Audrey Springer

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I am a running coach, fitness lover, and wannabe world traveler!

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Hot take: the reverse diet is the magic 🔥 *NOTE: these are from the summer before I got pregnant just never shared them here, so the “today” is from end of my deficit 👏🏼☺️ 
I think the cut or the deficits always seem to get the attention but really the maintenance is where the MAGIC happens!! 
People get so scared that adding back in calories will make them lose their progress but you can see by my pictures I really didn’t change a whole lot besides adding muscle, only a 1.5lb increase, and feeling better (which is huge!!). 
I did a 30 day cut in May (after being a year postpartum and weaning) and knew in June I wanted to do a reverse diet back to maintenance! 
I felt good at the end of my cut but I knew adding back in calories for energy, to build more strength, and my hormones would put me where I wanted to be! 
I hit PRs on all my lifts after! I’m sleeping so well and my energy during the day is increased from fueling my body! Just so many good things!
 I love that I really set my body up well for when we got pregnant & my body has been thriving eating more and having more energy! Who is planning to do a cut in January?!? Bod by Aud challenge?!?

Fun fact: I worked in run specialty for 7 years (and am a certified run coach!) 
I would fit people every single day for running shoes and I would always be asked “when should I replace my shoes?”. 
Well….it depends. 
My quick answer would be 300-500 miles. 
My long answer is every shoe is different and every person is different.
 If you are only wearing your shoes for running (which will make them last longer) your shoes will have wear on the sole which is a good way to tell if you need to change them. 
If you are wearing lighter weight shoes they probably won’t last the same amount of miles as a bulkier cushiony shoe. 
If you are a heavier build or taller your shoes will probably wear quicker. 
Lastly, if you are feeling like you aren’t recovering as fast or you notice a new pain I would check your shoes! 
Your shoes are your foundation while running so make sure you replace them and get fitted for them! 
Any questions?!? Let me know if you want a post on shoes I’d wear for each race or run! I’d LOVE to help!!

Discipline and passion will take you further than motivation ever will👏🏼👏🏼 The thing is - I love this. I love the work, the feeling, the moments when you don’t know if you can go any more, the moments where you feel like you’re on top of the world. I love doing it alone, I love doing it with friends, and I love doing it with my baby. I remember graduating college and being so sick of running because it became like a job I had to do to pay for my school. When I fell back in love with the run and lifting I promised myself that I would always remember MY WHY and remember that I GET to do this - it isn’t a guarantee, it’s a gift. I don’t HAVE to. But I’m lucky to. And damn am I lucky that I get to share my passions every day and it is my job that I LOVE WITH MY WHOLE HEART. 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 Comment “WORKOUTS” and I’ll DM you my exact workouts I do every week!

3 Beginner Runner Tips From a Certified Running Coach! I’ve been running for over 20 years which is absolutely crazy to even think about! 
For the last 7 years I’ve been a certified run coach and I’ve worked in run specialty directly for over 8 years. So I really love the run space so much!
 I work with beginner runners all the time and these are my top 3 tips I always share with them! 
1. Run for time vs distance! Instead of focusing on a mileage number, try focusing on a duration of time on your feet! 
This could be 20 minutes 3x a week or 30 minutes 5x a week. Wherever you are starting fitness wise meet your body where it is! Then grow upon that each week or every other week. 
2. Invest in the good gear! 
I promise having good shoes is a game changer! Seriously! Not only do they feel better on the run with more cushion, bounce, shock absorption, etc but they help keep you injury free! 
 3. Strength train!! 
Strength training also helps keep you injury free but it does so much more! It strengthens your form and posture as well as your economy of running. It helps increase your speed, muscle power, and endurance. I could go on…
 Hope these tips help! Share any tips with me that you think a beginner should know!👏🏼 . . #runtips #beginnerruntips #running #runcoach #runninglife #runningcommunity #runhappy #motherrunnerchat #motherrunner #runninginspiration #runningmotivation

10 HONEST things I wish I could go back and tell myself about fitness! Worth the swipe through👉🏻🫶🏻 Any of these resonate with you? What would you tell yourself? Comment WORKOUTS and I’ll send you my workouts I do every week! ONLY Until tomorrow save 20% 🤟🏻🔥

Happy Thanksgiving 🫶🏻 Beyond thankful for so much this year and especially this little growing family of mine🥺🥰 Thankful for my people, my fam, friends, you guys! 🤟🏻 #happythanksgiving

I didn’t just “bounce back” but I did do what I could - BUT it was being consistent, and being intentional that changed my body! We’ve been doing the ABF workouts for 3 years - who’s been here that long??🫶🏻 One thing has stayed the same here - they are effective, they are intentional, and they make me feel my absolute strongest & best self! Comment “TRAIN” and I’ll send you a DM with how to join the workouts 🤟🏻 . . . Fitness | strength | training | runners | running | stronger | BODBYAUD

Taking time for me was the best thing I did because it made me a better mom, wife, friend, coach, business owner…all of it. It’s okay to spend a little time filling your cup. You’re worth it. & workouts may not look the same. They may look like squatting holding your kid. They may look like doing what you can during a nap time. They may look like a second alone because you got some help. Today Cooper was laughing under me while I did a down dog 😂🥺 but he’s watching and I know that when he grabs the 3lb weights looking at me like he wants to be strong like mama🫶🏻

And the gender of the baby is …. 💙BOY💙 I’m a boy mama and I love it so much🥺🥰 I can’t wait!! We found out a few weeks ago opening a card (thank you to my amazing neighbor for being my gender keeper) in the middle of KY just me, Q, and Cooper on the way to see my family. It was so much fun surprising them and so special getting to tell them in person with cupcakes! But I think they all just knew I was meant to be a boy mama🥰 Now we’ll have 2 under 2 and TWO BOYS🥺 I think I’m in for it😅

I stopped buying energy drinks from the store and I love what I’m doing instead! #SponsoredbyNinja @ninjakitchen Okay you guys, I felt like I was trying to go to the gym with like 4 drinks in my hands + a toddler 🤪 anyone else do this? Making my preworkout at home with my #ninjathirsti having electrolytes AND caffeine together in one has been a time saver and so incredibly easy! Also, now that I’m pregnant and watching my caffeine intake with the Ninja Thirsti I can customize the amount (or none at all) vs having a store bought energy drink and an insane amount. Plus the added electrolytes has been keeping me going through even the spiciest workouts!! I love that you can customize the fizz level (even still water if I want), amount of flavor/add in electrolytes/caffeine, and everything about the drink! Check out the link in my bio to shop the new Ninja Thirsti Drink Machine!

My heart is SO FULL🫶🏻 Congrats to everyone who ran the NYC marathon yesterday, especially my 4 @relentlessrunners athletes (that I FINALLY got to meet in person!!!). This was my first time in NYC and I really couldn’t have pictured a better weekend if I tried. Thankful for my people and this team🫶🏻 PS if you’ve never spectated a marathon before, do it because it will give you chills and inspire you so much! Also, bring a megaphone 📢 😂

A MAJOR GOOD LUCK to my @relentlessrunners athletes and all those racing the @nycmarathon today! My heart is so incredibly full meeting and squeezing these four in person this weekend. I started coaching in 2017 with RR (and Jac was one of my very first athletes, followed by Courtney) and I never knew then how much life, meaning, happiness, and friendship it would bring. I forever changed in 2017 (Ilysm @chrissy.nich.runs & @tonikengor ) and am so thankful for it. Excited to cheer my absolute loudest today! Look out for us between miles 16 & 17 on the left!! 📸: @daniel.huie

A lot can change in a few weeks😅 SWIPE🫶🏻 I had photos done for a rebranding of ABF workouts at about 5 weeks pregnant and I’m so glad I did. I hate “ab” flexing photos but ya know what with them being gone here soon I’m proud of this🤪 Proud of both bodies🥺 Postpartum fitness is so tough (& so worth it) but now that I’m here again I know if I could do it once - I CAN do it again. My workouts💪🏻 Did ABF before, during, and postpartum and still doing them now. Modified when needed last time and will make modifications when needed here soon. Movement of any kind for me makes me feel soo much better right now. TELL ME: how’d your week go?! Any runs or workouts???

Joining the 2 under 2 club 🥰 Baby Bowman #2 due in May ☺️🫶🏻 We couldn’t be more excited 🥺

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