Stephanie Sumner

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                                         Blogger|Kitchen Witch|Chronic Pain Warrior|Pet Guardian

My name is Stephy and I currently live in Vermont with my boyfriend Adam and our four pets. I started my blog in 2011 and it gives an everyday look into my life as well as helps consumers make the right choices for their families with helpful product reviews. Other topics covered are chronic pain, recipes, paganism and more.

Past clients include Adam & Eve, AMI Clubwear, Axe, Barkworthies, Best Choice Products, Blue Apron, Bulbhead, EdenFantasys, GoPro, Green Mountain Coffee, Guitar Hero, Holy Clothing, Invisible Glass, Jackpot Candles, Keurig, Minecraft, Mr.Bubble, Nectar Sleep, Ninja Blender, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Sally Hansen, Sephora, Shark, ThinkGeek, Thundershirt, Wahl, World's Best Cat Litter and more. Meet the Clan:

  • Adam is a musician, as well as a cook whos hobbies, include skateboarding, spirit tasting, and drawing.
  • Loki is a rambunctious Chocolate Lab who is very food motivated and loves lounging around.
  • Fiver is a Lionshead rabbit who is full of attitude and enjoys an array of fruits and veggies
  • Trina is the perfect little black cat that every witch needs.
  • Moosh spends most of her days lounging around and silently judges those around her.
Location Springfield, vt
Country United States of America
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#sponsored I love the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. It fits perfect in my hand, packs a huge punch, fits most carts and is affordable. Head over to @nyvapeshop and check out this and their other products. #cannabis #cannabisaccessories #medicalcannabis #steamcloudmini

Make Perfect Coffee Every Time With Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee is designed to make single-serve coffee convenient and consistent. Each single-serve coffee bag contains 100% hand-roasted specialty coffee, they are also nitro-sealed for freshness. Their coffee line up features Sunrise Light Roast, California Medium Roast, Odyssey Dark Roast, Driftwood French Roast, and Eventide Decaf. Just unwrap the coffee bag, place in 10oz of hot water(I’ve also tested it using room temp and it does work), place the bag in the water, seep for 10 minutes then remove!

The dreaded negative test: Everyone talks about the joys of a positive test but rarely do we speak about the negatives. Anxiously waiting for that second line to appear and then being heartbroken when it doesn't. Every single negative is a whirlwind of emotions....denial...anger...loss...frustration. honestly, every single month feels like a cycle of mourning, anger, and then I have to pick my self up and do it all over again next month. We recently hit the 6th-month mark of TTC and research shows after getting off birth control the 6th and 7th-month mark is the most important...but here we mentally exhausted because by 28...I imagined to long be a mother...I never imagined how hard it would be since all my friends talk about how their boyfriends just look at them and they get pregnant. I honestly hope none of my friends have to ever experience this cycle. I'm honestly almost at the point of accepting that without medical intervention it most likely won't happen but that brings a whole new level of mental and physical exhaustion. I promise someone you know or love struggles with infertility even if they don't talk about it! Adam and I are just one in eight couples who struggle with infertility. YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND I SEE YOU!! #infertility #infertilityawareness #infertilityjourney #WeAreOneinEight

Get Restful Sleep with Honeydew Sleep

The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow features a unique curve that supports your neck and shoulders whether you sleep on your back or your side. That means that the pillow maintains the height YOU chose more consistently which means no more fluffing or rolling the pillow over in the middle of the night. Give me a chance and watch me grow from a pitiful pancake to a scrumptious souffle” either caught me on a rough mental health day or something because I physically shouted “AWE!” and literally hugged the pillow when I took it out(don’t judge me). Honeydew Sleep also offers travel pillows, classic pillows, body pillows, and more!

Crowley aka Little Mew is getting so big! Almost 9 weeks

Say Goodbye to Clogged Drains with TubShroom

The Shroom Company has an entire line of products designed to prevent clogged drains. Their line offers TubShrooms for Bathtubs, SinkShrooms for Sinks, ShowerShrooms for Shower Stalls, Kitchen SinkShrooms, and even a ToiletShroom which is designed to unclog a toilet in less than 30 seconds. It is super easy to install and requires no tools, you just push the device into the tub, and when you need to remove it just pull, remove the hair and replace it. TubShroom offers an Original model for $12.99 or Ultra Stainless Steel for $14.99 or for Ulta Stainless Steel with StopShroom for $16.99.

#sponsored @Kissproducts sent me 6 packs of nails and these are legit my fav. Keep an eye out for my review #Fakenails #KissProducts #KISSnails #Witchy #witchery

Altar Essentials Plus an Altar Tour

I actually purchased one of her Mystery Witchy Boxes which sells for $19.00 and I received a mixture of crystals and witchy supplies(my order included orange tea(love spell), rose petals, gold(manifest money), palo santo, selenite(protection), magnesite, bay leaves, charms, spider man jasper, and mini spell jars). I also use runes which were a gift but there are tons of places to purchase Runes. If you are on a budget, dollar stores are actually great places to stock up on small tea candles and etc. The tambourine I bought at a Yard sale for $1, repainted the surface and used a paint marker to draw on the runes and Vegvisir.

#Sponsored I am obsessed with these yum yum gummies from @diamondcbd_inc They are super tasty and the watermelon flavor is perfect for summer! I highly recommend checking out Diamond CBD

#Sponsored I recently received a complimentary subscription to glowupP which is a social media manager that lets you schedule posts with one easy click. It's very easy to navigate and I suggest this program to any Blogger, Influencer, or Social Media Manager. They are even offering a free trial so check it out!

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