Megan Zars

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Hi! I am mom of two who writes about plant-baesd nutrition and parenting. I believe that families can thrive on a plant-based lifestyle and that it doesn't have to be as perfect as social media makes it look out to be. As a mama in the midwest I talk about the struggles, the truths, the tips, and more for eating a (relatively) healthy plant-based vegan diet for the whole family.



  • 82% from the USA
  • 86% are women
  • 51% are between 25-34

I really love sharing simple tips and products that make eating more plant-based foods EASY for moms of young kids. It is my hope that parents will consume my content and realize that going plant-based or even inching towards less animal products can be done without being deprived and unsatified.

Location Michigan
Country United States of America
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The pot of gold at the end of today’s rainbow? 🌈 Homemade almond and hemp milk. . Being stuck at home has given me a new appreciation for homemade plant milk. A few months ago I mentioned making the #zerowaste switch and honestly I never thought it would stick! . But what I didn’t realize was how much money we’d save and how many cartons we’d avoid by making #plantmilk when we needed it. . If you’ve never tried hemp milk, I highly recommend it! It’s super creamy and delicious. And incredible simple to make. . What’s your favorite milk alternative?! If you’re curious how we make plain almond/hemp milk, drop a 🌈 in the comments! . . . . #zerowaste #earthfriendly #plantbasedmilk #veganmom #homemadefood #stayhome #quarantinelife #momblogger #veganblogger

Times are tough right now but what is making you SMILE? I’m not usually a flower person but I asked my husband to grab some for Trader Joe’s today. The fresh, bright colors really bring a smile to my face right now. Plus the kids were super excited about them! 🌼 . What makes you happy when life is hard?

When it quarantine, stock up on your family’s favorite protein. 🙌🏼 . Free shipping and 30% off with my code “REALISTICPLANTBASEDMAMA” - link in bio. . Ours was delivered in 5 days so place your order and have it in your hands (and belly) before you know it!👍🏼👍🏼 . . . . . . #orgainprotein #plantbasedprotein #stayhome #plantbasedmom

Happy #EarthDay friends! What’s your favorite reusable #ecofriendly product?! I absolutely love earth day because it is a day where we can love and celebrate this beautiful world. 🌎 I feel like this years earth day is a little different as we are seeing true beauty emerge from nature as travel has slowed down and Mother Nature has a chance to breathe. Now if only the weather in Michigan would warm up, I would be the happiest girl ever! PS: If you are curious about reusable products this Earth Day, check out my blog post! Linked in bio.

Seeds are being planted, soil is being added, and our vegetable garden for 2020 will be here before we know it! . We have 6 raised beds and grow in the soil along our fences but I’m actually most excited for this set up! We’re reusing a metal crib frame thing (someone tell me what this is actually called 😂) to trellis some sugar snap peas! 🤞🏼 we hope. Any tips for sugar snap peas in the Midwest? I’ll take all the tips I can get! . Are you growing a garden this year? I know it’s a weird time with garden centers closed and all but there are definitely still ways to make your garden happen! ❤️ . . . . . . #greenthumb #vegetablegarden #homesteading #growingwhatweeat #urbangarden #plantbasedvegan #raisingvegankids #midwestgardener

Sometimes you just need to make “chocolate veggie balls” as our 2 year old calls them. . These #blissballs or #proteinballs are filled with dates, peanut butter, oats, chia seeds and dark chocolate chips. 👍🏼 Super simple and suppppper tasty. . . . . . . . #plantbasedtreats #sweettreats #vegansnack #whatveganseat #plantmama #plantbasedmama #veganrecipe #plantbasedfood #kidapproved

Look at this delicious plant-based meal we had tonight complete with homemade tofu sour cream. But don’t be fooled you guys —> swipe to see what the boys broke into (what you see was ALL them) so mama followed suit with sneaking a few bites. 😂 It’s all about balance and enjoying life! . What treat did you have today? . Most days I don’t have chocolate treats but when there is chocolate in the house it’s highly likely. I LOVE CHOCOLATE. But I like good dark chocolate. . Give me 6 of these @lindt_usa dark chocolate bunnies cause they are quite delicious! Way better than the cheap other chocolate bunnies 🙃 And yes, they are accidentally vegan. (Available at Target - online and in stores) #chocolatelovers #veganchocolate #easterchocolate #chocolatebunny #plantbasedmama #veganfoodfinds #plantbasedlifestyle #eastertime

We tried making vegan donuts you guys...they were weird. Can anyone advise on how to make good #vegandonuts or where to find a good recipe?! This was the @buzzfeedtasty one and it didn’t work out great... 😬

Hi! 👋🏼 I’m Megan and if you’re new here I run the blog I’m the mama of two sweet boys who are my greatest blessing. On this page and on my blog I talk about realistic mama tips for eating plant-based, natural living tips and tricks, and more. Random fact: I was diagnosed with arthritis at 9yo and I have dreams about being able to do things like cartwheels again 😂 . I like to keep things SIMPLE, I don’t follow recipes, and I like to “wing it” with most things. I have faith, trust, and believe that every thing happens for a reason. . I’m excited that you’re here and want to follow along on this journey! Be sure to check out the link in my profile to see my most recent blog post, links to my favorite things, and more goodies. . Another new blog post is going LIVE this weekend. Grocery list tips for when you’re trapped at home 😂 You ready for it?! . Say “hi” and tell me a random fact about YOU in the comments! #michiganmama #plantbasedmama #veganmom #boymomlife #plantbasedliving #veganblogger #mombloggersofig #plantbasednutrition #plantbasedvegan

I’m telling ya, having warm enough weather that I could be in shorts, sandals, AND get my hands dirty was exactly what I needed. This #plantmama is excited to have planted tomatoes and marigolds today! Anyone starting to plant their #ediblegarden?! What are you growing this year?

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