Sarah-Jane White

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Hi, I'm Sarah White, an Animal Behaviourist and owner of Ruffle Snuffle. I only use and advocate positive reinforcement methods to shape and change behaviours across a wide range of animals.

I created my blog as a resource for pet owners to enjoy full of training tips, behaviour advice, healthy recipes and grooming tips for all creatures great and small.

I also own Ruffle Snuffle®, my award-winning business which designs and produces an award winning range of enrichment toys for pets, including the famous snufflemat.

Expert behaviour advice, training tips, health and wellbeing. Helping you & your pet to have a happy life. 🐶🐕🐰🐎

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I think we wore the dog out! . #winterdogwalks Don’t forget to wash paws when you get home - I have a recipe for home made pas soak ( link in bio)

Guinea Pig (Cavy) Enrichment: The Beginner's Guide

For guinea pig owners, enrichment usually means the following:Having other pets as friends Providing a wide range of enrichment can help keep your guinea pig’s brain occupied, help them feel secure and more comfortable around you. However, you can provide your guinea pigs with social enrichment by:Get your guinea pig a guinea pig or rabbit friendSet up a guinea pig playdate with other guinea pigs Here’s a fun way to teach your guinea pig how to weave: Environmental, physical, and structural enrichment is probably the most common and easiest enrichment to provide your guinea pig. Interactive toys installed in your guinea pigs’ enclosure can help decrease their reactive responses to other environmental factors, which may include less reaction to: Furthermore, physical enrichment helps decrease other unwanted behaviours, including: Aside from providing your guinea pigs with all sorts of fun toys, consider installing a physical feature as well in your guinea pigs’ enclosure, cage, or environment.

Playing fetch is hard! We keep losing the ball 🤣. . #winterdogwalks If your dog gets snowball legs on winter walks then my latest article is for you ( link in bio)

7 Egg Carton Games Your Dog Will Love to Play (No 2 is messy!)

These simple toys and games are easy to create with leftover egg trays and boxes and your dog’s toys and treats. Why are egg boxes such a good choice for enrichment games?Can you use any egg boxes?7 ways to use egg boxes for canine enrichmentTry some egg carton canine enrichment games for your dog. Start by using an open egg box and pop a couple of treats into the box, push the lid over, but do not close it. Let your dog sniff the treat before you tuck it into the box, close the lid and then make your dog stay whilst you go and hide the egg carton somewhere in your home.

Definitely a winter walk today! How was your day? #winterdogwalks If your dog hates winter walks then my latest article is for you ( link in bio)

7 Videos Your Cat Will Want To Watch ( No 3 is our Favourite)

Cats love to watch the world around them, their little heads tilting and turning as they take in their surroundings, but do cats like watching cat videos on youtube, or the tv? Studies show that cats watching videos actually improves a cat’s well being. The more prey driven your cat is, the more likely they are to be entertained by watching videos made for cats as they are attracted to the quick movements across the screen. Cats prefer real life so let them out and let cats be cats.

Red, green, blue and occasionally the lucky purple one! Bamboozle Ball time for pups!! #canineenrichmentday #nationalcanineenrichmentday

Dog Vision: 21 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About How Dogs See The World

Here’s how you can choose the things around you to help your dog see the world in a better light.21 cool things about how dogs see the world hideDogs have a wider field of view than a humanA dog’s world is up close and personalWhat does dog’s vision actually look like?How to test your dog’s vision at homeDog Vision FAQSWhat colours do dogs see well?What are the easiest colours for dogs to see?What colours can dogs not see?Can dogs see the colour red?Can dogs see the colour purple?What colours are calming to dogs?What colours do dogs see humans?How do dogs see at night?What colour do dogs see in the dark?Can dogs see in total darkness pitch black?Do dogs need a light on at night?Top 5 Because of your dog’s ability to see better in low light, motion detection and wider field of view a dog is perfectly suited to hunting at dawn and dusk.

Assorted colours ;) Bamboozle Ball puzzle fun!

**NEW** Bamboozle Balls in the shop!! Hide treats in the fleece and stuff the ball. £16.99 plus postage . #snufflefun #canineenrichment #canineenrichmentgames #canineenrichmentideas

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