Audrey Springer

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I am a running coach, fitness lover, and wannabe world traveler!

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But for those that have asked - I’ll start posting more workouts😂 What workouts do you want to see? Lower body? Upper body? ALSOOO: Join my ABF WORKOUT APP at the link in my bio 💪🏻🔥

I don’t know who needs to hear this but... ▪️ We ALL have cellulite. ▪️ You don’t have to workout for hours. Longer isn’t always better. ▪️Don’t avoid exercises because you’re “afraid” to get bulky. I wish I could tell y’all how HARD it is to gain muscle as a female. ▪️ If you’re struggling to stay consistent, you’re probably trying to do too much. Simplify things & choose one or two things you want to focus on. ▪️No one just arrived at being “fit”. It’s a constant journey and no one’s journey looks the same as another’s. & everyone’s postpartum journey looks different!! ▪️Progress can be measured in a THOUSAND other ways than weight loss. Faster, farther, more weight lifted, more energy, better sleep, better relationship with food, etc! ▪️Not every day you’re going to be motivated but that’s why habits are so important. Make it a habit! AND... ▪️Give yourself Grace each and every day. You’re doing the best you can! ⁉️⁉️Are you a morning person or night person when it comes to workouts/runs??? I’m getting in my workouts whenever I can at this point😂😅 but prefer mornings!!

I’m proud of the woman I’m becoming. Proud of all this body (and mind) has done, can do, and will do. If no one tells you today - I’M PROUD OF YOU! 👏🏻 Never stop growing, learning, evolving, adventuring, and living so full. 🙏🏻

4 things you actually DON’T have to do to get faster!! ▪️Run fast all the time! Slowww downnn y’all! My last marathon pace was 7:30 and I ran most training runs slower than 9:15. Finish an easy run like you could have gone more and enjoy the run! The science is there, run slow! ▪️Run every day! You can run 4-6 days a week and STILL succeed. Find YOUR balance and how it fits with YOUR life/goals/stress/etc. ▪️Do ALL the things you see on IG! I feel like with social media we feel like we have to do ALL the things bc everyone else is. Or we feel less than bc we aren’t doing all the things. 🙄 Or worse, we’re comparing ourselves. Follow YOUR plan, execute your goals, do the strength training, and recover like a boss. ▪️Run all the miles! Work smarter, not harder. When I first got into running I thought if I ran “X” number of high miles thennnn I would be faster. Or if I ran twice a day 😂 🤦🏼‍♀️False. Yes mileage matters but not everyone was made for 80 mile weeks. 👏🏻Things you should do though? Sleep, fuel your body, get a solid support system (& a run coach 😉), some speed work & some hills, work on your form, recover, & be Consistent!!!! ⚡️Want to join our @RelentlessRunners team?? Let me know! Our coach’s have spots open for run coaching! LET’S CHAT⁉️What’s one hilarious thing a non-running friend has said to you??

Last birthday you had just made me your wife & this birthday you just made me a mom. 💙 I am so very grateful for this beautiful life and to be able to celebrate another year!🙏🏻 The best gift this last year gave us was Cooper and I’m thankful for a man that treats me like an absolute queen day in and day out. Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday today. I am truly a lucky girl🙏🏻💗

My workout buddy has the ABF shirt on and is ready for mama to start lifting light weights again💪🏻🔥 This week has felt SOOO GOOD to hold weights in my hands after weeks of rest, walks, core work, stretching, etc!! I did light arms Wednesday, light weights and body weight lower body yesterday, and today I’m about to start my full body!! Modifying where needed and only going through 2x but calling it a win!!🙌🏼👏🏻 💪🏻Working on getting up some posts on core exercises that I’ve been doing and everything since I’ve had so many requests for them!! 🔥ABF WORKOUT APP is on SALE this week @ the link in my bio use code “CELEBRATE10” for $10 off!!! ⁉️CURIOUS: Do you strength train?!?!

🎉PRIME UP CHALLENGE WINNERS🎉 This post is LONG overdue (thanks for being patient with me which is why I’m posting these bc this challenge needed to be celebrated!) And Y’ALL LOOK 👏🏻AT 👏🏻THESE 👏🏻RESULTS👏🏻 💪🏻It’s all from their HARD WORK in only 30 days!!! WOW!! 🎉Our GRAND PRIZE $500 WINNER ABBY:(who works 60-80 hours a week y’all NO excuses!!🤩) 🎉OUR RUNNER-UP LAURA!!! *swipe to read what they had to say!!!! 👏🏻HUGE CONGRATS TO *EVERYONE* WHO COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE👏🏻 this was such a hard decision because there were SOO many amazing results and we saw so many changes not only physically but mentally! I created this challenge to, yes, get cut and toned but also to develop habits, see your potential, and challenge you to show you what you are capable of! Way to go team!! 🔥🔥This week only save $10 on an ABF DAILY membership at the link in my bio: “CELEBRATEABF10” 🔥 💪🏻SHOW THESE LADIES SOME LOVE IN THE COMMENTS!!!

Meeting MY body where it IS! 🙏🏻 🙌🏼TRAINING UPDATE: Today Cooper is 4 weeks (how?🥺) so I’m still doing simple core exercises and daily walks! Last week I walked a half mile in 20 mins, then my first mile since surgery later in the week, and today I walked 30 mins (about a mile and a half). 🔥I go to the doc this week for a check up and hoping things are going well to start slow and do light weights in 2 weeks! I’m doing ALL I can to connect to my core daily but have learned through all this that there is NOOO timeline to this and I am in no rush. ☀️Although I miss ABF workouts and jump roping and running and all the things - no one is paying me to hurry and set PRs …. so I am unbothered by not being as strong and am enjoying this process of the journey and growing again. I’m giving my body all the time it needs to heal and be able to come back “strong as a mother” ☺️ ANYWAY - goals this week (loose goals) - walk 30 mins a day, do all my core exercises, and cheer on all my RR athletes and ABF community doing badass things! ⁉️JULY GOALS??? Let me know!! #postpartum #postpartumbody

JUNE💙 That’ll be a hard month to top🥺 I’ve slowed down more than ever in my entire life and it has brought the most cherished moments I’ll never forget. I love workouts, runs, walks, moving my body. I definitely am a workaholic. And it’s definitely hard for me to sit still. But this last month off being forced to sit down and heal & take care of Coop has been my favorite. Still speechless every day that Q and I made this little boy and I’m a mama. 💙

*CORE WORKOUT* An OLDIE but a GOODIE!!🔥SAVE & SHARE this one!!🙏🏻☺️ *obviously this is not me today as I’m still recovering but just because I can’t workout doesn’t mean I can’t bring back a workout for y’all!!!💪🏻💪🏻 I used the free TABATA app and set to 30 seconds on 15 seconds rest to transition! One big circuit but really pay attention to the details! Y’all have this 💪🏻 CIRCUIT: - dead bug Left same side - bicycle pulses left knee in - right side dead bug - right side bicycle pulse - full sit up - L leg raise claps - R side leg raise claps - plank gliders - glider mountain climbers - toe taps - side plank oblique crunch L elbow down - single leg glute bridge left foot down - side plank right elbow down oblique crunch - single leg glute bridge right foot down Repeat as time allows (but I would say 2-3x through) 🔥JOIN MY ABF APP LINK IN BIO! Free 3 day trial, 5 new workouts a week, and only $20 a month!! ⁉️Favorite body part to workout?!?

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