Audrey Springer

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I am a running coach, fitness lover, and wannabe world traveler!

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BUILDING ENDURANCE! Here are some of my tips! ◾️BE CONSISTENT. ⚡️You get better at what you do often, not occasionally so you can’t expect to get better if you only run 1x a week ⚡️start realistically with your schedule or 3x a week and build to 3-5x ⚡️run for minutes not miles if it helps ⚡️make a plan of shorter runs during the week & a long run on the weekend ⚡️only add a little each week/build slow on long runs (ex. + 10% rule) ◾️Start slow & run easy ⚡️ build a FOUNDATION (controlled, conversational, comfortable) ⚡️ Check out the @vdot_o2 calculator online to find your EASY pace! Shared an example on my story yesterday of this! If your RACE PACE is 8:15 ez runs should be ~9:37-10:34 (go Plug in a recent time and start where you ARE not where you want to be) ⚡️speed follows endurance ⚡️ you want to be able to cover the distance and sustain a pace so start slower ⚡️ it helps some to HR train and keep HR low to build aerobic base / or run off effort instead ⚡️avoid the too much too soon for burn out ◾️Tempo runs ⚡️tempo runs make you stronger and faster but also help make those endurance runs feel easier ⚡️it’s “comfortably hard”/a pace you could race for an hour/8 on a scale of 1-10; ⚡️these should be done strategically and not all the time & After a base is built (running fast all the time puts you at higher risk for injury) ⚡️Ex: warm up 10 mins, 20 mins at a comfortably hard pace, 10 mins cool down Bonus tips: ◾️ don’t be afraid to walk-run! ◾️Cross train ◾️strength train/add in plyometrics! (Both of which we do in the #abfdaily workouts!) ◾️What you do the other 23 hours matters just as much as the (less than) hour you spend running ie sleep, recover, fuel, etc! ◾️ Be patient! ◾️Find a friend to run with, join a group ⁉️Do you have a race on the calendar for the fall?? Yesterday being Patriots Day and today being Boston registration has me 🤩😅🤞🏻anyone else registering?

ABF UPPER BODY!💪🏻🔥 Little preview for tomorrow’s workout! Do y’all like seeing these early or do you not want to know what’s on the schedule?😉🤣 Btw, did today’s lower body workout the other day and my butt is still sore - sorry not sorry if you wake up sore tomorrow! 🔥 Here’s some of the workout: ◾️CIRCUIT 1 (repeat 3x) 16 Alternating Shoulder Presses (8 each side, heavy weight) 10 around the world 20 mountain climbers ◾️Circuit 2 (repeat 3x) 10 snatches 8 bear crawl rows 12 lateral raises 5 crouching tiger pushups ◾️Circuit 3: Full workout in the subscription but the last circuit was my fav! 💪🏻 PRIME UP CHALLENGE REGISTRATION OPENS WEDNESDAY!!! #abfprimeup Who’s pumped? ⁉️ Shorts or leggings?? I am shorts all the way and wish I could wear them year round! Must be the runner in me! 🙋🏼‍♀️

How’d you move your body today??💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️😅 I am thankful for 8 hours of sleep the last 3 nights (puppy life), the ability to take an hour for myself, and a good preworkout 😉 Testing some ABF Prime Up Challenge workouts! Soooo ready!!! Have a great weekend friends!

ABF PRIME UP CHALLENGE💪🏻🔥 Registration opens on my website 1 week from today April 21st to April 30th!🥳 #abfprimeup I’ve always wanted to do a 30 day challenge and I’m so EXCITED about this Prime Up Challenge! I’ll be in my last month of my cut before my wedding so I’m SO excited to do this with y’all! This would be amazing to do before summer, with a friend, build some new habits, or just to absolutely CHALLENGE yourself🤩🤩 ◾️What is included? - Custom macro count - Month of workouts (gym & home) - PDF on how to count macros, videos with the exercises, challenges, info - Prizes🥳🥳 ◾️When do we start? Challenge starts May 3rd and ends June 1st! This is open to anyone and everyone!! 👏🏻👏🏻 You can choose whether you want to cut with me, build strength, or maintain! Huge S/O to @bridgetreyfit for helping with macro counts for this challenge! *check out my “Challenge” highlight for more info! ⁉️Who’s doing this with me!?? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Tag a friend you want to join you!!!!💪🏻💪🏻

LOWER BODY! Save & share🙏🏻 This might have been one of my fav workouts orrrr it could’ve been the sunshine and driveway workout🤩! I love the gym don’t get me wrong but something about being outside working out gets me in a whole new 🔥 mood! Today’s fire came from the 3rd circuit and the finisher but recorded the first 2 circuits if you want a quick workout!! Join the full workouts at the link in my bio! ◾️Circuit 1 repeat 3x: 12 RDLs 8 single arm overhead reverse lunge 40 seconds switch lunge jumps Circuit 2 repeat 3x: 12 Squats 16 squat to side squat (8 each way) 16 middle tap jumps 🙋🏼‍♀️I went lighter today and used 2 15s lb weights and had so much fun with it! ABF team how’d today go?!? Let me know if you try this workout! ⁉️Where do you workout?? Gym? Basement? Have a cool home gym?😍 Driveway?! Cool thing - you can do so much anywhere!

Consistency /OVER/ Perfection *1 year apart* Not every day will be perfect but consistency over time builds towards your goals. 2 months out from the wedding and 2 months left to see what I can challenge my body to do. Driveway workouts have started back & ABF workouts are in full swing. Me vs me. Always. ⁉️More info on my 30 day challenge on my story!!! !! A great kickoff to summer! Who’s excited?!? 🙋🏼‍♀️

9 things I wish I would’ve been told when I started! ▪️Your run/workout is ONLY 1/24 of your day. I've been there, I've worked my ass off to not "see results" but look at your sleep, your nutrition, your lifestyle (are you sitting all day?), your mindset, everything matters. I also think it’s important that fitness enhances our life but isn’t our whole life. ▪️Fuel for your goals. ▪️You are NOT someone else!! Your genetics, history with fitness, everything about YOU is different from that girl you are comparing yourself to. ▪️It gets easier! I love this one because it's humbling to be a "beginner". I walked the first week of cross country 😂 We might fail, or suck at first but I'd rather you learn and grow than never challenge yourself. No one was born good at this, consistency and hard work is worth it! ▪️Form Matters! In running & lifting form OVER everything! You can cheat your way through a workout but you can't cheat results. Plus, stay injury free duh. ▪️Remember your WHY. No one is making you. Motivation comes and goes, but reminding yourself why you're up and showing up - that's important. ▪️Keep it BASIC! You can do a simple front squat or run hills and people think you're being a basic B these days. The basics are IN. ▪️LIFT WEIGHTS & move in ALL directions. Ugh I wish someone would have made me move laterally a LONG time ago. ▪️Lastly, no one cares what you're doing. No one cares how fast you ran yesterday. No one cares what you’re doing at the gym. They’re too busy worrying about themselves. Do YOU & work hard. 👏🏻 •• LET’S CHAT⁉️FAVORITE weather to run in??? I THRIVE in the warm weather - I mean driveway workouts are starting back 🤩🤩 and sports bra weather!!!

UPPER BODY WORKOUT🔥💪🏻 Save and share if you try!🙏🏻 My warmup today was chasing Hartley🐾 all over the yard 🤣then got after the upper body workout! Upper body is becoming my favorite and this one was a good one but those front raises😅 ▪️Circuit 1 (repeat 3x): 12 Shoulder Press 12 Bent over rows palms up 30 -45 seconds Tricep push-up to downdog tricep push-up ▪️Circuit 2 (repeat 3x): 10 upright row to bicep curl 10 reps 1 1/2 front raise 45 seconds bridge with leg raise ▪️Circuit 3 (repeat 3x): 12 Close grip rows 12 around the worlds 12 bent knee jackknifes How’s this week team??? Sign up for the #abfdaily workouts at the link in my bio. 💪🏻 ⁉️Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?? Help me plan a honeymoon😅🤣😜

Having a STRONG 💪🏼 CORE is so important... & that means more than just your abs! . I posted this a while ago but let’s chat about your core bc I focus on it a ton! I focus A LOT on the core in my #abfdaily workouts so if you do them, you already know 😉 ▪️WHAT IS PART OF YOUR CORE? It makes up almost HALF of your body! Traps, Lats, Glutes (max and med), your 6 pack & transverse abdominis, obliques, hip adductors, quadratus lomborum, & your spinal erectors! SOOO pretty much any muscle that attaches to the pelvis and spine. ▪️WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? It keeps your trunk stabilized and all those muscles working together. It helps your POSTURE! You’ll be able to generate more power & run faster using less energy! Helps keep you injury free! Protects your body! . SOME Exercises to start adding a few times a week: - hip bridges (can do single leg or both) - PLANKS (& all directions - side, back, front, pushups) - bicycle crunches - bird dog - clam shells - supermans - mountain climbers - leg raises - reverse crunch - lateral walks - dead bug . Note that you’re working on core stabilization in exercises and mobility in others. Good to have! ⁉️LET’S CHAT: Preworkout or no preworkout? Coffee fan?? I’m a sucker for my preworkout and it’s a no from me about coffee😝

3 of the most underrated fitness & running tips: When these fall in line - everything else does too! When I focused on these my training and fitness leveled up. 1.Nutrition. This was the biggest and best change I ever made. I know I talk about it all the time but it really does make a difference. Energy levels, muscle gaining, fat loss, performance, so much stems from your nutrition. 2. Sleep!!😴 That good nights sleep helps: 👏🏻 less hungry ✔️ prevent injuries and keep those bones strong ✔️ make you more alert and mentally strong ✔️ recovery and repair occurs . ✔️ hormone benefits Training tip - always try and get the best nights sleep two nights before a race! 3. Stress management🙌🏼 If you’re adding in exercise stress (more miles or more speed, etc) plus life pressures you’re doubling your stress load and your body might act like it’s in overtraining mode when really you’re just stressed and your body is taking longer to recover. High stress increases hormones like cortisol, tissue inflammation, HR, etc! You should look forward to your runs, recover quickly, and feel like you have energy! Journal, jot down and acknowledge the stressors, recover harder, and fit your training to your life not your life to your training! LET’S CHAT⁉️Anyone sore from this week??? What are you up to today? Lift? Run? Long run? Rest day??☺️☺️

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