Christi Mari

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I love collaborating with brands that inspire and move me! I am a big fan of natural skincare products, fashion forward clothing and all things health and fitness!

Location New York, NY
Country United States
Member Since MAY 25, 2020
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you are completely complete Written by me Wait till the end for cuddles and comment a 💜 if you read/listened to the entire poem. i have been searching for the ultimate key to fulfillment what do i need to be more what elixir do i have to pour for reaching full potential a celestial being of light the answer is this there is nothing to add the list of requirements are mad all that you have to do is lose the idea or version you as a person, in your entirety is so complete the expectations are obsolete Christi Steyn

“Naked” written by @coneeberdera Comment a ♥️ if you listened to the entire poem. Your imperfections are perfect

Not everyone deserves to learn your water dance 🌊 Written by me Question: do we like the title: “sacred sea secrets” more? Would love to hear your thoughts and comment any fish emoji if you read/listened to the entire poem e.g. 🐟🐠🐡🍤🎏🍣♓️🎣 abandonment feels really loud at times especially to me, but in these times I go to the sea to taste my greatness my truth is this wide with wonder I will not settle for mediocrity not with endless ocean showing me there is no end to my ability to thrive they have to make you feel alive and loved to even stand a chance otherwise they aren’t welcome to water dance Christi Steyn (Look at the sea and see your endless potential. You are absolutely limitless and marvellous).

learning how to say no Written by me Comment a 🦄 if you read/listened to the entire poem you are one person and there are truths of this ephemeral life you cannot do everything you cannot please everyone you cannot take on more stress it is okay be selfish if they are true, and understand why you have to say no the real people, will never let you go Christi Steyn

4 poems 💛💛💛💛 Pick a favourite: 1) you are a moon with hands 2) Ocean Transformation 3) Birds aren’t born flying 4) go to sleep Have a gorgeous day, darlings 💛

Self Love Imposter Written by me (Comment a 🌺 if you read the entire poem). I have a burning desire to inspire as much as I can, I continuously preach positivity and selflove because it is something I desperately need I feed people with affirmations and hope, while neglecting my own ability to cope I foster self hate in my mind a fraud or imposter unkind I can’t seem to reach the problem in my soul I’m looking deep, but my heart is blind practice what you preach you filthy mind @kippiecurates @francesmarais @we_happygolucky @algriax

Help me come up with a title ♥️ being honest with yourself is brutally brave you, my darling can avoid this feeling of guilt I have seen you lie in front of the waves inviting them to wash over your skin so that you can finally begin begin to move on with this time we call life you want to feel less heavy and I understand your lies have now become sand too many and scattered fitting in never really mattered ask yourself why you are so scared of being different I cannot grasp why you would kill the most interesting part of yourself I simply can’t Comment a ♥️ if you read the entire poem Photographer: @francesmarais Jewelry and brand: @kippiecurates Concept/styling: @we_happygolucky MUAH: @algriax

Birds aren’t born flying Written by me you will feel hopeless and scared at the start of a new chapter do not fight your courage because of uncertainty you belong we all learn by trying birds aren’t born flying we fail, and fail and fall you simply have to do it everyone starts as a beginner Comment a bird or a butterfly if you read/listened to the entire poem. 🦋🦋🦜🦜🕊🕊🦩🦩🦚🦚 Photographer: @francesmarais Jewelry and brand: @kippiecurates Concept/styling: @we_happygolucky MUAH: @algriax

Learning to Inhale the Ocean Written by me you tell me that you are tired of forgetting how to breathe, and my methods never seem to help meditations and ocean impersonations are not your forte but they make sense to me for i am the one who inhabits the sea never scared of learning her dance you could have followed along a teacher of tides but i cannot be your breath, neither air, nor sky as much as i would like to try after you called me heavenly an angel, i am not you can find me in the water Comment the sea 🌊 if you read the entire poem. Have a beautiful day Photo by @coetzer.cooke

An important reminder to all of you DO NOT SHRINK 🐨 written by me you are important, completely deserving of love and kindness you matter people need you in their lives, there is no reason to feel small whoever told you otherwise, is small Comment a 🧚‍♂️ if you read the entire poem. Photographer: @danellestofberg_photography Brand: @masch_leather MUAH: @elizabethraemua Styling:

Love is all I know written by me Comment a heart emoji of you read/listened to the entire poem ♥️ if only i did not want love, desperately i would be able to float through days, without longing for lust the desire to hold or be held a desire to be desired i know it tortures my mind because i have felt love and loved too much knowing what i have have lost creates an all-consuming pain we do not mourn what we never had how could i not ache for love the love i almost had? Christi Steyn Makeup: @lisabrown_international Hair: @kuivsalon Photo: @chantel_and_may_photo Dress: @kobusdippenaar_atelier @annageorgina_bridal @calegrabridal Coördinator: @ido4u

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