you want) ▪️ Use clip-on bin labels (these usually have a dry erase or chalkboard surface) ▪️Buy sticker labels either with the words already on them or ones that you can handwrite on ▪️ Use printable label paper to design and print labels out on your computer ▪️Look for adhesive bookplate holders that can stick to containers/bins. Then you can slip in a paper label, either handwritten or printed. ▪️Cut out a label from craft paper (did you know they make chalkboard and dry erase paper?!) and write your label, then tie onto your basket or bin with string ▪️Luggage tags make great labels to attach to larger bins! ▪️You can order tons of custom labels on Etsy! Lots of options for vinyl labels like the ones from my Cricut as well as pretty sticker labels and more. What’s your favorite way to label things? And what am I missing from this

How To Use The Cricut Mug Press With Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

Learn how to make a cute DIY mug using the Cricut Mug Press and Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. Unlike your traditional vinyl, the Mug Press uses Infusible Ink to create permanent designs with vibrant colors that will last a lifetime (and get this–they’re dishwasher safe!). Crafting Forever mug design, click here to open it in Design Space (note that the words are a premade design You can also search Design Space for additional mug press designs or open the Mug Design Setup template so you can design your own.

Spent the afternoon sprucing up the living room a bit and it’s feeling so good in here. Now if only you could come visit in person, right? The star of this room is the sectional from @shophomemakers (ad). I’m loving how it fills the room and it is beyond comfy. Like suuuuper comfy. Today I added new art, hung curtains (long overdue), swapped some pillows and brought in a different chair. And now I’m feeling so inspired to shop for the perfect coffee table and chair to complete this room. Question: What color should I paint the built-ins?! I can’t decide! Thinking a moody navy? #homesweethomemakers #homemakers

Bathroom Drawer Organization Tips

I love how everything has turned out, but my final (and arguably most fun project) was organizing the vanity! I was hoping to use The Home Edit’s new line of vanity organizers for my drawers, but they were just a smidge too tall for my short drawers. I had two phases to my project: the larger items in the turntable under the sink, and smaller things like hair products and makeup in the drawers, potentially with some on the counter. I’ve got a post all about the best products for organizing drawers, and the museum gel is included.

Where do you keep most of the toys in your house? Comment and let me know! Most of our toys are in the loving room and I finally took the time to clear out these built-in cabinets and get things organized. A little sorting and some new bins was all it took! Here’s a look at the project from beginning to end.🙌🏻 Let me know what you think! *Click the link in my bio and tap this photo for container sources!

Organization Hack: Storing Outgrown Kids' Clothes

While I love fancy vinyl labels in some cases, for a project like this the Smart Labels are amazing because they’re just like stickers. If you’re using Smart Labels, you don’t need a cutting mat so that’s one less thing. You also don’t need any weeding tools since the labels easily peel off the backing paper with your fingers. Design your label in the Cricut app For quick labels like this, I love the Cricut Joy app.

Saturday morning means toys, cartoons & donuts in our house! I’m not a huge donut person though, I’d rather have cereal. How about you?🍩 We’ve discovered so many different toys since organizing them last weekend—funny how that works.😉 (ad) This All-Purpose Bin from @thehomeedit collection by @idlivesimply seriously works in every room, and was just what we needed to contain some of these toys. See these bins in our built-ins in my last post, and watch for a video of the whole toy storage project later this weekend! These bins are linked in my bio, just tap this photo.

✨On a scale of 1 to 10, how’s your garage looking these days?✨ Garages are an intimidating spot to organize, but wow what a difference it makes once it’s done! I spent several weekends in here organizing different zones last year and it’s so nice to be able to find things now (AND fit both cars inside🙌🏻). Here’s a look at some of my favorite areas, there’s a full tour with sources linked in my bio for ya!

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