Chrissie Miller

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Hi! I'm a Pacific Northwest based wife and mom to a 2 year old girl and two Siberian Huskies. I first took an interest in photography early in high school and fell in love with it ever since. I love playing with natural light and creating imagery with what's around me. Instagram has become my creative outlet, and I especially have come to cherish the connections I've made here so far. I am so excited to connect!

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Living out my dreams and healing at the same time. 🥺#innerchildhealing #sodangblessed #familylife

I love being her mom. 💖 . . . . . #girlmama #motherofgirls #babymom #momsthatreel #motherhoodjourney❤️

Instagram decided it wasn’t going to upload all her birthday photos in one post. 🫠Here’s the rest of them! 💖💖 Her big items this year was a @cuddleandkind doll, we picked Zara the Unicorn, and coincidentally they have the same birthday! I’ve been a fan of this company for so many years and absolutely love their message. One doll gives 10 meals to children in need! I also got this darling custom made crown from @saraandsybil . Four has been such a blast so far!

Four years of joy, love, and magic! Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter Suri!🎂 I’m constantly amazed at the young lady she’s becoming. She is obsessed with unicorns, stuffed animals, all things pink and fluffy, tutus, and footie pajamas. She loves school, keeping busy, doing arts and crafts and playing with our friends. Her vocabulary is impeccable, she says things like, “Dissapointed”, “refreshing”, “seriously”, “prefers”, “accomplished” and gosh, I’m always just so impressed by her. I can’t believe 4 precious years have already gone by. 💖Happy Happy Birthday!

My girly turned 4. 🥺 #happybirthdaytomydaughter #4yearsold #wheredidtimego

Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet husband. How dang special is it to do life with you!? 🥺 💖 This was definitely one of my favorite sessions to date, taken by @rachelsyrisko . She’s so dang talented!💖 . . . . . . . . . #suriwren #babygirl #mamahood #raisingmytribe #huskies #huskiesofinstagram #huskypack #pnwmom #pnwbaby #washingtonmom #washingtonbaby #babiesanddogs #outdoorbaby #outdoorfamily #pnw #momswithcameras #mommystatus #mamafriends #momtographer #adventurephotographer #marriedlife

Zero regrets and immensely grateful. Photo credit: @rachelsyrisko (she’s amazing!)

Wild world, isn’t it? Thank you, @plentyoffish And thank you, @tammymerecka for this viral audio I had to use. . . . . . #familylifestyle #familycontent #marriedlifewithkids #girlmomlife #motherofgirls #lifestyleinfluencer #interracialcouple #mixedfamily #interacialfamily #mixedkidsofig #newbornbaby #momsthatreel

I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I never thought I’d be one that stayed home. Growing up, I always tied my worth and success to productivity and achievement. Getting good grades, landing a sturdy job, working hard to accomplish goals and getting awards for meeting those goals. Work and rest had a thin boundary. I didn’t just work to live, I lived to work. I craved it. The rush. The feeling of going places, making my own money, climbing the ladder. Becoming a mother was just part of the journey, it wasn’t meant to be lifestyle. I remember when my 12 weeks of maternity leave was over with my first baby and it was time to head back into “real life”. Back to “the grind”, —being productive, and hitting home runs to help a business grow. Back to my work family—which sadly didn’t include my sweet 3 month old little baby. Day in and day out, I’d be away from her. Early mornings, long commutes, late afternoons, to finally coming home just to see that sweet face for only a few hours in the evening. All to get up and do it all again. Wow, what a tug. I tried to bury those feelings as best as I could. “This is the way life is. This is how it has to be.” I told myself. I remember going to my husband with these feelings. He knew I had a change of heart in what I really wanted, but life’s expensive, and it didn’t feel like there was a way out. With no light at the end of the tunnel, I kept going with the weight knowing my daughter was growing up, most of her days spent without me. It broke me. Honestly mostly because I was raised by a single mom who didn’t have a choice other than to work to provide. I missed out on a lot of time with her because of it, and I so badly wanted it to be different for me and my kids. When my daughter turned 2, I leaped. I made a jump into the unknown, knowing there would be many sacrifices. One felt like my dignity. My sense of worth and everything society had told me I had to do to be successful was over. I felt like I failed. JUST being a mom felt embarrassing. The truth is, my home has my heart. My babies won’t be little forever, and I’ll always have the chance to work again. Motherhood is productive. It’s the most important job yet.

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