Sarah-Jane White

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Hi, I'm Sarah White, an Animal Behaviourist and owner of Ruffle Snuffle. I only use and advocate positive reinforcement methods to shape and change behaviours across a wide range of animals.

I created my blog as a resource for pet owners to enjoy full of training tips, behaviour advice, healthy recipes and grooming tips for all creatures great and small.

I also own Ruffle Snuffle®, my award-winning business which designs and produces an award winning range of enrichment toys for pets, including the famous snufflemat.

Expert behaviour advice, training tips, health and wellbeing. Helping you & your pet to have a happy life. 🐶🐕🐰🐎

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Watch watch out there’s a Zoglet about!

from Ruffle Snuffle's Life with Pets

Bringing home a new puppy is almost as exciting as bringing home a baby, and naming the new member of the family can become a fun project. That new little puppy needs a name, so what should it be? Some celebrity dogs inspire a wave of puppy copycats, such as Lassie (from the TV series), Benji and Air Bud (from their movies) or Sandy (Little Orphan Annie). Green pet names are sure to become the new “in” craze!

Definitely a hint of Christmas in the air... new fabric for snuggle sacks! . #snugglesack #burrowbag #santapaws

Perfectly Pert Winter Berry Coulis

There’s nothing quite like a good catch up in the warm kitchen whilst stirring the gravy and shredding the home grown runner beans. know how it happened, but somewhere along the line a new tradition has crept in and I’ve been bringing along desert. but luckily I always have frozen berries to hand, usually for smoothies and for Dolly the Frenchie to have as treats So here it is, a super tangy winter berry coulis ready to pour over creamy lemon cheesecake later today.

Christmas Zoglets have been rounded up and are in the shop ;)

All you need to know about keeping exotic pets in the UK

so you’ll need to keep an eye on the pH. Octopuses like to be fed about 3 times a day and they need live food and frozen krill which is very specialised. In the UK it is perfectly legal to keep giant snails, however Giant African land snails are considered to be an invasive species that could significantly affect the ecosystem of your local area if released into the wild, decimating greenery and removing food sources from our native snails. Axolotl will eat other fish and organisms in the water, so they should not be kept with other aquatic pets, like your common goldfish. They aren’t social so live alone and like a diet of crickets and insects but only eat once a week.

Fresh from the sewing den. Harris Tweed Bow Ties for the dapper dog. Nab one quick as I only made 12! These are approx 14cm wide for medium to large dogs. They slip over the collar with elastic loop at the back.🐶😀

Top 5 mind-blowing benefits of owning a pet

Studies have shown that individuals who own pets actually live longer and happier lives, so whether you are looking for a reason to become a pet parent, or you just want a reminder of how wonderful your pet is, here are 5 mind-blowing benefits of owning a pet! Some pets tend to spend a lot of time outside and so bring in a lot of germs, this may sound like a bad thing, however they can actually help to improve your immune system through this. As well as this, their sense of smell could help them to alert you to other health problems you may not know you have, they’re like your own little furry doctor if you like. Even if it’s as small as encouraging us to get out of the house and get some fresh air or to bring us some comfort when we are sitting at home, our pets can raise our spirits and help us to cope with the struggle that we have been presented with.

Ahh, a quiet Sunday watching Top Gear and enjoying a Pumpkin Spiced Latte... recipe on the blog. Enjoy xx . #pumpkinspice #pumpkinlatte

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