Stephanie Sumner

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Blogger|Kitchen Witch|Mom|Wife|Pet Guardian|Chronic Pain Warrior|

Location Charlestown, NH
Country United States of America
Member Since JUNE 08, 2018
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St. Patrick's Day Guide

Ditch the single-use plastic straws this St Patrick’s Day and switch them out for drinking straws made out of grass, rice, coconut, and sugarcane, and that are 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic! In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, FallingStar Naturals is offering shamrock soap available in the Irish flag, with a toy gold coin and in a simple green shamrock. This stunning Chakra Bracelet features 7 different semi-precious gemstones including Amethyst which represents the crown Chakra, Lapis Lazuli which represents the third eye Chakra, Blue Turquoise which represents the throat Chakra, Imperial Jasper which represents the heart Chakra, Tiger Eye which represents the third primary Chakra which is right above the navel, Amber which is the second primary Chakra, and Sardonyx which represents the first primary Chakra. Pigless Pork Rinds are a plant-based alternative to traditional pork rinds and are packed with 25g of plant protein, are baked not fried, and free of gluten, GMOs, soy, and trans fats.

Crawligator Tummy Time Toy

It slowly disappeared from the market and years later Stacey Kanzler decided to bring the design back with more safety features that meet today’s Consumer Products Safety Commission safety standards. The Crawligator is designed to be a safe way to promote child development, help with muscle strengthening; spine and neck strengthening, mobility through kicking, reaching, pushing, and is easy to store. The Crawligator is designed to start being used at around 6-8 months, is recommended by Pediatric physical therapists, and is made in the USA. You can purchase The Crawligator in multiple colors and they also offer a comfort pad and also a comfort pad and Crawligator bundle.

Topeakmart Cat Tree Review

We recently downsized from a 3 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom apartment and in the process of moving, I had to get rid of the cat post we were using. This tree features two top perches with foam edges, two fluffy condos, and a soft hammock for lounging. Another thing that drew me in was that it’s marketed towards being safe for medium/large cats and our smallest cat is Skooma Kitty who weighs 5 pounds and our largest cat being Moosh who weighs in at 10 pounds. I feel like the price point at $89.99 is on the lower end of cat posts but the quality stands up and I love that it’s large enough for our multiple cat household.

2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

ArrangingBox has multiple different boxes to choose from, pictured above is their Master Box Combo which features 25 steams, a DIY compote vase, and 1 design pillow which is an alternative to toxic traditional floral foam. The Master Box is $99.98, you can also purchase their Design Box which contains 12 steams for $59, their Master Box which contains 25 steams for $89, or their Design Box Combo for $69.98 which features 12 stems as well as a vase and design pillow. In A Box Gift Set features 1 round gift box that features a lid label with a name and a short message, 1 glitter bath bomb, 1 matchbox, 1 candle tin, 1 personalized compact mirror, 1 lip balm, a mini card, and extra stickers. This makes a beautiful Valentine’s Day Gift but also is perfect for choosing your wedding party or just an I’m thinking of you gift.

#sponsored I love the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. It fits perfect in my hand, packs a huge punch, fits most carts and is affordable. Head over to @nyvapeshop and check out this and their other products. #cannabis #cannabisaccessories #medicalcannabis #steamcloudmini

The dreaded negative test: Everyone talks about the joys of a positive test but rarely do we speak about the negatives. Anxiously waiting for that second line to appear and then being heartbroken when it doesn't. Every single negative is a whirlwind of emotions....denial...anger...loss...frustration. honestly, every single month feels like a cycle of mourning, anger, and then I have to pick my self up and do it all over again next month. We recently hit the 6th-month mark of TTC and research shows after getting off birth control the 6th and 7th-month mark is the most important...but here we mentally exhausted because by 28...I imagined to long be a mother...I never imagined how hard it would be since all my friends talk about how their boyfriends just look at them and they get pregnant. I honestly hope none of my friends have to ever experience this cycle. I'm honestly almost at the point of accepting that without medical intervention it most likely won't happen but that brings a whole new level of mental and physical exhaustion. I promise someone you know or love struggles with infertility even if they don't talk about it! Adam and I are just one in eight couples who struggle with infertility. YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND I SEE YOU!! #infertility #infertilityawareness #infertilityjourney #WeAreOneinEight

Crowley aka Little Mew is getting so big! Almost 9 weeks

#sponsored @Kissproducts sent me 6 packs of nails and these are legit my fav. Keep an eye out for my review #Fakenails #KissProducts #KISSnails #Witchy #witchery

#Sponsored I am obsessed with these yum yum gummies from @diamondcbd_inc They are super tasty and the watermelon flavor is perfect for summer! I highly recommend checking out Diamond CBD

#Sponsored I recently received a complimentary subscription to glowupP which is a social media manager that lets you schedule posts with one easy click. It's very easy to navigate and I suggest this program to any Blogger, Influencer, or Social Media Manager. They are even offering a free trial so check it out!

#Sponsored I recently received a complimentary subscription to glowupP which is a social media manager that lets you schedule posts with one easy click. It's very easy to navigate and I suggest this program to any Blogger, Influencer, or Social Media Manager. They are even offering a free trial so check it out!

It was really nice that my fiance had two days off for the fourth of July. What did everyone do? *This post was posted using glowupP which is a social media profile manager, check it out!*

A few days late but we have made it 8 months! I love all the little messages he leaves me 🖤

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