Christi Mari

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I love collaborating with brands that inspire and move me! I am a big fan of natural skincare products, fashion forward clothing and all things health and fitness!

Location New York, NY
Country United States
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you are a moon with eyes 🌛 as the moon shifts through cycles, so do we there is no “perfection” we aim to be from a crescent curve to a glowing sphere, each phase is a reflection of you, my dear Christi Steyn

how many women do you know who love their bodies? slim thick 💌 some parts should be skinny, and others must be full, the face symmetric, not anorexic unless you’’re talking about the belly that should be flat, but below the back, it should be all jelly, the butt can wiggle, but when the arms jiggle, drop and give me six, the legs should not be sticks, and not too thick, and cellulite is social suicide another feature you have to hide where is your thigh gap? it’s best you skip that nap better to ride a bike, a ten mile hike, become the one boys like round breasts on your chest, with smooth skin, the recipe for a win we don’t like thin, and we don’t like fat and when you have acne, stay in your habitat the stars on your face are undeserving of embrace it needs to be fixed, we have our values mixed Christi Steyn from “what the moon gave her” 🧚

self taught from “what the moon gave her”🌛 i have a burning desire to inspire as much as i can, i continuously preach positivity and self love because it is something I desperately need i feed people with affirmations and hope, while neglecting my own ability to cope i foster self hate in my mind a fraud or imposter unkind i can’t seem to reach the problem in my soul i’m looking deep, but my heart is blind practice what you preach you filthy mind Christi Steyn

26 🧚 my sixteen-year-old self had an entire shelf dedicated to your successes was it three wedding dresses you wanted to flaunt at 22 and did the baby come before or after you became a billionaire? an actress of course, hopefully in a movie with a thoroughbred horse you told people you wanted to be a doctor while fainting in biology you made a promise to the moon, said, “see you” no knowledge of astronomy I didn’t do too bad for us but surprise, we still hate running, and focusing, and making phone calls, so look at this, young Chris we are not afraid of the unknown and we challenged ourselves to trust the process of growing the more big decisions we make, the more big decisions we can make and don’t take this the wrong way, but you think differently about a lot of things now and i am so proud of your ability to change we fear a lot less now little one Christi Steyn From “what the moon gave her”

I may never find myself completely, but I did find these gorgeous jewellery pieces from @littlehouseboutiques 🧚🧚 such beautiful details! now: the truth about “finding yourself” 🧚 you are searching to find yourself, but you will never find yourself completely and to be honest how boring would that be? you will however, find glimpses of your soul And see that when you are shattered you are still whole you will find yourself on a trampoline high and low and inbetween you will see yourself in a kaleidoscope, you will call her Hope you will see pieces of yourself in every day speak with kindness when choosing what to say you can stare at the moon and yell “that’s me!” when you feel lost you must go to the sea you will never find yourself completely in a messy life, with a contrast of dark and bright there is more to you, than i ever could write Christi Steyn

kissing shadows (raw Valentine’s Day poem) 💌 i’ve met with your shadows and i don’t mind them we all learn to dance with devils somewhere along the way to heaven you’re not a fallen angel but everything about you feels holy even the parts you cast away, i’ll take it i’ll kiss your insecurities ‘til your naked your love could never hurt me not when you’re the one i prayed for when i was young someone must have listened maybe i’ll meet them one day i see it as the trees wink at me, the universe knows something they know i need your light from sun to midnight as we grow towards each other like flowers finding their hands, don’t fall over, i’ll help you stand hush, i’m right here, simply ask our love can be slow, but my heart my heart is fast Christi Steyn

none of that 💜 You can’t win them all. Instead of people pleasing… why not please yourself?

be gentle with yourself comment a 💜 if you listened to the entire poem it is scary when you stop finding joy in things you used to love, you might need time, it is not necessary to rush towards what you expect from yourself be gentle it takes courage to be gentle keep on carrying the hope, your happiness will always return christi steyn

What makes you feel like this? 🪴

roar baby! 🦁 if you always do what is expected, or perfect, or acceptable you will lose all your fire you must shake it awake before it turns to ash there are dragons swimming through your veins, you can’t settle for being tamed you have no idea how powerful you are and yet here you stand eager to please for what? listen to the witch in your gut the one you’ve been told to hide down deep the one who emerges every time you sleep you are capable of so much more you’re restless ‘cause the lion inside is desperate to roar christi steyn

Advice for girls 💜 By Spencer McFarland Advice for girls: be loud and gross and take up space. Stop saying “sorry” and start saying “don’t interrupt me”. Stop saying “because I have a boyfriend” and start saying “because I said so”. Say “no” and say “none of your business”. Take selfies and don’t laugh at jokes that aren’t funny. Be snide and sarcastic and wear your hair the way you like it. Help out other girls and be vocal about what makes you mad. Be masculine and feminine and both and neither and be unapologetic. Do NOT set aside your comfort for boys’ egos. #spokenwordpoetry

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