Audrey Springer

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I am a running coach, fitness lover, and wannabe world traveler!

Member Since DECEMBER 29, 2019
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Full body BODYWEIGHT only!! 💪🏻 I did this workout while on vacation in Oregon and loved how short or long I could make it while also feeling like I was moving my whole body! Save for a day you need a body weight or travel workout! 🙌🏼 40 seconds on/20 seconds rest Repeat 3-5x ▪️Forward to Reverse lunge with switch lunge ▪️Lateral Bear crawl with knee taps to half burpee ▪️LEFT Lateral Lunge to reverse lunge to lunge jump ▪️RIGHT side ▪️Shoulder taps with plank Jack ▪️Alternating toe tap (I pulsed each side) ▪️Air Squat to Squat Jump ▪️hip bridge to sit up (option to do butterfly sit-up, regular sit up, etc) 💪🏻 ENJOY 🥳GIVEAWAY for a $50 LULULEMON gift card: 🙌🏼comment your favorite exercise 🙌🏼tag a friend 🙌🏼bonus: share & save this post 👏🏻EXTRA CREDIT: tag me doing ANY of my workouts in a post or a story!!💪🏻 🤞🏻Giveaway ends this Wednesday! Not affiliated with Instagram or lululemon

That new name change 😭☺️ Happy Sunday friends! Made a little change from RunningtheAlley today and it feels bittersweet because that’s who I’ve ‘been’ the last few years. I’m excited for this new change though and hopefully y’all stick around for all that’s to come ☺️ Same fitness loving, crazy about running, workout creating, run coaching, constantly learning - girl that y’all know. Just growing. 💗 ⁉️How was your weekend??? Q and I are spending today pressure washing our rugs haha please tell me what you’ve been doing is more fun

Things change when you start caring more about how strong, capable, and powerful you FEEL by the things you do (ie miles you run, weight you lift, all the things your body CAN do) than by the way we look. To my runner self - “lighter” doesn’t mean faster…get strong. To my strength training self - abs are great and all but training like an athlete and for a greater quality of life is far better than anything else (and abs come and go). Trust me your body starts changing, your mindset changes, your motivation changes, things change.🙌🏼🙌🏼 Just a reminder today that you are more than your weight, body fat percentage, race time, weight lifted, or anything holding you back from feeling your best self. Start chasing strong. 👏🏻

QUICK CORE 🔥 Save this one! Most voted yesterday was core workout! Perfect little add on after another workout or after a run!🙌🏼 💪🏻Deets: 3 rounds: 1st-60 sec, 2nd-30 sec, 3-30 sec ▪️Alternating plank toe taps to bear crawl knee taps ▪️alternating toe taps on back ▪️Plank with alternating knee taps to double knee tap ▪️Dead bug same side (either full time on one side or split the time) Enjoy and let me know if you give this a try🙌🏼🙌🏼 Let me know what you want to see next. ⁉️Fall is around the corner so shorts or leggings for workouts?? I always have the hardest time going out of shorts when it gets cold😅

Day 1 of the #ABFPrimeUp challenge✔️ I had a lot of messages today from those that missed the window for the challenge - you can always join the ABF workouts at the link in my bio! 🔥 My personal tips for the challenge: 🙌🏼I woke up today saying “I GET to do this” because working out and being active is a gift and I’ll forever remember that. 🙌🏼Meal prep and planning out my protein for the day helps so much, most things can be adjusted from there 🙌🏼The workouts might be new, or a new style, or challenge you more than normal - good - I hope that this week you tackle them day by day and by the end of the challenge you’ll be flowing through and progressing the weights 👏🏻 🙌🏼 & have fun! Macro counting is a tool and I love learning how to fuel my body! The workouts should give you energy and make you feel alive. Just remember that it’s only 30 days but learning new habits and enjoying the process is what it’s all about ☺️ ⁉️How’d day 1 go?! What are you training for???

Prime Up Challenge starts MONDAY! A big thank you to everyone who signed up for this challenge. How many times can a girl say she’s excited for this??☺️☺️#ABFPRIMEUP Tips for this weekend going into Monday: - COMMIT. Only you can put in the work. Commit to me now that you’ll give your all for 30 days!🔥 - Read over the EBOOK! Sorry it’s so long 😅 but I want everyone to take away something from this challenge. I want you to learn something new, know the workouts, have macro counting down, leaving no questions 🤩👏🏻 - Meal Prep ! I’ll try to share more of what I’m making for the week in my stories so stay up to date in there 🙌🏼 - Write down your goals!! Know them, and when the challenge gets hard or you want to give up, know it’s A. Only 30 days and B. Why youre doing this! - Build new habits!! That’s what this is about! So you can end the 30 days stronger than when you came in and that can carry forward. Thank you to @bridgetreyfit doing all the macro counts!!! 🥳 ⁉️WHO’S DOING THIS WITH US?? Who’s meal prepping? Getting ready for Monday??💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Missing my girls a little extra lately. 💗 Life gets so crazy for everyone and as we get older the busier we seem to be. I treasure More little moments though. I value the people in my corner more and more. I’m guilty of forgetting to count my blessings some days but want to remind you all to hold your people close and don’t forget to live this life beyond the screen. The second photo is still one of my favs. 🤣Their bridesmaids dresses came from @birdygrey and was the exact color I had in mind! 💗💗 XO, Aud

Only you can do the work to become who you want to be. 👆🏻Something I reminded myself this morning when I wanted to sleep in and almost made every excuse not to go workout. We arent all motivated all the time.👏🏻 1. Go into each day having a plan. That’s why I love and created the ABF training - to encourage strength training but also give you a plan!! 2. Get your work, workout, run done first thing. No scrolling in bed, no procrastinating, just go. Eat breakfast and go. 3. Set yourself up for success. Go to bed earlier. Fuel your body. Set your clothes out. 4. Have a bomb playlist. Always helps me to get me in the moood. & remember, you can be given a plan, set the biggest goal for yourself, and talk about it - but you have to do the work. 🤩The 30 DAY PRIME UP CHALLENGE registration is OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY! Don’t miss out on this - perfect time for a challenge! Link in my bio to sign up!! ⁉️What do you do when you’re in a rut??

🎉INSIDE TRACKER GIVEAWAY!🎉 I’m so excited to partner with @insidetracker to giveaway an ULTIMATE test AND an InnerAge 2.0 to one of YOU! $700 VALUE!😍 I remember the low energy, inflammation, knowing this isn’t how a girl in her late 20s should feel type stuff and I knew it was time for a change and I wanted a blood test targeted for Athletes! The BIGGEST thing I’ve changed is my nutrition and that translated SO much l into my strength training, running, & recovery. I’m lifting heavier, gaining muscle, I’m sleeping better, I’m not just present in life - I’m LIVING my life & I am so proud just thinking about that. InsideTracker blood test and finding answers on my health has helped so much. They gave me tips on how to help some of my high, low, and “at risk” markers. I’ve been working on my cortisol (which tested better from my last test to my test in July!!🥳) MCH, and cholesterol - and they gave me food, lifestyle, and supplement changes I can make for all my biomarkers in their APP! The Ultimate test looks at 43 biomarkers, recommendations to improve for optimal athletic performance, look at your habits and day to day life, EVERYTHING. Perfect for ATHLETES. (Think categories like metabolism, enhanced performance, energy, bone health, inflammation, build muscle, & So much more!) Use code “AUDREY” for discount if you want to get one now! TO ENTER: ▪️following ME ▪️following @insidetracker 👏🏻 Tag friends below! ▪️Fill out the link in my bio!! (share on your story & tag me!!) Giveaway runs until September 4th! I’m excited y’all 🥳 good luck!!

Racing home from Oregon to see the cutest pup in the world! Happy #nationaldogday to my Bowman babe, Hartley B. 🐾 Xo, your fav dog mon ⁉️how has your week been?? 1 week left to register for the Prime Up Challenge!!! Link in bio!

Been exploring Oregon for the last few days and can’t get over how beautiful it is☺️ We went white water rafting with his aunt and uncle (who used to be a guide) down the Deschutes river! We’ve been touring Portland, then to Maupin, Smith Rock, Sisters, Bend, and on to more today! Been working out less this week and more walks, hikes, and family time - good for the soul. PRIME UP CHALLENGE registration is STILL OPEN!! So excited for those already signed up!!! Have you ever been to Oregon?? Big question: would you rather hike/explore or sit by the beach?

PRIME UP CHALLENGE - Registration is OPEN!🥳🥳 (Giveaway below!) We had such a good turn out the last time for this challenge and it was highly requested to come back - but y’all it’s going to be even bigger and better! What is this challenge?! It is a 30 day challenge with custom macro counts, workouts, challenges, an entire EBOOK to walk you through it all! When does it start?! We start September 6th so registration is open until Sept. 3rd! Why this challenge?! It is perfect for a level up from your current workouts, it’s great for habit building, accountability, everything! We have people starting it for “cut” purposes, or even to get more dialed in for races this fall, whatever it is YOU want to use it for! Have a question about the challenge check out my highlight!! GRAB a friend and join us!!! I’m so freaking pumped!!! Who’s already signed up??🥳🥳 👏🏻🥳GIVEAWAY for a free challenge!! Like this post! Follow me and @bridgetreyfit Tag a friend - each comment is 1 entry! Share this post for extra entries!

HYDRATION DID YOU KNOW with @drinkbodyarmor , the perfect sports drink with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes! Pick up an 8-pack next time you’re at @publix !! Fast facts: - You lose electrolytes via sweat (especially in this heat) and it’s important to rehydrate with electrolytes during exercise for the potassium and sodium to regulate your water balance. - 4 of the electrolytes that affect the body’s fluid balance: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium - Some of the main signs of an electrolyte imbalance can include decreased performance, muscle cramping or spasms, muscle weakness, decreased or dark urine, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, constipation, dry mouth, and dry skin. ⁉️do y’all SWEAT a lot or a little?? 😂 & do you drink electrolytes?? Curious to see how many do already!

8 things I wish I could go back and tell myself about fitness: ▪️It takes TIME. It takes time to build muscle, to run faster, to lift heavier, to run farther, to lose fat, everything. Be consistent & stop trying to rush the process. ▪️Never be the hardest working in the room. Learn to be overmatched so you can grow. ▪️Everyone is more worried about their body & themselves that no one cares what you’re doing in the gym. ▪️YOU have to do the work. When no one is watching or clapping for you. No one can do it but you. ▪️ Muscle isn’t built in the cardio but nutrition is the most important. For so long I strived for the “toned” doing all the wrong things. Note to self: not everyone has visible abs at all times and not everyone is motivated all the time. Do you boo. ▪️Ask for help. & those that help and support you hold them close, and always pay it forward. ▪️EVERY SINGLE PERSON is at a different part in their journey (don’t compare your chapters) and everyone has a different goal! ▪️Be proud of yourself, every day. ⁉️HOME or GYM workouts right now?? And who’s joining the 30 day Prime Up 30 Day cut Challenge??? Registration opens Monday!! I can’t wait!!

FULL BODY WORKOUT!! I couldn’t wait to tell y’all that I’ve been warming up and cooling down with the TheraOne @red Activate and Recover CBD lotion from @therabody for the last 2 weeks and love what it’s doing for my recovery and the activation for my workouts. 2% of the purchase price of these products goes towards supporting life-saving health programs with red!  I’ve always been a big fan of using my Theragun before (yes before) and after a workout so just imagine these two recovery tools working together ! It helps ease stiffness & pre-workout activation with the TheraOne Activate lotion & the TheraOne Recover lotion is perfect for post-workout recovery!  Workout details:   Set timer: 40 seconds on/20 seconds off   Repeat 3x: * Jump rope * Squat to press  * Bear Crawl Row * Walking Lunges * Butterfly sit-ups * Lateral Lunge with front raise to standing with a bicep curl   Have you tried CBD before? #REDxTherabody #TherabodyPartner

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