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Beauty, Food, Fitness, Fashion & Lifestyle

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Did you know that Black women experience more hair anxiety than other women? I am not at all surprised about that. I had a reel go viral and someone commented something along the lines of: “I love the dress but that hair doesn’t go with it.” For context, the dress was a $500 PH5 dress, and the hair is my jumbo Afro twists. And this is not just limited to me or this one single comment. it is the sentiment that braids are not “birthday hair”, it’s going to the comment section of a black creator with leave out that has not been straightened to death and hundreds of people telling her over and over again that her hair is ugly. It’s me putting on a wig, doing my best to style it and going on with my day and someone leaving me a comment about how they like my clothes but I need to throw my wig away. And the funnily sad thing is, all these comments are coming from fellow black women. We have somehow become the custodians and upholders of eurocentric beauty standards to each other when it comes to hair. We have decided that the standard of beauty and elegance is a 30 inch, bone straight, buss down, what lace weaves and laid edges, and any deviation from that is unacceptable. That is sad, disappointing; and the opposite of the progress we say we want. As for myself and my hairstyles, here’s what I have to say: no one else gets to dictate to me what is elegant and luxurious. I get to define what that means for me in all apsects of my life, including my hair. I’m the one in the designer dress and whatever hairstyle I am in, is worthy of the dress.

Casual but extra: lunch outfit edition. Outfit is linked in my LTK #casualstyle #casualchic #casualoutfit

#larocheposaypartner I've dealt with adult acne for years, and it has left me with dark spots. I'm always looking for products to reduce the appearance of uneven skintone, and l've been loving @larocheposayusa Niacinamide 10 Dark Spot serum lately. It helps fade dark spots while maintaining skin moisture. #arocheposaypartner #larocheposayusa #niacinamide

I got a lot of questions on my live yesterday about @stephanehumbertlucas God of Fire, so here is my review on it. It smells delicious and it’s going to be the IT scent of the summer. Available from @luckyscent with code IJE10

@kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato Review.

Lately I’ve been living for a little bit of luxury fashion. I don’t mind splurging on pieces that are of better quality, especially if they’re a little bit more unique. At the end of the day style is a reflection of your attitude and personality, and investing in luxury pieces is not just a splurge, it’s an investment in myself and my confidence. #luxuryfashion #ootdinspiration #colorfuloutfit

Life lately - chaotic photo dump edition 1. This @shop.afrm dress y’all loved so much when I posted it in stories. It’s become one of my fave date night dresses. 2. A word! 3-5. I’ve officially reached peak Texanhood cos I went to my very first rodeo. And yes my cowboy hat had to be pink and feathered 😂 6. My current fave statement earrings 7. A matchy matchy moment 8&9. Perfumes I’m loving rn. 10. Smoothies for breakfast are THE life hack for getting some nutrients in the morning without actually having to cook.

If you’re dealing with both acne and dark spots, you need to try the new @strivectin MultiClear Collection, just launched online at @sephora. I’ve been using it over the past couple of weeks and I’ve seen so much improvement. My skin is less oily, my breakouts have improved and my dark spots look so much better #StrivectinAcneControl #loveyourstrivectinskin #StriVectinPartner

Which one is your favorite? All outfits linked in my LTK #weddingguest #weddingguest

Perfumes that last so long you can still smell them on your clothes when you go to do your laundry. - @maisonfranciskurkdjian Grand Soir - @matierepremiereparfums Radical Rose - Musk Therapy - @xerjoff Erba Pura - @maisoncrivelli Hibiscus Mahajad All perfumes are available at @luckyscent & @twistedlily360 with code IJE10

If you’re looking for the perfect neutral lip combination, try @sephoracollection lip liner in Rosewood & @patmcgrathreal Lust Gloss in Flesh 6. I’m always getting questions about my lip color and this is pretty much what I’ve been wearing all the time for the past few months. #lipgloss #lipcolor #nudelip #nudelipstick #makeupforblackwomen #makeupforbeginners #sephora #sephorahaul

Fragrances that will turn heads all day @matierepremiere Radical Rose (available from @twistedlily with code IJE10 @amouage Guidande (available from @twistedlily with code IJE10) @florislondon A Rose For #mostcomplimentedperfume #perfume #smellgood #perfumeforwomen

Ways To Propose This Valentine's Day

Known as the most romantic date of the year where couples come together near and far to spend the special day together, there seems to be no better time to pop the question. Then think of your most romantic destination, maybe somewhere you have already travelled and spent special moments together or somewhere completely new and adventurous. So, plan a special dinner with them, take them for a romantic picnic, and choose the perfect time to pop the question! Leaving clues around the house that lead to the place where the box is located is a fun way to do a proposal this Valentine’s Day.


Makeup geek have relaunched their products, and in this first phase of the rebrand, they have neutral eyeshadows, colour eyeshadows and eye lashes. All the neutral shadows can be purchased in the neutral matrix palette, and all the coloured eyeshadows can be purchased in the colours matrix palette. MakeupGeek also has mini palettes which have 4 shadows and retail for $15. For PR/Collaborations or Sponsorships please email me at Join the Beauty Frenzy mailing list here to stay updated about giveaways, blog sales, and new posts.

Drunk Elephant F Balm Review

Drunk Elephant recently launched a brand new mask called the F Balm. With a blend of barrier-replenishing ingredients, including niacinamide, sodium PCA, plant squalane, five forms of ceramides, omega fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, F-Balm™ effectively rehydrates hungover, overly-parched skin, making it soft and supple. In addition to restoring the balance of hydration and moisture levels in skin, F-Balm™ Electrolyte Waterfacial can improve signs of damage, uneven tone and texture. The Drunk Elephant F Balm is now available for purchase from Sephora and the Drunk Elephant website.

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