Erin Clarkson

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Ask me anything about Savannah…it's my favorite topic! But I can also chat for days about any of my favorite small town getaways in the Southeast.

Location Savannah, Georgia Southeast
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Cheesy Caption Alert: Nights like this make me fall in love with Savannah all over again✨ #savannahfirsttimer #savfave

It seems like everyone I’ve talked to today is having an “off” day. Anybody else? Let’s turn that around...tell me something GOOD about your day. And go... 😊🤗

Dear Savannah Homeowner, I am a big fan of your entryway. Sincerely, Another Savannah Homeowner (whose door isn’t as fancy 😂)

Throwback pic! ⠀ How many of you own your own home here in Savannah but rarely travel because you don't like boarding your pets? ⠀ ⠀ The pet-loving community is HUGE worldwide, and there are lots people who A.) love animals and B.) want to see Savannah. ⠀ ⠀ Guess what? They'll happily travel here to take care of your house and your pets while you go off on an adventure -- and they'll do it for FREE. You can skip the expensive boarding fees, and your pets will be happy because they can stay home and get spoiled. It's a win/win😊⠀ ⠀ Got questions? I collaborated with @nomador_com and wrote an entire post about it. Link in bio under "latest posts". ⠀ ⠀ #ad #MyNomadorAdventures⠀

Evening stroll down Jones Street 😍

What’s something unique you’ve discovered during your travels? This was a fun find for me. It’s an old-timey “Wate and Fate”!! To use it, drop a quarter in the slot next to the month you were born and the scale will show your current weight, plus a fortune 🔮 I had fun with it and dropped a ton of quarters in just to read the various messages. My favorite one said “More church and fewer nightclubs would help you” 😂😆 (And this is why I love taking the backroads when I travel!)

Confectionery & Gameroom 🍭🎱That’s an interesting combo 🧐 I love wandering around in this part of the city — even though it’s not an area many tourists ever see. Seems like a good spot for a SCAD photo shoot (or an old 50 Cent video)

Today we honor the men and women who lost their lives while protecting our freedom 🇺🇸 Forever grateful 🙏🏻

This tiny house is actually a museum — and one well-worth visiting! The King-Tisdell Cottage is named after its former owners and is chock full of African-American history from the 1800s to present time. It’s located in the Historic District. (Sorry it’s not the best shot since I took it midday - but it’s one of my favorite tiny houses so I had to post it!) Oh, and that’s a horse hitch on the sidewalk beside the gate 😊

Savannah is jam-packed with houses, so that means you’ll often find multiple homes on one lot. The larger homes face the streets and the carriage houses and tiny homes face the lanes, aka: back alleyways. Let me tell ya, there are some really cute homes down some of those lanes! 💙💙💙

I feel like dedicating all of my posts this week to the tiny homes of Savannah. (Cue the cuteness!!) Also, please note that this house has a welcome mat so guests can wipe their feet before entering the backyard. Naturally I’m VERY curious about that🤔🧐 Is this a common thing? Please discuss 😂

I have so many thoughts about this building. Too many to list! For now I’ll just say it’s a shame that it sits empty when it has so much potential. (And someday when I’m all fired up I’ll probably go on a big rant about it 😂) It looks very much like Savannah’s own version of The White House, don’t you think?

So, the team behind @meansandmethod caught me snapping pics of this home recently and invited me inside to tour the renovation. I have to admit, it’s pretty spectacular!! Every detail was incredible, and I couldn’t even begin pick a favorite room. In case y’all haven’t guessed this by now, I totally geek out over pretty houses, so being invited inside made my day!! ( pretty are the squares now with those giant purple flowers blooming everywhere?!)

Not sure if it’s the peachy-pink wall or all the ivy, but this house is giving off a slight Charleston-y vibe — even though it’s right here in Savannah.

The sunsets in Hilton Head have been so pretty this week that I decided to write a post about my favorite spots on the island to catch the good ones. I’ll let ya know when it’s up!

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