Rachel Awtrey

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Helping friends online find the joy of life. Podcast host of Behind the Bliss Podcast (1M+ Downloads), Military spouse, mom.

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We celebrate big 🥳🫶🏼🤍✨💖 My gals surprised me with a cookie cake, confetti and champagne clink to celebrate our fun news of my BOOOOOOK (!!!!) while we were on our girls trip! 😭🥹 cannot wait to share these stories, write the words we need to hear and share Jesus + joy!!! Here’s to more celebrating big, small, and everything in between 🥂

How it started → how it ended 🤩🤪🙌🏼🤍🫶🏼 Highly recommend getting a group of girls together for a Texas weekend to worship JESUS!

The most epic “bring your wife to work” trip 🥟🛩️🤍🌁🚲🍝🥂🍜📚🌸☕️🚕 We walked to every meal, ate at our fave Chinatown restaurant, discovered a new fave Italian restaurant, biked the Golden Gate Bridge, went into bookstore basements, shopped with cappuccinos in hand. I mean. C’mon.

It’s okay if you don’t “click” with someone. We can’t be friends with everyone - it’s not possible and it’s actually not healthy. BUT! It’s still important to initiate conversation and be receptive to conversation because we never know how that could help connect others (and us) to the right people! Just because it’s not your “room” doesn’t mean it couldn’t be your “building”, so continue to show up to - Bible studies - book clubs - gyms and barre classes - all of the fun group things Keep your head up and your eyes peeled 🤍 finding connection, community and friendship is WORTH IT! Join us this month for a whole friendship series on @realtalkwithrachelawtrey and comment FRIEND to join our friendship challenge via email!

My new phone background vs the blurry photo of me holding back tears over how FRIGGIN CUTE they are 🥲 THANK YOU JESUS!

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