Seaforever Life - Eric & Vero Roberts

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Family travel bloggers

Our blog explores: • Traveling on a budget as a family • Raising children while we showing them the world. • Visiting out of the way places • Asking the hard questions and digging deep into ourselves for the answers • Looking for the joy in all things • Sharing our unique perspectives through the written word and visuals.

Eric is Australian, Vero is Russian. We each bring a special perspective to our work. We have lived in 15 countries, visited 63 countries, taken our kids to 38 countries and have an intensely global perspective on the world

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Via our blog, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, we provide personal firsthand reviews of the destinations we visit, insights on how to travel on a budget with a family, raw accounts of how to deal with the inevitable bumps along the road and stunning imagery from an award winning photographer/videographer

We only recently started our seaforeverlife blog, so traffic is just starting to grow,

We have a combined social audience of approximately 30k and growing quickly, our niches are: • Travel • Freelance work • Homeschooled (worldschooling) • Healthy eating • Supernatural phenomena

We are just finishing up a trans Siberian crossing and preparing to head over to the USA.

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Highlights Scammed Us in 2019

Once we got past that by them not accepting the truth that their checkout page didn’t let me buy baggage, they then offered to ‘help’ me by adding baggage allowance for both flights at a price offered over the phone of $980 Now, if you do a little research, buying post-booking baggage allowance from the airlines directly would cost: $191.62 (for bags on Norwegian air) That’s how much less the price was if we bought the baggage allowance from the carriers instead of buying it from them at the $980 they offered to No 2 made us feel like they intentionally didn’t provide the opportunity to buy baggage allowance when booking the tickets.

11 Travel Essentials That Will Simplify Your Journeys

Trust me on this, it will be like the head light torch, you will use it way more often than you think. a compact sleeping bag  is especially useful when you e.g. need to take an overnight train or bus. They aren’t the most stylish attire, but when you need to get warm and didn’t think to take your regular jacket, style doesn’t matter! no matter if you are in a bus, car, plane or train, you will be glad to have something to keep you warm that is so light and compact

Travelling in Russia by Camper Van

We couldn’t find any places to fill our tanks up as the locations of the few campgrounds in Russia weren’t where we wanted to go. At first, we tried petrol stations, a logical step I would have thought, but it’s incredibly hard to find petrol stations with water taps in Russia. it’s actually a big old looking water tap called a Kolonka (Koлонка) that uses a system that keeps the water well below ground level and pumps it up under pressure when you hold a big lever on the Kolonka down for a while. For those with cassette toilets, it’s a breeze, and because they are at ground level, it’s much easier to empty the cassette into them than a conventional toilet.

Travel to Russia, My Thoughts on Politics, the USA and Russia

Right now I am sitting in a playground in Tomsk, Russia and wondering what do other people do when things aren’t going the way you want them to? I tell people often that the Russians remind me most of Americans and that the countries are more similar to each other than not… I lived in the US for 7 years and am married to an amazing Russian woman and spent almost a year in Russia now. people can’t find work, there is no universal income and people suffer, thus its adoption is much more problematic. Some Artistic Impressions of Our Journey If you want to be more open-minded, travel to Russia and shift the way you see yourself and the world.

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