Raven Schwam-Curtis

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As a Black and Jewish individual, Raven is passionate about consciousness raising around issues that pertain to Black life and Jewish life. This educational work often takes the format of dancing, informative texts, sharing impactful tweets, and the general encouragement of discourse. Raven isn't here to tell others what to think, she's here to GET PEOPLE TO THINK — PERIOD.

Member Since MAY 13, 2022
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a new look for the summer ☀️ | use code DENIM30 for a 30% discount! . . . #ad #buffalojeans #denim #wherebuffaloroams

what do you think about the state of our education system in the U.S.? let’s talk about it! ✨ | ad

if you need me i’ll be inside sitting at my desk all weekend dancing to seduce the school gods into giving me good grades and yawning over final papers 🥲

a real convo i had with someone while taking these pics: . them: why are you taking pictures by yourself in an alley? . me: i get a bit awkward taking pictures in front of other people so i thought this would make everyone more comfortable . them: you thought setting up shop in an alley for an hour would make people MORE comfortable? . me: 🤡 . . . anywayssssss lol, have you seen my new youtube video yet? i make challah bread 🍞 and answer all of your burning questions about growing up black and jewish — check it out! ✨

*goes into the Ralph Lauren store* *window shops for an hour to ultimately buy nothing* *forces mom to take photos of me in front of a mural of dead white people* *leaves*

approximately 2 minutes after these photos were taken the wind knocked my tripod over and my iPhone screen hit the concrete, shattering…i guess they don’t call chicago the windy city for nothing 🥲

look i may be melanin deficient, but i try to work with what i got lol ☀️

that feeling when you’re pouring time, energy, care and unconditional love into yourself ✨

there’s something so peaceful about the beach in the morning 🌫💧

baby raven 👶🏽

schwam scholar in her natural state

spring break !!! 🌞

a little photo dump because finals szn has me feeling like kenji in that last photo 🥲

pov: it’s 60 degrees in chicago in the middle of the winter (an anomaly) and your first impulse is to run to a remote alley to take photos of yourself and then immediately return home as opposed to going out and socializing with other human beings 👁👄👁 #justsocialanxietythings

as a kid i was always so pressed about my hair being slicked down, tamed, and “presentable.” so it’s honestly major growth that i can rock my frizzy day 6 twists, take photos with them, and post those photos online for everyone to see. in 2022 i’m embracing all the different iterations of my hair ✨

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