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Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, and Organizational Culture are what I Talk & Write about … Twitter | Instagram | Website • Founder of OptimaWork • Originally from UK & Ireland • Now in #SoFla • Dad to 3 Boys • Perpetual Geek

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What Simon Sinek had to say about Building Relationships

But it was his 'Millennial Question' segment about 40 minutes into the interview that seemed to hit a nerve with so many and resulted in millions of YouTube views and countless tweets, retweets, etc... He had been talking up to that point about how Millennials have trouble building relationships due to technology and other factors that lead to an instant gratification mindset. In the interview, he states categorically that "trust doesn't form in an event; in a day" and goes on to say how organizations need to "create mechanisms where we allow for those little innocuous interactions to happen. They must be empowered and encouraged to be open, to take ownership for improving their workplace, and to build strong, lasting relationships with the folks they work with day in and day out.

5 Leadership Traits Of Saint Patrick To Help In An Uncertain Coronavirus World

I usually look forward enthusiastically to celebrating St. Patrick's Day with family and friends, but of course this year is going to be very different as the COVID-19 global pandemic has (at least temporarily) changed all of our lives. Now more than ever is a time for business leaders to step up and over the past few days, I found myself wondering about the leadership skills and traits of St. Patrick - a man who lived over 1,500 years ago, who inspired and led others and became a revered figure in Ireland and around the world. According to the legend, he heard the appeals of the people of Ireland that they were in need of help and even though he had initially been brought to Ireland against his will, he returned because he wanted to help them. We all know the phrase that a good manager 'Knows the way, shows the way and goes the way' and by being active rather than just giving directions (or orders as some might see it)

This Leap Year, Let's Hop, Skip & Jump Into Leadership & Engagement

The 'Leap' year supposedly gets its name because all days after February 29th effectively leap over their usual (plus 1) progression day and onto the next day. So with the science and history lesson now complete, let's think about how we can productively utilize that extra day AND the 365 others to become better colleagues, peers, and leaders. Managers who think that being blunt and 'brutally honest' with their employees is a good tactic are doing harm as they will quickly alienate the workforce who will be very reluctant to bring any issues or suggestions to them. In 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author Kevin Kruse

Can Leadership Reverse Disengaged Employees New Year's Resolutions?

Eager promises of eating healthier, exercising more, manage finances better, visiting somewhere new and being less stressed (in and out of work) are just a few of the popular ideas that get penciled in. But now is also a perfect time for a business resolution to become a better place to work, and organizations can really utilize their employees' newfound focus on bettering themselves to support and reinforce this. Feeling valued in the workplace directly impacts our sense of self-belief which in turn creates a positive self-image propelling us to work to our full potential. By helping your team to feel valued, be motivated and engage in proactive feedback (all year round), not only will you quickly become a better place to work, but the disengaged employee's intentions to find another job will likely suffer the same fate as most other New Years Resolutions.

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