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Hello! My name is Rebecca Noelle and I am a travel blogger., I live right out of New York City in New Jersey. If you are looking for weekend getaways or day trip ideas, I have you covered. If you are looking to travel in the USA or Canada, my blog focuses on traveling within these two countries, I hope to be your travel guide!

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When camping 🏕 each morning can look a little different. If you’re not leaving early for an activity, take the time to enjoy the slower pace to your day.

Summer is in full swing, and hiking trails are the place this summer. New Platz is known for the Mohonk House and Gunks for climbing, but did you know there is an ice cave you can hike through? A little over an hour's drive from NYC, you can park at Sam’s Point. For the weekend, you must register for the summer, $10 parking + $.095 online fee, or you’ll be turned away at the parking lot. If you go during the week, it is just the $19 parking fee at the visitor center. From the parking lot, take Loop Road, which is a well-marked sign, to the Ice Caves! This trail is about a 3.5-mile loop. It was 90 degrees, and we could see our breath in the cave! Be ready for the temperature shock, but it is seriously refreshing on these warm days.

Fourth of July weekend is here! If you’re looking for end of summer plans, check out Watkins Glen. Exploring the space is like entering something out of Lord of the Rings. The area has wineries that you can explore after or local trails. Checking out local trails keep in mind you could get a waterfall to go swimming. With this heat weave, having a spot to swim is ideal! I have a guide post about the trip you can check out too.

A rare ✨unfiltered✨ selfie but this is the face of a girl who loved her time in nature, waking up in a tent 🏕, and seeing the Shawangunk Mountain Ridge each morning. Will be shared more info later!

In the NY/NJ region, there’s a significant heatwave happening today! It may be best to forgo the trail and hit the water. Whatever you do, mind the heat and stay hydrated!!

If you’re looking for a hike to try this weekend, I’ve got the perfect loop for you! A few weeks back, I checked out the West Mountain Loop Trail near Bear Mountain State Park. This trail borders Harriman State Park, so you’ll be in Harriman for about 1.5 miles. It’s a great hike to do counter close wise for the views and save the best for last. This hike offers rock scrambles, elevation gains, surprise little water run-offs, beautiful rocks, and on a clear day, a view of the city. Alltrails says it is 6.1 miles, it’s closer to 7.25. Bring water, put on the bug spray and a hat and enjoy the trail!

Love finding a waterfall. This hidden gem in Stokes State Forrest, is a 3 mile in and out hike that easy to do for family and all ages. If you’re looking for something this weekend, make the trip to Hornbecks Creek, Indian Ladders trail.

Almost seven months to the day was how long it was between my last hike and this one. It’s crazy to think that my now husband and I didn’t do a single hike during our engagement when it is an activity we did a lot when dating and even friends. Getting back on trail was such a happy moment. Stretching out the legs, setting out with a plan that you can be as prepared for as you can, but still don’t know what will come after each bend, hill, or dip. We set out for a 5.4-mile hike and ended up doing 10.59 miles. It was a great welcome back! Now that my and other family members' wedding season is over I’m so happy to return to writing. Wedding planning is draining. I’m so happy to never do that again. Navigating new family dynamics and also marriage dynamics is something you can’t describe or understand. It’s just something that is a new way and season of life. So I look forward to sharing my voice again on my blog with trails to do and sharing a few life stories with you.

I have three roads that I love driving so much. This one specifically in the Catskills. It’s not exactly a switch back drive but it’s a windy route. It’s a must drive for the fall!

Norvin State Park is in Ringwood, New Jersey. This was my first time visiting the state park and will not be my last! This trail was gorgeous and featured many different views and offered different elements of springs, waterfalls, and a mine! You have to know when the mine was visible I quoted Gimili’s - and the call it a mine! A mine! This was also the first time I can remember taking almost no photos on a hike. It was not from lack of beauty. More of a cluttered mind. This clutter has caused me to be more MIA on this platform but I think that happens with different seasons of life. This is a slower season and one where I need rest. Have you been in a season where you just think of all the things you need to do but end up doing nothing? That has been a rut I’ve felt these last few weeks. I know I have to complete some things. Some are a mental block while others are prioritizing rest over something else.

Sunrises are always worth it.

Snow-capped mountains and snow-covered lake, a beautiful view from a fire tower in Harriman. We have been getting so much snow that it has been challenging my winter hiking skills set. Before this year I had only winter hikes twice to the best of my knowledge. This season I’ve hiked about 8 times. Within a short or long drive, there is such a range of hiking to do that I’m thankful for my health to be able to get out there and experience these new trails this year. Getting to this trail was not easy, the parking lot was full and we had to keep driving. This is another important reason to keep a printed map with you. Looking at the map, I saw there was another trail to access the fire tower by. We parked by this trailhead and did a longer hike than planned but it was still great!

Been a while since I’ve shown my face! I’ve done more hiking this year than I’ve ever done and I must say I love it! If you’re looking for a way to get started check out local trails that are popular so you get started with the right layers then go from there!

NEW BLOG POST ALERT. Have you gone winter hiking? If you have then you know in some ways it is more challenging than summer hiking. My key takes away from this post are: 🍍Be as prepared as you can 🍍Dress properly 🍍Take the right gear 🍍Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate It is easy to not drink enough water on a winter hike since you’re not sweating or overheating as you do in the summer. However, for a winter hike, you should drink MORE water. Your body is working more to keep you warm and you can get dehydrated faster. Don’t put yourself at risk! If you haven’t invested in a water bladder for hiking but plan to do winter hiking, I suggest you look into one. What is the advice you give to winter hikers?

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