Audrey Springer

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I am a running coach, fitness lover, and wannabe world traveler!

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My running really took off when I focused on these 5 tips! Honestly, when I started caring more about my own training than what other people were doing it made me a better runner. The biggest change was slowing down and watching my HR to keep me accountable to what “easy” pace really was. The hardest change was the fueling. I always felt like I could run forever, strength train hard …but nutrition was off. So worth it to work on this piece! What fall race are you training for??

My biggest tip: Stay consistent. 🫶🏻 A little glimpse into the last 4 years of my fitness journey! My body has been through it the last few years but I have kept showing up. And to be completely honest, my mind has been through it too. Gaining weight, losing weight, babies, in the best shape, in the worst shape, cardio queen, strongest I’ve ever been, hybrid athlete….all 10x over it feels like. & now postpartum for the second time feeling that climb again to where I want to be. But the best thing I have ever done for myself is be consistent and know that every season is temporary. #strength #fitnessjourney #runner #strong #fitnessmotivation #runnersofinstagram #momswhoworkout #strongwomen

The last few weeks off from the gym, off from running, & basically being forced to rest A LOT more than I’m used to. It makes you slow down and think about a lot. About your goals. What lights you up. What you’re passionate about. What’s important. What example you’re setting for your kids. How you manage things when they get hard and you don’t have your outlet there. Now as I gradually and slowly get back into working out again I have so many goals. Personal goals and business goals. Unfinished business in my running goals. Doing and chasing down things that make me happy. Most importantly, I want to be the best mom I can be to these two little boys. At the end of the day, making a life that you’re EXCITED to wake up to tomorrow.

LETS GOOO👊🏻 Follow @audreyy.bowman for my journey back to being strong and chasing running goals! I’m almost 7 weeks postpartum from my second csection and I’m just happy my body has been healing from all it’s been through🫶🏻 Even though I’m “cleared” I still am taking things easy! Here’s my goals: 💪🏻 Weeks 1-6: I did core, reconnection, mobility, and major healing with walks increasing from 5-10 minutes to 2 miles. 💪🏻 Week 6: I started doing some weights with the ABF WORKOUTS this week & very light RDLs, squats, chest press, bent over rows, rear felt flys, biceps, and banded work and walks every day. 💪🏻Next week I’ll keep doing light weight and sticking with my core connection work, mobility, etc because I’m still not as strong in my core as I’d like to be. For core I’m doing a lot of bird dogs, bridges, diaphragmatic breathing, heel slides, side planks, etc! 💪🏻 My goals are to strengthen my core, get comfortable adding in weight to my workouts and modifying my workouts! I’ve also been doing a lot from the mobility section we have! 💪🏻 Then I’ll add in some short runs which I’m very excited about! I actually love summer running!! ANYONE else in the postpartum season with me?! Happy Friday!! #gym #running #workout #progress #consistency #thecomeback #postpartum #mombod #fitness #motherrunner #momfitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #runnerlife #strengthtraining

Honestly best thing I ever started doing was working out, going for a walk, running, stretching…or SOMETHING in the morning for myself 👏🏼 Filling YOUR cup before you fill everyone else’s! You can’t pour from an empty cup🫶🏻 I know it’s tough between kids, having to be here or there, work, responsibilities, etc but it’s truly made such a difference in how I am as a mom, coach, friend, wife, etc🙏🏻 Being a mom has made it even more of a priority to take care of myself. Do you workout or run in the morning?? 🔥JOIN my workouts and let’s get stronger together 🔗 in bio for a free 3 day trial!!

Your 5 day workout split 🔥 This community and the workouts have made me the strongest I’ve ever been even after having a baby! I can’t wait to join you all next week!! 🔗 in bio for a FREE 3 day trial if you’re new to my workouts☺️ (I even tell you which 3 workouts to do each week if you’re only doing 3!!👍🏻) ▪️A program that is built on circuits, strength building, & functional training! ▪️Intentional HIIT, endurance training, LISS, cardio ▪️Core movements ▪️An APP (on Android and Apple) to log workouts, weights, reps, etc! ▪️30-45 minute workouts ▪️Gym & Home! With home workouts know you can do everything with a set of dumbbells! 🔥ABF SQUAD - tell me ONE thing you LOVE about the workouts!!! . .. . . . . #workouts #workoutmotivation #viral #instagramreels #fitnessmotivation #athomeworkouts #gymworkouts #strength #postpartumfitness #momswhoworkout #stronger

Happy 2nd birthday Cooper Ro, to the one who made me a mama 🥺🎉 No one tells you that birthdays are so emotional when you’re a parent. That putting them to bed makes you realize another year has passed. Cooper loves life so dang much and he makes me laugh every single day. He loves books and reading and could read a million books a day. He’s obsessed with anything that involves a ball: golf, baseball, basketball. He hits (soft) baseballs off our couch from the moment he wakes up, golf balls in the yard til dark with daddy, Spoons are golf clubs at the dinner table, I mean it never stops lol He wants to be just like his daddy, wear “big hats” to mow, orange is the only color he will wear, he takes his tools everywhere, and looks up to him so much I melt. Him and Hartley🐾 are the absolute best friends and now he’s the best big brother to Camden I can’t even handle it.😭 & he’s the most caring, loving, sweetest, and happiest boy. I truly never knew I could love so hard until I had him. 🥺 How do I make time slow down??

I felt stronger a year after my csection than I did before kids & here’s why: 👏🏼 I focused A LOT on my deep core and really putting a lot of attention there helped not only my everyday but my lifts 👏🏼 Committed to 4 workouts a week and if I did more GREAT and if I did 5 minutes that was GREAT! I tried to get bulky - I know that sounds weird but I know I won’t get “bulky” but lifting heavy enough made a difference 👏🏼 I focused a lot on mobility! In my Workouts there is a whole mobility section because I saw so much with this 👏🏼 Nutrition - fueling my body and eating enough was huge Now honestly I’m being my own motivation as I sit here 4 weeks postpartum after my 2nd csection. Knowing consistency with all the above makes a big difference even on little time.👏🏼 🫶🏻Join my workouts for only $10 your first month with code: “INSTA10” and join me on this journey!! . . . . #fitness #workouts #athomeworkouts #gymworkouts #strong #runner #postpartum #fitnessresults #strongwomen #workoitmotivation #fitnessmotivation

Blown away by women’s bodies and how strong we are 🫶🏻🔥 One of my favorite moments in pregnancy is having this big round belly growing a child and lifting weights. I love being in control of my body and being able to gain muscle, maintain, or do a cut. But this means more.🫶🏻 🔥Comment “WORKOUTS” and I’ll send you the workouts me and my community do each week with $10 off your first month!!💪🏻 #postpartum #pregnancy #fitpregnancy #workouts #train #fitness #viral #workouts

I’ve been there. I used to workout for hours a week and still never feel like I was making any progress. I could go on about how I felt in the first photos but I learned SO much and honestly that’s why I started my ABF workouts. COMMENT “WORKOUTS” and I’ll send you my ABF workouts with half off your first month! I wanted to show women that they could gain muscle, get fit, feel like they got a good workout doing QUALITY over quantity. I want to show women that they CAN be stronger after having babies and having limited time! I felt stronger 1 year after a csection and having a baby then I did after being a collegiate athlete. I don’t have all the time in the world. I don’t eat perfectly all the time. It isn’t “easy” for me. I learned: 🔥 Quality workouts (35-45 mins) that I enjoy and am consistent with each week 🔥Protein , fats, and carbs all have a place for recovery, fuel, and muscle building 🔥Community and having people around you that help you level up 🔥 Recovery is huge and going to bed earlier is worth it . . ..

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